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    One Life To Live CAST - Oliver Fish - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Oliver Fish Played by Scott Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Evans

    Real Name: Scott Evans


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    From The Outside Looking In...

    Tuesday, December 22 2009

    Fish goes back into Mitch's room, who is whistling, saying that God has rewarded him - and that his son has created a kid just for him! Mitch then apologizes to Fish, saying since he's a homosexual he'll never experience his own offspring - the gift of life.

    Staring Down The Barrel Of Clint's Fury!

    Monday, December 21 2009

    Upstairs at the Angels Square Hotel, in Kyle's room, Roxy gives Nick attitude, as Kyle helps him get settled in. Just as Roxy wonders what Fish thinks about this arrangement, Fish appears - and Roxy pulls Kyle out into the hall to warn him that Nick is going to come between him and Fish. After Roxy stomps off, Kyle rejoins Nick and Fish, who points out that there's only one bed. "Where are you going to sleep?" Fish asks Kyle, who says he plans to sleep on the floor. It's apparent Fish isn't happy about Nick's presence, who is obviously overreacting the pain of his injuries in order to get a rise out of Fish! Nick heads into the bathroom, making some comments about the soap Kyle uses, and Fish hates it that Nick knows things about Kyle that he doesn't. Kyle agrees he's disappointed that they won't have any alone time then kisses Fish, as Nick peeks at them from the partially open bathroom door. As their kiss progresses, Nick falls out of the bathroom, and Kyle rushes to help him, as he limps to the bed. Fish has to leave for work then Kyle walks him out, kisses him goodbye and promises to get Nick better - fast.

    Let The Truth Be Known!

    Wednesday, December 16 2009

    Outside of Mitch's room, while guarding Mitch, a nurse tries to ask Fish out on a date then leaves after he informs her he's taken. Kyle appears and the two make plans for the holidays - and to meet in a half hour after Fish's shift ends.

    Kyle goes out into the hallway and breaks the news to Fish, who tries to be supportive.

    A Stabbing At The Llanview PD!

    Wednesday, December 09 2009

    Rex and Gigi arrive at the station looking for Bo, but Fish explains that he's out of town with Nora. Fish wanted to question Gigi and fills them in on what happened with Nick. He knows Schuyler helped Gigi take on the men then asks Gigi to call him, so he can question them both together, leaving Rex irked.

    Schuyler arrives at the station, and Rex listens on as Gigi and Schuyler answer Fish's questions - but he has to leave to meet Stacy at her doctor's appointment. Gigi assures Schuyler that there's nothing wrong with her and Rex - and that he's just stressed out. Looking at Schuyler's black-eye, Gigi thanks him for looking out for her then says, "You're a good guy," but Schuyler replies, "No, I'm not." Schuyler thinks back to his deal with Stacy, as Gigi expresses she wouldn't have been able to get through the last few months without him.

    Unsettled Emotions...

    Tuesday, December 08 2009

    Cris and Layla wake up in bed, thinking they're dreaming, then the couple makes love again - just to be sure they aren't. Later, Layla and Cris appear in the living room, and after Cris ducks out quickly, Fish tells Layla how happy he is for her and Cris. Over talk of Nick, Layla remembers how Evangeline was attacked and says, "Make sure that you throw the book at them, please." Fish leaves, and when Cris reappears, Layla rushes into his arms, hoping that Nick passed out and didn't suffer through the beating like Evangeline suffered through.

    As Fish arrives outside of John's office door, he hears John warning Mitch that if he manages to weasel out of these charges, he'll kill him himself! Inside the office, Mitch starts ranting off his plans for his former bride, Natalie, causing John to pull Mitch backwards in his chair. Fish briefly checks in, wanting to be present while John questions Mitch, but John turns Fish away and closes the door! Shortly after, Natalie appears and demands to know how Mitch is going to get away with murder. As John calls for another cop to come in and take Mitch away, Natalie makes it clear to Mitch that she has nothing to live for - then stabs him with the letter opener!

    Fish heads to the hospital and asks Nick to look through a book of mug-shots, leaving Marty asking Nick, "What do you think? Feel like fighting back?" Nick looks through the photos and pinpoints the guys who attacked him!

    Romance Is In The Air!

    Monday, December 07 2009

    When Fish and Kyle arrive at Kyle's apartment, Fish appears nervous, but Kyle assures him they will make love only when he's ready. They kiss, notice a note from Roxy, hoping they have a good time, then Kyle lights some candles. As they start to undress, and go to the bed, Fish and Kyle's cells ring - It's John calling Fish asking him to meet him at the ER, and Marty calling Kyle to report that his friend was attacked.

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