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    One Life To Live CAST - Dr. Greg Evans

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Greg Evans Played by Terrell Tilford on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Terrell Tilford
    Dr. Greg Evans

    Actor: Terrell Tilford

    Who played Dr. Greg Evans over the years

    Terrell Tilford (June 23, 2009 - November 17, 2010)

    Useful information on Dr. Greg Evans

    * Brother of Shaun and Destiny.
    * Was estranged from his family.
    * Was blackmailed by Eli.
    * Sentenced to six years in Statesville for kidnapping Tea.


    Current: Prisoner at Statesville
    Past: Doctor
    Past: Medical Student


    Dr. Greg Evans arrived in Llanview on June 23, 2009. The brother of Shaun and Destiny, it's clear that he was estranged from his siblings, and it took a while for Shaun to welcome him back into the fold.

    Greg originally came to Llanview at the request of Clint Buchanan, in order to perform a surgery on Matthew that would enable him to walk again. Though Nora and Bo refused to allow the surgery, do to the risks, Greg promised Matthew he would be there should they change their minds.

    After saving a drug patient of Rachel Gannon's from dying of a head injury, Rachel warmed up to Greg, but still appeared suspicious of him as a whole. They later became a couple while she was dating his brother Shaun. Things didn't work out due to Rachel's friendship with Schuyler Joplin. The hospital had been investigating Schuyler and Rachel refused to betray Schuyler's confidence.

    Greg and his family grew closer, as did his friendship with Tea Delgado, who Greg was treating for a brain tumor. Greg convinced Tea to spend her last days alone in hospice.

    It was later revealed that Greg was working with Eli Clarke, who had been blackmailing him, in order to make Tea believe she was dying. Though Eli ordered Greg to kill Tea, he hide her away to protect her. Eli got wind of this and tried to kill Greg. When the truth came out, Greg admitted to his family that Greg knew Destiny was his daughter through an affair he had with Shaun's girlfriend while Shaun was in prison.

    Greg's parents knew the facts, but Shaun and Destiny refused to forgive Greg when they heard Charlene had died from a head injury during an accident after her and Greg argued. Greg hid the body.

    Greg was sentenced to six years in Statesville for his involvement with Eli.




    Rachel Gannon
    Dr. Wright


    Richard Evans (father)
    Phylicia Evans (mother)
    Shaun (brother)
    Fred Wenton (grandfather)
    Mrs. Wenton (grandmother)


    Destiny Evans (daughter with Charlene)


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    Wednesday, November 17 2010: Six Years In Statesville.

    Destiny appears in the courtroom. She's there to make sure her father gets what he deserves. Mr. and Mrs. Evans try to reason with her. Greg begs Destiny not to blame her parents for what he did and says, "They love you, so do I." Destiny doesn't feel he has a right to love her. The Evans take a stern stance. Everything they did, they did for her. Just as Destiny asks what happened to her mother, Shaun appears and says, "Tell her. She deserves to know." Greg takes responsibility and explains how Charlene died. Destiny is stunned that Greg hid her body. Shaun comforts Destiny as she cries and screams, "I hate all of you!" Mr. and Mrs. Evans rush after her. Later, court is in order. Nora suggests six years in Statesville. "Are you kidding me?" Todd calls out. Greg is given the six years then is taken away. "How do you sleep at night?" Todd asks Nora.

    Wednesday, November 03 2010: You Filled Me Full Of Lies And Drugs!

    Tea, Todd and Dani come face to face with Greg at the hospital. "How could you do that to me, Greg?" Tea cries. Greg apologizes but Todd snaps, "Don't say you're sorry you son of a bitch!" Tea stops Todd and claims she really does want to understand why Greg betrayed her trust. "You filled me full of lies and drugs," Tea continues. Dani lashes out next. Greg admits he didn't have the courage to say no to Eli but reminds Tea that he didn't go through with Eli's demands. Just as Todd threatens to rip Greg's heart out, Shaun appears and says, "Be my guest." Vivian joins them as Shaun squeezes Tea tightly and promises he had no idea about what his brother and Eli were up to. Tea believes him. After Todd, Tea and Dani leave, Shaun demands to know what happened to Charlene. Greg explains that she died and admits Charlene was the reason he had to go along with Eli. Shaun thinks Eli knew something about Charlene. Greg admits Charlene didn't want to give up Destiny but he did. During an argument, Charlene tripped and fell. It was an accident. Vivian confirms the facts surrounding head injuries. Shaun is furious to hear that Greg got rid of Charlene's body for fear the cops would think he murdered her. "You're as low as it gets," Shaun seethes. Greg is taken away. Vivian comforts Shaun as he cries about Charlene and Destiny.

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