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    One Life To Live CAST - Destiny Evans (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Destiny Evans (Past) Played by Shenell Edmonds on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shenell Edmonds

    Birthday: April 26 1994
    Birthplace: New Haven Connecticut
    Real Name: Shenell Edmonds


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    Everything Stems From Room 302!

    Tuesday, June 30 2009

    Rachel approaches Matthew at The Palace, just as Shaun and Destiny appear, explaining that they were supposed to meet their brother for dinner, who apparently forgot! Rachel and Matthew decide to join Shaun and Destiny, but Destiny continues to think that Greg would never stand them up, leading Shaun to go call their brother. Greg wants to talk to Destiny and says he can't make it - because he wants to take all night to work with another doctor on Matthew's case. After dinner, while Shaun and Rachel head over to Capricorn, they allow Matthew and Destiny to stay out for dessert, if they agree to call Nigel when they're ready to go home.

    Dr. Evans Gives His Opinion!

    Wednesday, June 24 2009

    Still at the diner, Destiny tells Shaun about getting fired, to which Shaun informs her that he did too - for the same reason, sticking up for someone!

    Out by the pool, Destiny realizes that Shaun is right - that Greg didn't come because she asked - but she's just glad he's there… She'd do anything to help Matthew.

    A Desperate Plea...

    Tuesday, June 23 2009

    Eating breakfast at country club with Nora, Matthew and Bo, Clint breaks out an engagement ring and puts it on Nora's finger! When Destiny approaches, announcing that she's working there for the summer, Matthew takes off with her - and Clint tells Nora and Bo that he found a doctor, who believes that Matthew can walk again! Though Bo is appreciative, it is apparent that he wishes that he could have found the doctor - and not Clint.

    Out by the pool, as Destiny is telling Matthew about the clientele who she deals with, Justin and Becca refer to her as 'the waitress'! A manager appears and demands that Destiny take Justin and Becca's order. As Justin tries to get Destiny to bring him a drink, she brings up virgin drinks, leading Justin to look at Becca and say, "Bring on the virgins." "That'll be a first," Destiny says and walks away. When Destiny returns with their virgin drinks, Justin throws Destiny some change, who retorts that her brother could buy this whole club if he wanted! However, when the kids continue to pick on her, Destiny pours a pitcher of water over them - then gets fired!

    Destiny rushes into the diner - and into Shaun's arms, saying, "I got fired."

    An Amazing Going Away Present...

    Wednesday, June 17 2009

    Inside, when Destiny announces that they need a piano player, she begs Matthew to fill in!

    As Matthew tries his hand at the keyboard, Rex and Bo walk in, and as Bo is giving Rex a lecture about forgiveness, he sees Matthew playing and says, "Well, I'll be damned," approaches Matthew with pride then calls Nora to have her come right over. Stacy rejoins Rex and Shane and gives Shane the good luck charm that Rex gave her years ago. Later, after getting off the phone with Nora, Bo tells Rex to keep an open mind about Gigi. During the concert, Nora arrives and sits and smiles with Bo, as they watch Matthew play… Nora takes Bo's hand… Stacy sits with Rex, appearing bored, as Rex proudly watches his son… Stacy takes Rex's hand.

    Back In The Slammer!

    Tuesday, June 16 2009

    Inside, while Destiny helps Matthew study, Matthew is distracted about the situation surrounding Starr – and the fact that his mom is marrying his uncle! When Matthew starts to get down on himself, saying he's going to be in the wheelchair for life, Destiny says, "Maybe not." Suddenly, as Destiny begins talking about experts, Shaun and Rachel enter – and Shaun hushes her up! When Matthew and Rachel head into the kitchen, Shaun warns Destiny not to give Matthew false hope then Destiny promises not to say any more until Greg arrives, which Shaun doesn't think he will.

    Later, sharing a meal, Shaun and Rachel inform Matthew and Destiny that Shaun was fired, to which Destiny warns him to get a job quick – or he won't be able to date a fine woman like Matthew's sister! As Destiny finishes helping Matthew with their studies, Rachel walks Shaun out and tells him not to worry about Destiny's comments – since they are just friends. Shaun surprises Rachel with a soft kiss to her check.

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