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    One Life To Live CAST - Destiny Evans (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Destiny Evans (Past) Played by Shenell Edmonds on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shenell Edmonds

    Birthday: April 26 1994
    Birthplace: New Haven Connecticut
    Real Name: Shenell Edmonds


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    Getting A Good Exchange Rate On Those Euros?

    Thursday, March 24 2011

    Inside, Starr smiles as she looks at her MyFace and reads, "In a relationship with James Ford." Gigi joins Starr. Deanna listens as Starr admits she and James are official. Later, Gigi talks to Deanna at the counter. It's clear Deanna's short on funds. Gigi gives her some food. Jack rushes in and sits with Starr. They overhear Gigi take a call about Shane. Starr looks at Jack and hopes that Shane is all right. Before she leaves, Starr demands that Jack get back to school. She's sick of covering for him and their mother doesn't need any more problems. Dani and Destiny arrive. Shane had a bad asthma attack but is okay now. Jack's stunned to hear Shane could have died. Dani wonders if he knows why Shane didn't have his inhaler. Jack denies knowing anything then throws the inhaler in the garbage on his way out.

    MyFace Search: James Ford.

    Wednesday, March 23 2011

    Destiny finds Nate in the school gym. She wonders why he doesn't appear upset about Todd's condition. Destiny questions if Nate shot Todd then quickly apologizes. They both worry about the killer still being out there. Outside the gym, Jack and Brad tease Shane, who screams that they set him up. "You're going to pay for that," Jack warns then heads inside the gym. When he overhears Nate telling Destiny Todd's a psycho, Jack refuses Nate's apology and calls Nate's dad a piece of work and Inez a whore. Destiny pulls Nate off of Jack and drags him away. Shane appears. "Hey wheezie," Jack says. "Ready for some fun?" Gym class gets underway. Jack leads the teacher to believe another teacher is looking for him. Once the teacher is gone, Jack rallies the class around Shane. They take turns pushing him. Shane falls and drops his inhaler. He begs Jack to give it back to him. Jack refuses and leads his crew out of the gym. Dani stops Jack on his way out, as Shane suffers an asthma attack.

    Do You Recognize This Man?

    Tuesday, March 08 2011

    Back in Llanview, Destiny approaches Matthew at school. He's looking at a report about Eddie's murderer still being on the loose. She wants to talk about their kiss. Matthew reminds her they were two friends who needed comfort. That's it. He shows her the headline and talks about his parents accusing Clint of being a killer. Destiny suggests maybe his parents know what they're talking about. She offers to be there if Matthew needs anything.

    Make Me!

    Tuesday, February 22 2011

    Destiny thinks back to kissing Matthew then joins him in the Llanview High gym. She makes a crack about Clint, but Matthew defends him for protecting his family. Though Destiny wants to talk about the other day, Matthew walks out on her.

    Which Test Did You Change?

    Wednesday, February 09 2011

    Shaun eats a hotdog while getting a manicure at Foxy Roxy's. He loves the hotdogs but says the restaurant's mascot is a real weenie. The manicurist listens as Shaun talks about his Valentine's date with Vivian. He brags about her being the doctor who delivered Jessica's baby. Over talk of Roxy's hangover from the bachelor party, Shaun credits the hotdogs as his hangover cure. Destiny appears and rants about the flowers Darren sent her for Valentine's Day. "I kissed Matthew," she admits and fills Shaun in. After what's happened to her, and the lies surrounding their family, Destiny doesn't know what to feel anymore. Shaun agrees to tell Destiny about her mother. He pays for his manicure then they leave.

    Is She In?

    Monday, January 24 2011

    Destiny visits Matthew at the loft, where he admits his parents made him resign from B.E. Matthew's bitter toward his parents, but Destiny thinks Bo and Nora must have a reason. Destiny gets a call from Dani. Nate's out of jail and they're all at the diner. She urges Matthew to go with her and even offers to stay with him. Matthew declines and insists that Destiny go have fun. She leaves. After running into Theo, who asks Destiny to forgive Darren, Destiny decides not to go into the diner and returns to Matthew's, where they share a kiss!

