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    One Life To Live CAST - Destiny Evans (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Destiny Evans (Past) Played by Shenell Edmonds on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shenell Edmonds

    Birthday: April 26 1994
    Birthplace: New Haven Connecticut
    Real Name: Shenell Edmonds


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    Destroying My Life's Work.

    Tuesday, August 09 2011

    David airs a private screening of "Vicker Man" for a comatose Matthew at the facility. David begs Matthew to wake up. They all need him. Matthew's the real Buchanan deal. "You're the future of our family," David cries."You can't let Nate Salinger get away with this." Destiny arrives. After David hugs her, he suggests they take a spinning class together to trim the waistline. Destiny asks for some time alone with Matthew. After David leaves, Destiny tells Matthew she's decided not to have their baby. Nora overhears from the doorway.

    The Test Proves Nothing.

    Monday, August 08 2011

    Vivian and Shaun discuss Destiny's options at the hospital. Destiny explains that she and Matthew were not a couple when they hooked up. She wants to do everything that young adults should experience and isn't ready to be a parent. She admits she wants an abortion. Vivian explains that she has a 24-hour waiting period, and leaves to schedule the procedure. Alone with Shaun, Destiny cries for causing trouble by not using protection, but is not sorry for making love to Matthew. Shaun believes she might need to talk to her mother, but Destiny asserts she has no mother. He believes that his parents were doing the best they could, but Destiny doesn't want them to know. Vivian returns and says, "I'm sorry, but that's a promise he can't keep." She reveals that Destiny has to get parental consent to have the abortion.

    Destiny goes to see her mother. Her mom is overjoyed to see her, but Destiny disappoints her with the news that she is not staying. She is shocked when Destiny hands her an abortion consent form to sign.

    The Most Beautiful Thing That Ever Happened To Me.

    Friday, August 05 2011

    Dani and Shaun wait outside a hospital room for Destiny. Shaun is angry that Matthew is not around to help, but Dani points out it isn't his fault and she has them for support. Destiny emerges and just wants Dani to come in, but Shaun pleads for them to not keep secrets and be a part of it. She relents. Vivian wants them to understand if Destiny decides to terminate her pregnancy, it must happen immediately. Shaun becomes agitated upon hearing that Destiny would consider an abortion. Vivian sends Destiny and Dani to wait outside and hands a hyperventilating Shaun a bag to breathe into. She laughs he is the biggest baby of all. They embrace, as Shaun laments Destiny's tough road that lies ahead.

    In the hospital lobby, Destiny cries that every decision seems like the wrong one. Dani offers to go over all the options. They discuss adoption, but Destiny thinks it would be weird to watch someone else raise her baby. Destiny thinks Starr is doing a great job as a young mom, but Dani reminds her that Starr has a lot of help. Destiny sighs she knows what she has to do, but dreads telling Shaun.

    I Don't Know What To Do.

    Tuesday, August 02 2011

    Destiny arrives at Danielle's with a tabloid and tells her there is a lot more about Nate that she doesn't know. She explains how she thinks Nate attacked Matthew because she saw the same gum wrapper on Nate as at the attack scene. An upset Dani informs Destiny she already knows because Nate confessed everything to her. She doesn't know if she can tell Matthew's parents. A freaked Destiny breaks down and drops the bombshell that she is pregnant. Dani wonders what she will do, but before Destiny can answer, Nate shows up to talk. Dani doesn't know if she can forgive Nate, but promises to keep his secret.

    Shaun and Vivian discuss Destiny's situation at the diner. He believes he should be the one to help Destiny. Vivian wants to proceed with caution and wonders what he will tell her. Shaun ponders how a child can have a child of her own. Taking Shaun's hands, Vivian points out that Destiny is nearing the end of her first trimester and has to make a decision soon. She offers her support and love. Shaun wonders how he got so lucky. They are surprised when Destiny arrives to talk with them. Shaun embraces her as she shares her secret with him.

    I'm Todd Manning And I'm Home.

    Monday, August 01 2011

    Destiny arrives at the loft just as Bo gets a text from David saying his premiere went south. Nora thinks something's bothering Destiny, who wonders if they found out who hurt Matthew. They haven't. Destiny thinks back to Dani admitting that Nate overheard them talking about Matthew killing Eddie. She makes a quick exit when Nora asks if she knows anything or if she and Matthew are more than friends. Out in the hallway, Destiny leaves Dani a message to call her, saying, "It's about Nate." Back inside, Bo and Nora worry about finding whoever hurt Matthew because they know that Matthew killed Eddie.

    At the diner, Shaun wonders what has Vivian so tense. Vivian admits, "I think Destiny's pregnant." Shaun doesn't want to believe it but remembers overhearing Destiny talking about sex and claiming Matthew had it with someone else. Vivian calms Shaun down, who agrees to let her be there when he talks to Destiny. Later, Destiny approaches Nate in the kitchen. He blows her off. Destiny sees the same gum wrapper that Nora found at the loft.

    CIA Operative.

    Monday, July 25 2011

    Vivian runs into Destiny at the diner and asks if she's pregnant. Destiny is offended. Vivian brings up all of the symptoms she's noticed and offers to help. Destiny orders Vivian to mind her own business and storms off.

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