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    One Life To Live CAST - Destiny Evans (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Destiny Evans (Past) Played by Shenell Edmonds on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shenell Edmonds

    Birthday: April 26 1994
    Birthplace: New Haven Connecticut
    Real Name: Shenell Edmonds


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    Six Years In Statesville.

    Wednesday, November 17 2010

    Destiny appears in the courtroom. She's there to make sure her father gets what he deserves. Mr. and Mrs. Evans try to reason with her. Greg begs Destiny not to blame her parents for what he did and says, "They love you, so do I." Destiny doesn't feel he has a right to love her. The Evans take a stern stance. Everything they did, they did for her. Just as Destiny asks what happened to her mother, Shaun appears and says, "Tell her. She deserves to know." Greg takes responsibility and explains how Charlene died. Destiny is stunned that Greg hid her body. Shaun comforts Destiny as she cries and screams, "I hate all of you!" Mr. and Mrs. Evans rush after her. Later, court is in order. Nora suggests six years in Statesville. "Are you kidding me?" Todd calls out. Greg is given the six years then is taken away. "How do you sleep at night?" Todd asks Nora.

    Destiny goes to see Tea at The Palace. She wants to divorce her parents.

    Temptation Strikes.

    Thursday, November 11 2010

    Back in Llanview, Viki stands before the crowd at The Palace for Tea and Todd's vow renewal. Viki officiates the ceremony and repronounces Todd and Tea husband and wife. Todd asks everyone to stick around for a big surprise and refuses to tell Tea what it is. Dorian and Langston arrive with well wishes, as do John and Natalie. Todd makes a crack about Starr being better off without Cole. Natalie sees Vivian and privately asks her to put a rush on the paternity results. Vivian can't. Natalie rushes John away when he approaches claiming to know all about the test. Across the room, Echo tells Clint she's going to tell Rex the truth tonight. Clint drags her away, as Viki wonders where Echo went. Rex and Kelly appear. He's looking for Echo. Viki promises to keep an eye out for Echo. When Rex walks away, Charlie warns Viki whoever Rex's father turns out to be will have an effect on a lot of people. In another area, Inez pulls Bo away from Nora and fills him in on Eddie. Bo warns James, Ford and Nate that he'll be paying their father a visit tomorrow. Ford is upset but Inez refuses to let Eddie hurt her sons again. Inez walks Bo back to his table. When he leaves to get more drinks, Nora warns Inez that Bo helps everyone. She shouldn't read anything more into it! Close by, Darren is offended that Matthew knew about Greg but he didn't. Destiny reminds Darren that this isn't about him then briefly talks to Shaun about what Greg did to them.

    Back at the party, Tea takes the microphone and urges everyone to live life and hold on to everything they have precious in it. Todd ushers Dani to the front where she sings a song for Tea titled, "Everything I Learned, I Learned From You." After Tea holds Dani close, she rushes off to get a room with Todd. As Rex hears that Echo is on the roof, Clint and Echo slip back into the party. Viki confronts Echo and demands to know who Rex's father is! Ford joins Langston across the room, but Dorian interferes. Marty enters and joins John and Natalie. Marty announces that she found a way to deal with the hell she felt when leaving her son at Statesville!

    Rex is upset to find the roof empty. Kelly pulls Rex into a kiss!

    You Filled Me Full Of Lies And Drugs!

    Wednesday, November 03 2010

    Dani meets Destiny outside of the Estate. "I'll understand if you hate me," Destiny says in reference to what Greg did. As Dani replies, "Just because he's your brother," Destiny interrupts, "He's not my brother!" Destiny backtracks as Dani assures her she's still her best friend. Dani opens the door and asks Destiny in but she declines. As Dani goes inside to join her mom and dad, Destiny walks away and listens to a voicemail from Mrs. Evans.

    Shots Fired!

    Monday, October 25 2010

    In Greg's hospital room, Mr. and Mrs. Evans try to reassure Destiny of their love. Shaun confirms that he didn't know about any of this. Destiny demands answers from Greg who explains he got a girl pregnant in med school. They weren't ready for a baby. The Evans couldn't part with her and raised Destiny as their own. "All three of you lied to me!" Destiny screams. Shaun lashes out at Greg and his parents. Destiny wants to know who her real mother is. Everyone scrambles to hide the truth. Finally, Greg admits he slept with Shaun's girlfriend, Carlene. Shaun was in love with her and was in prison at the time. Greg and Charlene were working on Shaun's appeal. Charlene couldn't stand the thought of hurting Shaun. "You could've had any girl you ever wanted," Shaun snaps. "Why do you always have to take from me to prove that you can?" Mr. Evans has to stop Shaun from strangling Greg! After Greg admits that Charlene is dead, Destiny rushes out of the room. Everyone assures Shaun they were trying to protect him. Shaun rushes out and holds Destiny close. Greg admits to his parents that Eli was going to tell how Charlene died and says, "I killed her."

    We Are Not Your Real Parents.

    Friday, October 22 2010

    In Greg's hospital room, Shaun and Destiny wonder what Eli had on him. "I betrayed my family," Greg admits. Mr. and Mrs. Evans order Shaun and Destiny to wait outside. They reluctantly go. Alone, Greg refuses to keep their family secret any longer. Shaun and Destiny need to know the truth. "Over my dead body!" Mrs. Evans says.

    Outside Greg's room, Shaun realizes that his parents must know what Greg was going to tell them. "Whatever it is," Shaun tells Destiny. "It's big." Shaun and Destiny can't take it anymore and barge back into the room. Mr. and Mrs. Evans stop Greg from talking and insist that they tell Shaun and Destiny the truth. They assure Destiny that they'll always love her, no matter what, then admit, "We're not your real parents." Shaun is confused. He was there when their mother had Destiny. Mrs. Evans explains that they made it look that way. "Are you saying I'm adopted?" Destiny cries. Shaun lashes out at Greg for not telling them the truth and for selling his soul to Eli. Mrs. Evans screams, "She isn't adopted!" Greg admits, "I'm your father." Destiny breaks down in shock.

    This Is My Party, Not Yours!

    Thursday, October 21 2010

    At the diner, Destiny's parents and Darren refuse to allow Destiny to be unhappy on her birthday. Matthew arrives and Destiny asks about Dani. Shaun appears and Destiny agrees to blow out her candles. She makes a wish for Greg and one for Starr, Dani and Hope. When Nate appears, Matthew takes some jabs at him about getting Dani in trouble. Over talk of Eli, Destiny says, "If Greg did help Eli, Eli forced him." Mr. and Mrs. Evans appear nervous, which Shaun picks up on. Matthew shows up Darren with the expense gift he got Destiny, a new Pulse. However, Mathew gets irritated when Nate gives Destiny some jewelry that she and Dani looked at together. Mrs. Evans hands Destiny a card from Greg. She found it amongst his things. Mrs. Evans cries as Destiny reads about how much Greg loves her. Suddenly, Shaun gets a call saying that Greg is awake. Vivian warns him there's a problem. She needs Shaun to get down there right away.

    Later, Destiny, Shaun and their parents arrive at the hospital to see Greg. Destiny rushes into his arms. She's happy he can now tell the cops he had nothing to do with Eli. "But I did," Greg says. He talks about the choice Eli gave him, to help him or he'd expose the truth. "What did Clarke have on you?" Shaun asks.

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