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    One Life To Live CAST - Destiny Evans (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Destiny Evans (Past) Played by Shenell Edmonds on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shenell Edmonds

    Birthday: April 26 1994
    Birthplace: New Haven Connecticut
    Real Name: Shenell Edmonds


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    The Shock Of Their Lives.

    Friday, October 15 2010

    Destiny and her parents are at Greg's bedside. Mrs. Evans sends Destiny for coffee. Mr. Evans wonders how Greg got mixed up with Eli. When Mrs. Evans reminds him that Greg would do anything to protect Destiny and Shaun, her husband asks, "How could he find out what we did?" Mrs. Evans thinks it's time the truth came out, even if it hurts Shaun, and asks, "Doesn't Destiny deserve to know the truth?" Destiny reappears and asks, "The truth about what?" Her parents claim they're worried about Greg, which upsets Destiny. She breaks down and cries, "He can't die." She rushes to hold Greg. "He can't leave me." Destiny is sure Greg will wake up soon. He wouldn't miss her birthday. After everyone leaves, Eli manages to deter a cop and make his way into Greg's room.

    Did You Just Say Tea? As In Dani's Mom?

    Monday, October 11 2010

    In his hospital room, Greg calls out, "Tea…" Before he can say anything else Destiny storms in happy that he's back. Shaun remarks how Greg was trying to say something but he couldn't make out his words. After Shaun and Destiny step out to call their parents, Greg says, "Tea." Destiny returns and promises not to let the cops near him. She's stunned when Greg says Tea's name. Shaun comes in and Destiny informs him of Greg's comment. Shaun heads out to see if their parents are there yet and runs into Natalie outside Greg's room. After Destiny leaves too, Natalie goes in to see how Greg is doing. "Tea," Greg manages. "Tea's alive." Natalie is stunned!

    Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Dead!

    Friday, October 08 2010

    In his hospital room, Destiny pleads with Greg to wake up.

    Outside Greg's room, Det. Theo Price gives Shaun his condolences. Shaun wants him to stop hanging around. Theo reminds him that Greg has the potential to help them find Eli. Darren and Destiny join them just as a cop hands Greg's cell over to Theo. Destiny gives Theo the password to check Greg's messages. There's only one. It's from Tea's nurse saying Greg's patient is asking to call her family again. Destiny admits Greg was treating someone at Cherryvale. He was very protective and wouldn't allow anyone to see her. Theo gets a call from John and has to leave. Shaun warns Darren that his brother is barking up the wrong tree then leaves. Darren wonders how Destiny knew Greg's password. She admits he used it for everything. It's Destiny's birthday.

    Why Are You Lying To Me?

    Tuesday, October 05 2010

    Greg is brought into the hospital. Mrs. Evans demands to know from John how this happened to her son! Shaun comforts his mom, who sends Destiny in to be with Greg. John then admits that Eli is alive and tried to kill Greg. They refuse to believe that Greg was hiding Eli. Shaun recalls Greg's strange behavior then privately warns John to find Eli before he tries to finish off his brother.

    Inside the exam room, Destiny holds Greg's hand and says, "You're the one who fixes people. Who's going to fix you?" Destiny cries and begs Greg to come back to them. Shaun and Mrs. Evans join her. Destiny expresses how different Greg has been lately. Shaun privately pleads with his mother to listen to what he and Destiny are saying. If Greg was mixed up in a murder it's their duty to find out why. Mrs. Evans can't imagine what Eli would be holding over Greg. Later, Mrs. Evans sits alone with Greg. She knows he'd do anything to help his siblings. If Eli got Greg to do his dirty work, Mrs. Evans thinks she knows why.

    Tea, Is That You?

    Monday, October 04 2010

    Shaun demands that Destiny stay at Rodi's. He's going to Cherryvale alone. Darren appears and convinces Destiny to let Shaun handle Greg. Shaun promises to keep Destiny posted and says maybe he'll find something at Cherryvale that could help keep Dani in Llanview. After Shaun leaves, Destiny confides in Darren. She thinks Greg is in trouble with the law. Changing the subject to Dani, Destiny admits she's not ready for her to leave. Darren urges Destiny to let her feelings out.

    Shaun returns to Rodi's and tells Destiny that Greg is the hospital. Shaun doesn't know if Greg's going to make it.

    Chuckles, How Are You?

    Friday, October 01 2010

    Starr arrives at the Manning Estate. The cops remind everyone that Dani only has an hour. Destiny follows Dani upstairs to help her pack. Blair informs Starr that Todd's having a hard time. She knows Dani doesn't want to leave with Ross either. Later, Destiny and Dani come downstairs. Dani watches sadly as Destiny leaves. Starr wonders where Nate is. Dani thinks maybe it's too hard for him to say goodbye. Todd arrives. Dani asks, "Would you really have killed Ross if you had the chance?" Todd admits he hates Ross and wishes he would disappear. However, he'd never kill him. It would hurt Dani. "I love you," Todd admits. Dani says her goodbyes to Blair and Starr then admits she told Destiny she wanted to stay with Todd. "I love you, Dad," Dani cries.

    John and Natalie go over their theory at Rodi's. They wonder if Eli conned Greg into treating him. Shaun arrives and John asks him if he knows why Greg would go back to St. Kitts. Shaun admits Greg's been acting strange. When John informs Shaun that Tea told Greg that she wanted Ross to raise Dani, Shaun replies, "No, hell no!" Tea made Shaun promise to check up on Todd and Dani. She wanted them together after she was gone. Shaun promises to let John know if he hears from Greg then goes to join Destiny. John and Natalie wonder what Eli has on Greg. John plans to head to St. Kitts to find out. He kisses Natalie goodbye. Across the room, Destiny and Shaun wonder what Greg's mixed up in. Shaun's shocked to hear Destiny tailed Greg to Cherryvale, where he's treating a mystery patient. Destiny comments on how Tea's death really changed Greg.

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