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    One Life To Live CAST - Carlotta Vega

    Full detailed profile on Carlotta Vega Played by Saundra Santiago on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Saundra Santiago
    Carlotta Vega

    Actor: Saundra Santiago

    Who played Carlotta Vega over the years

    Saundra Santiago (September 3, 2009 to September 8, 2011)
    Patricia Mauceri (1995 - March 25, 2009)
    Various Actresses (prior - 1995)

    Useful information on Carlotta Vega

    * Single.
    * Currently resides in Angel's Square.
    * Owns the Angel's Square diner.
    * Raised Antonio as her own in an attempt to save him from her brother's dark life.
    * Worked as a maid for Dorian Lord.
    * Had a steamy affair with DA Hank Gannon.


    Current: Owner of the Angel Square Diner
    Past: Dorian Lord's maid


    Although Carlotta Vega has lived in Angel's Square for many, many years, it wasn't until 1995 when she appeared on the scene in Llanview. Having lost her husband, and with her oldest son, Antonio, in jail for killing a man in self-defense, Carlotta was forced to raise her second son, Cristian, by herself in an area of town that is notorious for gangs.

    Working as a maid for Dorian Lord, Carlotta's dream was to once again run the Angel Square Diner that she and her late husband took over. It was Antonio who made her dream come true after he bought back the diner and turned it over to his mother.

    Although love didn't come easy for Carlotta throughout the years, she did allow a few men into her heart. She had genuine feelings for Clint Buchanan, but knew it could never work because of their conflicting backgrounds. From there on, Carlotta decided to play it safe and had a steamy, no strings attached, affair with DA Hank Gannon, which also ran its course over a period of time.

    Years went by and Carlotta shocked her family when she admitted that Antonio wasn't her biological son, rather the son of her mobster brother Manuel Santi who would've destroyed Antonio's life with his dark crimes.

    In 2008, the diner burnt down and devastated Carlotta, but Charlie Banks came to the rescue and turned it in to a replica of the Bonjour Cafe, which quickly grew on her!

    Carlotta's motherly qualities managed to hold her family together through the hard times and continue to remain strong. A loving mother and grandmother, her family and her faith are nearest to Carlotta's heart.


    Diego Vega (deceased)


    Clint Buchanan
    Hank Gannon


    Manuel (Espinoza) Santi I (brother - deceased)
    Antonio Vega (biological nephew)
    Augustico Santi (nephew - deceased)
    Sonia Toledo (niece by adoption)
    Adriana Cramer (niece)


    Antonio Vega (son by adoption)
    Cristian Vega (son)
    Jamie Vega (granddaughter by adoption)


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    Thursday, September 08 2011: Seeing A Lot Of Each Other.

    Outside the diner, Blair feels guilty. If Todd killed Victor, she showed him the gun. Tomas assures Blair Victor's murder had nothing to do with her. Blair wonders how Tomas would know that. Tea appears and relays what happened at the station. Inside, Cris finishes up a call with the Dean. He was asked to go to Barcelona to replace a professor who had to drop out of a program. Carlotta's stunned to hear his flight has already been booked. Cris doesn't think he can leave on such short notice. She convinces Cris to take the opportunity and hopes he finds what's been missing for him in Llanview in Spain. Rama appears and thinks Carlotta is happy because Cris and Jessica are back together. Cris corrects Rama, shares his news and they say goodbye. Rama thinks Cris' true love is out there waiting for him. Tea, Blair and Tomas appear. Cris gives Tea his condolences. Everyone hears Cris' news and is happy for him. They all share an emotional goodbye. After Cris leaves, Blair assures Tea that Victor loved her very much. Tea cries in Blair's arms. Outside, Tomas takes a mysterious call asking someone to keep him posted on Victor's investigation. He's glad Tea and Dani are finally safe.

    Wednesday, September 22 2010: I Can't Ignore What Happened Because Of Her Falsehood.

    Carlotta visits Cris in his studio at Llanview U and lashes out at him for letting Layla go off to Paris. Cris asks his mother to calm down and respect his and Layla's decision. Carlotta relents and leaves Cris to prepare for his class. Once alone, Cris leaves a message for Layla with love. Gigi arrives, sees Cris' latest project and analyzes, "You're really missing Layla, aren't you? You're not only sad, you're mad." After Gigi explains what she sees in Cris' work, he says, "I think you're going to do just fine."

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