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    One Life To Live CAST - Destiny Evans (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Destiny Evans (Past) Played by Shenell Edmonds on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shenell Edmonds

    Birthday: April 26 1994
    Birthplace: New Haven Connecticut
    Real Name: Shenell Edmonds


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    One Life To Live By Allison Perkins.

    Friday, January 13 2012

    Over at the Buchanan Mansion, everyone gathers around Destiny, scrambling over how to get her to the hospital the fastest. Vivian exams Destiny and announces, "This baby is coming now!" Matthew arrives and rushes to Destiny. He holds her hand and admits he's scared too. Destiny screams in pain, as Mrs. Evans shouts, "My baby's having a baby!" Matthew cheers Destiny on, vowing to be there for her and the baby. Shaun looks horrified as Destiny gives one last excruciating push. They welcome a baby boy. They all gush over the baby. Bo calls David, who wonders if they'll name the baby after him. Bo thanks David for talking Matthew into stepping up then goes to Matthew. Everyone reminds the kids they're not alone. Nora wonders what they're going to name the baby. Bo jokes about David's suggestion. Matthew wants to name the baby after his other brother, Drew. Bo and Nora shed happy tears, remembering Bo's deceased son. They comment on how life flies by. "I love you, Red," Bo cries. "I love you, Bo Buchanan," Nora replies.

    Soap Operas Are All About Family.

    Thursday, January 12 2012

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Roxy thanks Mr. Evans for helping Schuyler during the prison break. They bond over their sons being in jail. Vivian arrives and joins Nigel, Shaun, Destiny, Vimal, Rama and Mrs. Evans. Rex, Gigi and Shane appear and beg Roxy not to be sad. They want to enjoy their last day in Llanview as a family. After the finale of "Fraternity Row," everyone gushes about the ending storylines. While Shaun tells Vivian he's okay with just loving her, Rex asks Roxy for her blessing. She tearfully gives it to him. Natalie barges in. She doesn't know what she's going to do without Rex. Bo and Nora appear. Everyone agrees they'll miss each other dearly. As Destiny reflects on Matthew's absence, Rex, Gigi and Shane hug everyone goodbye and leave. Vimal gets news and rushes off with Rama. Nora and Bo notice the photo of Asa on the mantle. Nigel informs that Rex put it up. Suddenly, Destiny's water breaks!

    The Starcrossiest Lovers I've Ever Met.

    Wednesday, January 11 2012

    At the hospital, Destiny tells Vivian and Shaun she can't wait for the baby to be born. Vivian knows everything will be fine, but Shaun snaps about Matthew running out on Destiny. Destiny takes some money from Shaun and leaves to buy Bo flowers. Shaun and Vivian waste no time arguing over the fact that she doesn't want to get married. Shaun isn't trying to force Vivian into the kind of marriage her parents had but family is important to him. He wants more than what they have and wishes Vivian good luck. They admit they'll miss each other and part ways.

    Matthew appears in Bo's hospital room, happy that Bo's all right. He would've felt awful had something happened to Bo. Nora and Bo embrace Matthew, happy he's home. Destiny appears and shares a tense moment with Matthew. After catching up with Bo and Nora, Destiny turns to leave. Matthew stops her and apologizes for their past fight. She wonders if he changed his mind about the baby. Matthew refers to Destiny as his best friend. He cares about her but isn't ready to be a father. Destiny reminds him no one was ready. Everyone but him stepped up to help her. She vows to take on the baby by herself and leaves.

    Living Inside Fraternity Row.

    Monday, December 19 2011

    In an undisclosed location, a Shaun lookalike, with a scar, is held against his will. Destiny appears as Irene Manning, as the prisoner tries to loosen his ties. She rants about being made to raise a baby alone and approaches the man with a gun. The man breaks free and struggles with Irene until a shot sounds off.

    Murphy and Macy return to the mansion with Dash, who claims he's the real Dash. However, the Shaun lookalike appears and screams, "I'm the real Dash Dunning!" They both whip out a DNA test. Lorraine returns and hears that there are two Dash Dunnings. They are twins! Irene rushes in and pinpoints Lorraine as the boss behind it all. Brianna and Brandon arrive in time to hear the maid claim Brianna is her child. She had twins and gave one to Nigelia. Derwood demands, "How could you do such a thing." The maid blames Lorraine, who swears she's innocent. The girls arrive and seethe at Lorraine for sleeping with their boyfriends. The boys appear in time to save Lorraine. A riot erupts!

    S.O.S. Save Our Stories.

    Friday, December 16 2011

    At "The Blanca Morales Show" Roxy, Shaun and Destiny watch as David's welcomed to the stage. After taking Blanca in a long kiss, David jokes about Dorian's extra-political activities and claims she won't care about the kiss. David gushes about his fans. Roxy barges onto the set, with Shaun and Destiny following, and demands he save "Fraternity Row." David wants to cut to commercial and calls Roxy deranged. "Deranged sells," Blanca snaps and interviews Roxy and her posse, who are wearing 'S.O.S Save Our Stories' t-shirts. Destiny chimes in about her baby daddy wanting nothing to do with her and compares Matthew to David, who only cares about himself.

    Back on Blanca's set, David refuses to take a role on the soap. Everyone vows to make David's new movie a flop if he doesn't. David has no choice but to accept and does the happy dance with Roxy. Blanca urges Roxy to go across the hall to the soap's studio and tell "Fraternity Row." Roxy and David head over and find out the soap shot their last scene a few hours ago. Roxy faints and wakes up as Lorraine, with David as her husband, Derwood, and screams, "I'm on Fraternity Row!"

    Franco James Did Southwest General.

    Thursday, December 15 2011

    At the loft, Destiny asks if Matthew plans on being part of their baby's life. Matthew wants to be there for Destiny but wishes he could've been there when Destiny found out about the pregnancy. Now it's too late. Matthew rants about college and wanting the baby to have a good home. He wants to meet new people, even new girls. Destiny's offended that their night together meant so little to Matthew. Matthew didn't mean how the words came out. As they scream back and forth, vowing never to talk to each other again, their parents appear. Destiny storms out. Matthew rushes off to his room. Bo and Mr. Evans go to check on their kids, leaving Nora and Mrs. Evans laughing about how they're the only ones who've been acting grownup lately.

    The Boy With The Chipmunk Tattoo.

    Wednesday, December 14 2011

    Roxy, Shaun, Nigel and Destiny watch "Fraternity Row" at Llanfair. When everyone hears Matthew's going home today, they wonder what Destiny's doing with them. Destiny worries how Matthew feels about the pregnancy. "At least you know who your baby daddy is," Roxy says. "Of course she does!" Shaun retorts. Everyone agrees Destiny needs to find out where Matthew's head is at.

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