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    One Life To Live CAST - Oliver Fish - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Oliver Fish Played by Scott Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Evans

    Real Name: Scott Evans


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    Halloween Confessions...

    Friday, October 30 2009

    Nick joins Kyle in Angel's Square, where Kyle assures Nick that he and Fish are over - just as Fish arrives! After Nick heads off to talk to Dorian, Fish approaches Kyle and wonders if Nick and Kyle will be moving in together after the ceremony.

    Dorian takes the podium and addresses the crowd on the historic event, as protesters 'boo' from the sidelines. Dorian promises when she's elected mayor, she's going to issue everyone marriage licenses - and make their commitment today legal! Kyle appears nervous, as Fish walks away and Nick rejoins Kyle to make sure he's okay. After Dorian's speech, she explains David's absence to Amelia, saying, "He had a date with Destiny and so do I." Amelia is forced to break Dorian from her trance, as Dorian remembers some good times with David, and wonders if she's having second thoughts about going through with this! Dorian promises to stand by Amelia!

    Fish tries to control the crowd, as the same woman who snapped at Markko says that she knows he would rather be there with them than with the perverts, which causes Fish to become disgusted! A cop joins him at the barricade and agrees with the woman, which sets Fish off - and he lashes out at the crowd then announces to everyone that he's proud to be gay! Fish vows to one day marry the person he loves - and only hopes to one day be able to do that legally. With admiration, after Kyle expresses to Fish that he can't believe he did that, Nick approaches Kyle and says the ceremony is ready to begin! Dorian thinks Fish is very brave and wishes she had the courage to tell 'someone' how she really felt. Later, Dorian admits to Langston that she still loves David - just as Amelia joins them to let Dorian know that the ceremony is about to begin!

    On The Hunt For Jared Banks!

    Tuesday, October 27 2009

    When Fish arrives at Kyle's, he invites him in, and Fish immediately tries to talk Kyle out of marrying Nick at the commitment ceremony. However, when Kyle wonders if Fish would be willing to give all of his love to him, in front of all of those people, like Nick is, Fish can't commit - and Kyle admits that he wants Fish to relax, to go out, but Fish screams, "I want you! Wait for me… Can you just give us a chance?" Kyle can't go back in time, even though Fish says, "I love you," which causes Fish to wish Kyle and Nick the best. Fish leaves in tears…

    As Layla is imagining holding Cris close, and never letting him go, Cris appears and hands her money for his part of the rent… Cris leaves. Shortly after, Fish arrives home and comforts Layla with a hug.

    Baby, It's Me...

    Monday, October 26 2009

    Back in Llanview, Fish arrives home to find Cris painting shirtless, and when Cris puts his shirt back on, Fish snaps at him, "Cris, don't worry, you're not really my type." Cris laughs it off then urges Fish to talk about 'his type', Kyle. Over a couple beers, Cris gives Fish some advice, reminds him that Kyle and Nick's wedding won't be real and suggests he fight for Kyle. With talk of Layla, Cris explains Layla's feelings of disloyalty to her sister and claims they can't be together. Just as they sit down to watch football, John calls Fish and says he's going to break the rules in regards to Fish's administrative leave…

    Fish shows up at Llanfair with the proper equipment to replay the call made to Jessica's cell, and Viki admits, "If I didn't know better I'd think it was him." John wants to have voice comparative tests ran, and Jessica claims she still has a saved message from Nash on her phone - one he left before he died. After Fish promises not to 'hurt' the message, he gets to work on retrieving it, as Jessica cries to Viki about the voice of Nash saying he was cold. John dismisses Fish, with thanks, and promises to push to get him back as soon as possible - but warns not to allow 'the job' to take over his life. After Fish leaves, John gets an alert on the laptop that the voice from the recent call was an identical match to Nash's last voice message to Jessica!

    As Kyle sits and thinks back to his last conversation with Fish, Fish arrives at his door!

    I Need To Make An Appointment, Please!

    Wednesday, October 21 2009

    Fish approaches Kyle and Nick at the dinner, to hear that Kyle accepted Nick's proposal, and asks if it's just for show - for the same sex marriage rally. Nick claims his proposal was serious then takes a call from Amelia and announces that they are all set for the rally, which will take place tomorrow! After Nick kisses Kyle goodbye, Fish is clearly upset and tries to talk Kyle out of marrying Nick. Though Kyle admits he's not sure if he loves Nick, he says he gave up on waiting for Fish a long time ago. Fish walks out of the diner…

    Welcome To London!

    Tuesday, October 20 2009

    At the station, John shows Natalie Jared's wallet - and says he found it at the Lodge. Natalie defends Jared then snaps at John to tell her what his gut is telling him and asks, "Is Jared a murderer?" Natalie begs John to stop wasting time - and to find out who's framing Jared! While Clint tries to calm Natalie down, John goes to Fish and says, "I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You can't be on the premises." John explains that Elijah has filed a complaint stating that Fish used excessive force on Ross - and that Fish is now on administrative leave! John knows what a good cop Fish is, and promises he has his back. John then sees Charlie and Viki arrive, goes to them and says, "Charlie, right now you're the only lead we got." Over talk of Pamela Stuart, John brings up how she helped Jared with his scam, when he first came to town, then claims that's plenty of motive to connect Jared to her murder! Natalie can't believe that John is saying this, but John reminds them all, "It wouldn't be the first time Jared hurt someone he loves."

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