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    One Life To Live CAST - Oliver Fish - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Oliver Fish Played by Scott Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Evans

    Real Name: Scott Evans


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    A Surprising Discovery!

    Tuesday, March 09 2010

    Fish goes back to Kyle, says he needs more time to think then asks him to keep the results in a safe place. Kyle is disappointed that he's putting off such a big decision but agrees.

    Just Another Notch In His Belt!

    Monday, March 08 2010

    At Kyle's, after he shows Fish the envelope containing the DNA results, Fish lashes out at him for going behind his back. Fish doesn't want to know if Sierra is his and refuses to saddle her up with gay parents. "Let's open the envelope and find out whether or not you're the father," Kyle begs, but Fish warns him he's going to get kicked out of medical school. Kyle says Fish and Sierra deserve to know the truth - and he knows it! Again, Fish brings up how Kyle broke the law, by doing the DNA test, but Kyle begs him to open the envelope with him - together. "If you want to know, fine, you're on your own," Fish says then storms off.

    Gathered at the hospital, Schuyler is stunned to hear that Gigi wants custody of Sierra. As Tea and Elijah argue the case, Schuyler, in tears, cries, "She's my daughter, Gigi!" Gigi reminds Schuyler of how he was willing to pass Sierra off as Rex's, but Schuyler refuses to lose his daughter, even though he's lost Gigi. Gigi begs Schuyler to let the baby go, to let her love Sierra in a way he never could, but he asks to talk to her alone. Down the hall, Schuyler commends what Gigi is trying to do and asks if they can raise Sierra together. He still loves her and knows if she could get past what he did she could love him again too. Rex appears and reminds Schuyler that he stole a drug to induce Stacy's pregnancy, and Schuyler brings attention to himself by saying, "Kim knows I didn't use it… Kim will clear me!" Tea demands that Schuyler come with her, due to the ethics committee meeting, and he becomes aware that Gigi and Rex told Elijah about him stealing the drug. Schuyler accuses Gigi of trying to hurt him for hurting her. Privately, Rex tries to strike a deal with Schuyler… He and Gigi will stay quiet, to the ethic's community, if he walks away - and lets Gigi raise Sierra. Schuyler won't trade his daughter for his career and begins to lunge at Rex - until Fish appears and holds him back!

    Schuyler joins Gigi in Sierra's room and warns he'll fight her - and won't allow Rex and Gigi to take away his little girl… She's all he has left! From the window, Fish stares at Sierra. Later, Gigi announces that she isn't so sure she should fight Schuyler for custody, but Rex convinces her to stick to the plan! Gigi gives Elijah the go ahead to file for custody, as Rex vows to be there for her every step of the way.

    When Fish arrives back at Kyle's, they apologize, and Kyle offers to burn the DNA test. Just as Kyle goes to burn the envelope, Fish stops him!

    Everyone Wants Sierra Rose...

    Friday, March 05 2010

    Kim goes to Kyle and informs him and Fish that she's marrying Clint - and they are going to raise Sierra together! Kyle is stunned and claims Kim will not be raising the baby - not if he and Fish have anything to say about it! Kyle reminds Kim that Oliver is Sierra's real father and asks, "Do you really think Oliver is going to give up his child?" Kim warns if they don't stay quiet, she'll ruin Kyle's medical career then leaves. As Kyle fumes about Kim, Fish thinks Sierra would have a good life with Kim and Clint - and Kyle calls him a coward for not claiming the baby as his own! Fish takes offense to Kyle's comment and denies he's even Sierra's father. Kyle shows him an envelope, containing the DNA results, and says, "Let's find out once and for all."

    It's 2010?

    Monday, February 22 2010

    Still at the hospital, after Schuyler announces that he's Sierra Rose's father, and Rex verifies it, Gigi insists on seeing the baby before surgery. While she's in with Sierra Rose, Schuyler thanks Fish for saving his daughter then Rex asks him if he's now claiming the baby because Stacy is dead - or because he's succeeded in destroying his life! Schuyler makes it clear his priority is the baby then Rex takes a call from Bo and chats briefly with Shane. Rex promises Shane he'll be home soon to talk about the baby. Gigi reappears and goes to Rex, who says he's heading home to talk to Shane, then Rex leaves. Gigi sits down and cries. When Schuyler walks toward her, she lashes out at him for all of the lies! Though Gigi thinks he was sleeping with Stacy, while with her, Schuyler tries to explain Stacy's miscarriage, how she drugged him into having sex, then says, "I wanted to tell you, Gigi, that's why I was driving in the snow storm." Gigi feels bad, thinking Schuyler just found out he was the father, but Schuyler shocks her by saying he's known for a while. Schuyler finally admits that he was afraid if Gigi found out the truth, he would lose her. "The day you told me you loved me was the greatest day of my life," Schuyler cries. Though he thinks nothing has to change, Gigi replies, "It changes everything."

    Kyle brings Fish to his room at the Angels Square Hotel, where he brings up how Fish is ignoring the possibility that he's the baby's father. As Kyle pushes Fish to get a DNA test, Fish refuses and says, "She needs a mother and a father." Fish thinks the baby should be with normal parents, which Kyle takes offense to. After Kyle brings up their bond, and how Gigi and Schuyler are bound to fall apart, he says, "Just because you're gay doesn't mean you have to give up your child." Fish begs Kyle, if he loves him, to let this go, then heads off to take a shower. While he's gone, Kyle bags a water bottle that Fish was drinking from!

    Getting To The Bottom Of The Truth...

    Friday, February 19 2010

    Outside of the baby's hospital room, Kyle explains the congenital heart defect to Fish and says Sierra Rose's best chance of having a full recovery would be to have heart surgery. Kyle warns that the doctors will need permission from the baby's father to perform the surgery and asks Fish if he wants him to do a quick DNA test - but Fish refuses! Fish talks about Stacy claiming Schuyler was the father and refuses to make things worse for Gigi right now. "Would you let it go, please?" Fish asks.

    Gigi runs into Rex outside the baby's room, and with Fish, Kyle and Schuyler listening, Gigi explains Sierra Rose's condition and says the doctors need Rex's permission for surgery. "I'm sorry," Rex says. "I can't give permission." Gigi can't understand why Rex is arguing this, but Schuyler blurts out, "Rex isn't the baby's father… I am."

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