    You Don't Even Deserve The Buchanan Name!

    Monday, December 27 2010

    Destiny sees Clint reading The Sun in Angels Square. She wishes Clint could help Nate because he didn't kill Eddie. Destiny shares her worry over Matthew and thinks back to his admission that Bo and Inez are sleeping together. Destiny covers and claims Matthew just has a lot on his plate. Suddenly, Inez appears. Destiny asks Inez to let Nate know she's pulling for him. Destiny sees Darren and goes to join him. Inez and Clint argue over whether or not Nate killed Eddie. Over talk of Bo, Inez wonders how Bo will feel when he finds out that Clint set this whole thing up to destroy him. Clint threatens to ruin Nate's life if Inez ruins his plans. He offers to pay for Nate's defense and warns Inez not to wait long to make a decision. Across the square, Destiny asks Darren why he wanted to meet. Mr. Evans appears. He urges Destiny to come home. She refuses. After Mr. Evans leaves, Darren says, "If I talked to my parents like that I'd get slapped." Destiny slaps him across the face and asks, "You mean like that?" Darren doesn't know who Destiny is anymore. He doesn't want such a bitter and nasty person in his life. As he walks away, Destiny screams, "Are you breaking up with me?"

    What Is This? Good Cop, Worse Cop?

    Friday, December 17 2010

    Still in the high school gym, Dani wonders if Nate already knew his dad was dead. Nate claims it's hard for him to talk about. Destiny joins them with her condolences. Matthew draws near and listens as Nate feigns shock that someone didn't kill Eddie sooner. Destiny and Darren walk away. When Matthew says he's sorry about Nate's dad, Nate flips on him for calling his mother a whore. "She is a whore and a homewrecker!" Matthew screams and admits Inez is sleeping with Bo. Dani warns Matthew to stop it! Matthew insists it's the truth. Later, Matthew joins Destiny after witnessing Darren lash out at her for the way she's treating her parents. Darren storms off. Matthew understands what Destiny's going through. He knows how it feels to have a parent betray him. Matthew talks about telling Nate about their parents sleeping together and how Nate made him feel like the bad guy. Destiny and Matthew hug.

    She Never Gave Up.

    Thursday, December 16 2010

    As Darren tries to convince Destiny to talk to her parents, they notice Matthew down the hallway at school. They approach Matthew, who heads into the gym. Just as Nate is about to tell Dani what happened last night, Matthew confronts him. Nate attacks him for bashing his mother. Darren pulls Matthew off, who admits to Destiny what he saw between his dad and Nate's mom. He talks about almost getting into an accident. Across the gym, Dani calms Nate down then offers to help him get Eddie out of town. "It's too late," Nate admits. Darren joins them and shows Nate and Dani an online news report. Eddie was murdered. Dani is shocked. Nate doesn't seem surprised. Dani wonders why. Nate thinks back to standing over Eddie's body and admits Eddie's death isn't a surprise.

    I Want Turkey And All The Trimmings!

    Wednesday, November 24 2010

    Destiny arrives at the Manning Estate to see Tea. Dani tries to talk her out of divorcing her parents. In the other room, Tea confronts Todd with the restraining order against Marty. Todd claims Starr signed it. Tea can't get a hold of Starr and warns Todd that he's doing the same with Starr that Eli and Greg did to her. They played with her life! She wonders if he'll pull something like this with Dani. Just as Todd admits he'd like to get that idiot Nate out of Dani's life, Dani, Destiny and Nate enter the room and overhear. Todd stops Dani before she rushes off with Nate and Destiny. He apologizes to Dani and Nate and urges them not to take everything he says so seriously. Tea forces everyone to hold hands. She couldn't be happier to be home with her family.

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