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    One Life To Live CAST - Oliver Fish - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Oliver Fish Played by Scott Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Evans

    Real Name: Scott Evans


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    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    Outside the mansion, Kyle wants to go to Rex and Schuyler, but Fish convinces him to stay quiet - until after the baby is born, when they can get a DNA test. For now, Fish plans to protect Kyle's career, Stacy and the baby who could be his!

    Tea And Dani Return...

    Tuesday, January 19 2010

    After Rex and Stacy leave Fish's apartment, having confirmed their arrangement with Fish, Kyle expresses how he feels bad for Rex, and bashes Stacy, then is shocked to hear Fish defend her - and admit he slept with Stacy! Kyle demands Fish tell him everything, who admits he slept with Stacy twice, then Kyle realizes that Fish could be Stacy's baby's father - and fills Fish in on everything that's been going on with Stacy and Schuyler. After listening to how Stacy had a miscarriage, and tried to get pregnant by Kyle and Schuyler, Fish says, "Oh, my, God…" Fish realizes that he could be the father.

    Dorian Seeks Out A Hitman!

    Monday, January 18 2010

    Still at the apartment, after Fish tells Kyle he's going to be Stacy's bodyguard, Fish knows there's something distracting Kyle. Kyle admits it's true but says he can't talk about it - due to doctor/patient confidentiality. Just then, Fish gets a call from Rex, asking him to come over and sit with Stacy.

    When Fish arrives at the loft, he promises Rex that he'll guard Stacy, and his baby, as if it were his own child. Rex leaves to get takeout, and after Kim arrives, Stacy asks Fish to give them some privacy. He does, and though Kim boasts about how great things are going with Clint, Stacy snaps about her issues - and wonders how she's going to explain such a late due date! Kim goes online, determined to figure out a way to induce Stacy's labor, and after she reads off a few old wives' tales, Kim hits the jackpot, finds a drug, oxytocin, to induce her labor then reminds Stacy that they know someone who can get it for them - Schuyler! Kim prints out some information, assures Stacy that the drug is safe then both agree the plan is perfect.

    Back at his apartment, Kyle meets up with Fish and expresses how happy he is to see him safe - since he's a cop. Fish talks about Stacy - and about how easy it is to feel protective over children.

    Gagged And Interrogated!

    Friday, January 15 2010

    Outside his apartment, while talking to Rex about protecting Stacy and the baby, Fish wonders if Rex can trust Stacy. Though he wants to go inside, to discuss the job, Fish peeks inside his apartment and decides to stay in the hallway. Fish informs Rex that he doesn't have time to take the job, but Rex begs him - and wonders what Fish would do if it were his baby in trouble.

    When Kyle arrives at Fish's, he finds out that Fish is going to be moonlighting as a bodyguard for Stacy and her baby. Kyle appears nervous, and Fish asks, "What's wrong?"

    Ugly David!

    Thursday, January 14 2010

    Over at their apartment, Ford wakes up with a stiff back and asks Fish to help him crack it. Just as Fish picks up Ford, who's shirtless, to help crack his back, Kyle walks in! After a bit of catty conversation, Ford leaves and Fish assures Kyle he has no reason to be jealous. Kyle admits he was just having fun with Fish - and that it's okay to look, since Ford is kind of hot! "I don't sleep with straight guys," Fish says, to which Kyle replies, "Only straight women?"

    In the hallway, Gigi and Schuyler run into Langston and inform her that Schuyler just signed the lease for the apartment she was coming to see. After Langston sadly rushes off, Schuyler kisses Gigi - and Rex appears in time to see them! Rex interrupts, informs them that they'll be seeing a lot more of him, since he's moving back into the loft, then explains what happened with Mitch and Stacy, leading Schuyler to blurt out, "Is the baby okay?" Rex assures Schuyler that Stacy is at the hospital now, safe, but that neither she nor his baby is any concern of his! Schuyler rushes off, claiming he has somewhere to be, while Rex assures Gigi that Mitch won't hurt Shane - he only wants Stacy's baby - then they argue about who can more afford to hire help to protect Gigi, Rex or Schuyler! After Gigi leaves, Fish appears, and Rex asks him to be Stacy's, and his baby's, personal bodyguard.

    Mitch's Sickest Deal Yet!

    Wednesday, January 13 2010

    Cris wakes up and finds Layla in their kitchen, who informs Cris she's been let go - by the new commissioner. Cris manages to distract Layla with sweet kisses, but as things get heated, Fish arrives home, and they talk about the changes at the station. Ford arrives next, to head to the gym with Cris, but when Ford gets a call about his student housing falling through, Layla informs him that there's an apartment open in their building. Ford can't afford an apartment like theirs, and after Layla, Cris and Fish have a group meeting, they ask him to move in with them. Ford, who has just ignored another call from David, agrees!

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