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    One Life To Live CAST - Oliver Fish - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Oliver Fish Played by Scott Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Evans

    Real Name: Scott Evans


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    Who Are You?

    Thursday, February 18 2010

    Rex and Fish are at Llantano Lake, overseeing the driving team, who end up calling off the search. Rex and Fish stare at the ice as it's officially announced, "Stacy Morasco is dead." Rex demands that they continue looking for her, but Stacy's body can't be located. Fish worries about the baby not having a mother, but Rex sadly says, "She has a father." Over talk of how much Fish cares for the baby, and the fact that Schuyler is the father, Fish gives Rex some space and heads to Llanview, promising to relay the news to Gigi. Kim arrives and asks Rex if he's seen Stacy. As gently as possible, Rex explains how Stacy fell through the ice, and is now gone, which causes Kim to lash out. She accuses Rex of wanting her dead then falls apart in his arms. Talk of the baby comes up, and Kim verifies that Sierra Rose isn't Rex's. Kim begins ranting at Rex, but Rex demands to know how she and Stacy could have let him believe that the baby was his - when she was really Schuyler's. As they continue to argue, Kim blurts out that Schuyler is no more Sierra Rose's father than Rex is!

    Schuyler goes out into the hallway and cries to Kyle, "It's my baby girl in there." He fills Kyle in on what happened to Stacy and how Fish is still at the lake overseeing the diving crew. Schuyler admits that he told Rex the truth, and Kyle warns that he told Roxy too - and that Schuyler better tell Gigi the truth before someone else does. As Schuyler goes to look for a doctor, Kyle stares at the baby through the window, knowing she's Fish's. Fish appears and rushes into Kyle's arms, explaining that Stacy is dead. From around the corner, Schuyler overhears then looks toward the baby's room. Once he gets confirmation from Fish, he rushes in to tell Gigi… A doctor appears and informs Kyle and Fish that he has bad news about the baby.

    I Didn't Know What Else To Do...

    Tuesday, February 16 2010

    On the frozen lake, Schuyler does CPR on Gigi and manages to revive her. With Fish holding the baby, Gigi looks at Rex and says, "Your daughter's name is Sierra Rose." Though they want to get Gigi to a hospital, Gigi thinks about Stacy - who suddenly appears! Everyone tries to halt Stacy from coming any closer, but she wants to get to her baby and continues - then falls through the ice! When she bobs up, Stacy begs for Gigi to take care of her baby, and Gigi promises to, as she rushes off with Schuyler to the hospital. Rex throws Stacy a rope, but she continues to bob up and down in the water. When he tries to get to her, Fish warns him that the ice is breaking beneath him. "There's something you need to know about the baby," Stacy cries. "I'm sorry, Rex, I'm sorry." Stacy disappears beneath the water's surface… Even though Fish objects, Rex jumps into the water after Stacy. However, when he can't find, or save, Stacy, Fish manages to get Rex out of the water, reminding him, "Your son needs you." The rescue crew arrives and puts a blanket on Rex, as he stares at the hole in the ice. Later, after they've left, Fish and Rex can't believe that Stacy is gone. Though Fish assures Rex he did everything he could to save Stacy, Rex worries about the baby, who now doesn't have a mother.

    Falling Through The Cracks...

    Monday, February 15 2010

    As Rex, Fish and Schuyler approach the frozen lake, Gigi warns that the ice is cracking. Seeing the baby looks blue, she says, "This is your daughter Rex." Though Rex almost admits he's not the father, he holds back, as they all try to figure out how to save Gigi and Sierra Rose. As the guys throw Gigi a rope, the tiniest move causes the ice to break - and Gigi and the baby fall through! Gigi manages to put the baby above the ice, on a jacket that Fish has thrown out. Though the baby is safely rescued, Gigi goes under the water, leaving Rex yelling, "Gigi!" With Schuyler holding his feet, Rex glides across the ice on his stomach, pulls Gigi up and out of the water then allows Schuyler to give her CPR, as Fish holds the baby, telling her that no matter whose she is, she's safe.

    Doomed In Paris?

    Friday, February 12 2010

    Before he rushes off on foot to find Gigi, Rex warns Fish and Schuyler, who are ranting about Rex giving up on Stacy, that he's going to tell Gigi the truth. Alone, Schuyler wonders why Fish is adamant on finding Stacy. As Fish makes excuses, Kim and Marty arrive to learn they're still searching for Stacy. When Fish shows Marty where the SUV went off the mountain road, she asks, "Oh, my, God…Where are they?" Back by Schuyler's car, Schuyler fills Kim in on Rex knowing the truth, who says, "Find her… If Rex finds Stacy first, he'll kill her." Schuyler refuses to believe Rex would kill Stacy then demands they find her - and his baby - but Kim reminds him he's just the donor. Though Fish orders Marty and Kim to go home, after he takes off with Schuyler, Kim heads to the cabin to find Stacy - and Marty sees smoke and sets off toward it…

    Gigi is walking in the storm when she continues to slip - every time she tries to stand. As she talks to the baby, Gigi realizes she's on the frozen lake! Gigi decides to take it slow but as she does so the ice begins to crack. Over Sierra Rose's cries, Rex, Fish and Schuyler arrive from different directions, and Gigi calmly says, "Don't move. The ice is cracking."

    Sierra Rose Is Born...

    Thursday, February 11 2010

    Outside Schuyler's car, on Llantano Mountain, Rex loses control and begins strangling Schuyler, until Fish appears and stops him! Fish gets the guys under control then fills them in on everything that's happened on the mountain. Rex starts ranting about Schuyler and Stacy's lies then says, in regards to where Stacy is now, "At least we know she's not in labor." Rex wants to go find Gigi, hears a rescue chopper then says, "You don't need me." Schuyler can't believe that Rex is just going to ditch giving up on finding Stacy, but Rex vows to save Gigi - from Schuyler! Rex plans to get Gigi back and heads off to find her.

    Do I Know You?

    Tuesday, February 09 2010

    Fish tries to shield himself from the storm, as he screams out for Rex. Unfortunately, he's knocked down, as an avalanche erupts through Llantano Mountain…

    With his gun drawn, Brody barges into the observatory and demands that Mitch get the hell away from Jessica! Mitch grabs a syringe, puts it to Jessica's neck and warns Brody to back off. However, Brody takes aim, shoots Mitch then ties him to a chair - before he's attacked from behind. It's Nurse Charles there to save her messenger! Mitch chants, and Nurse Charles tries to strangle Brody, as Jessica lets her hand fall to Brody's gun, which now lies next to her on the bed. Brody watches as Jessica slowly lifts the gun then a shot rings out, and Brody is freed. When Brody turns around, Fish is standing there, having shot Nurse Charles. The nurse is dead, Fish places Mitch under arrest then Brody goes to Jessica, who has no idea who he is! Brody knows they have to get Jessica help, but Fish and Brody wonder what happened to John and Natalie - and Stacy, who Mitch explains, "She's in God's hands now." Fish listens in horror and threatens Mitch, which causes Mitch to question what deep bond Fish and Stacy share. When Fish heads out to find Stacy, Jessica calls out, "Father." Brody rushes to her side, and Jessica asks, "Do I know you?" Mitch laughs and screams, "Yes, Lord!"

    I Love You Too...

    Monday, February 08 2010

    Sitting in Schuyler's car, Rex wonders if Fish knows why Stacy would name Schuyler his baby's guardian. Fish downplays it, but Rex demands, "Did Stacy tell you something?" Suddenly, Fish smells smoke, and they decide to check things out. After they don't find any bodies in the SUV, Fish finds a piece of the tracking device and tells Rex that John, Brody and whoever they got to drive the getaway car were the ones who occupied the vehicle. Fish wants to sweep the area for survivors, but Rex goes off in another direction saying, "I've got to find Stacy!"

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