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    One Life To Live CAST - Oliver Fish - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Oliver Fish Played by Scott Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Evans

    Real Name: Scott Evans


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    A Lot To Be Thankful For...

    Wednesday, November 25 2009

    While Layla and Fish are getting ready for dinner, at their apartment, Cris catches up with Antonio over the phone. Later, Layla makes a comment about how Cris has never asked her out on a date then Kyle arrives to join in the fun - and all four share their first Thanksgiving dinner together.

    Stepping Down!

    Tuesday, November 24 2009

    Outside Bo's office, in the station, Kyle brings Fish a meal, and Fish asks a fellow officer if he has a problem with it - when the cop cracks a joke! However, the cop wasn't making a joke at all and assures Fish that 'all cops' aren't jerks. Kyle is happy that Fish called him his boyfriend, in public, then accepts an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner - and a public kiss from Fish!

    Back From The Dead...

    Tuesday, November 10 2009

    Fish arrives home, a dirty mess, then thanks Kyle for waiting for him - before heading for a quick shower. When Fish reappears, in a towel, looking for his shirt, Kyle suggests they stay in for the night. Though Fish appears nervous, he tells Kyle, "I don't want to wait," then they kiss!

    As Fish and Kyle start to get passionate, Cris and Layla come busting through the door kissing too! Fish embarrassingly rushes into his room to get dressed then reappears and admits that he and Kyle have been waiting for this night for too long. "Wait," Fish stops rambling and asks Cris and Layla. "Were you two just kissing?" Layla pulls Cris away, to give Kyle and Fish some alone time. Kyle and Fish both agree not to rush things and to just enjoy getting reacquainted. Later, Cris and Layla rejoin Kyle and Fish, who are watching "Christina Comes Home For Christmas."

    A Grave Discovery...

    Monday, November 09 2009

    Fish appears from his bedroom and asks Layla how he looks, for his date with Kyle, to which Layla calls him a dork! After Layla points out Fish's choice of a shirt, she says all that matters is that Fish is happy, which causes Fish to bring up how unhappy she's been. Just as Layla denies being in love with Cris, Kyle knocks at the door - and Layla rushes Fish to change then sends the happy couple off on their date. However, before they can leave, Fish gets called in to work, and Kyle agrees to wait there for him to return.

    Fish arrives at the cemetery and hopes to find out who robbed Nash's grave, as Viki tells Charlie she hopes that they do - before Jessica finds out or sees Nash's body. Fish and his crew manage to pull a set of partial prints from the crime scene then promise they'll do everything they can to find Viki's son-in-law's body.

    Later, while Fish arrives back home, happy to see that Kyle is still there, Layla arrives at the diner to find Cris, who is surprised to see her.

    Lured Into A Trap!

    Tuesday, November 03 2009

    Up on the Angles Square Hotel roof, Fish wants to talk to Kyle about their future and wonders where they go from here. Kyle agrees to show Fish the ropes and asks him out on a date, promising him that as long as they are honest with each other, everything will be great. Fish holds Kyle close then they head to get some breakfast - but not before expressing their love and sealing it with a kiss!

    Until Death Do Us Part!

    Monday, November 02 2009

    Though Dorian admits to Langston that she still loves David, she asks her to hold onto her phone, in case 'someone' calls, then goes off with Amelia. Nick urges Kyle to join him in the ceremony, and Fish says, "I'll see you after you get married." The ceremony begins, and as Andrew talks about marriage, Langston leaves a message for David to get over there soon - and stop Dorian! Nick expresses his love to Kyle, Cris and Layla comment on how devastated Fish looks and Amelia wonders who Dorian is looking for… Suddenly, as Andrew instructs everyone to take out their rings, Kyle says, "Wait, I can't do this." Though Nick professes his love to Kyle, Kyle denies loving Nick then says he wants to one day marry the man he loves - Kyle goes to Fish and asks him if they can give it another shot! Nick runs off upset, as Kyle tells Fish how much he loves him - then Roxy approaches and tells Kyle to marry Fish! Though Fish wants to give his relationship with Kyle another shot, neither is ready for marriage.

    Back in Llanview, Roxy hushes the protester, Markko's mom's friend, by saying, "Don't knock it till you try it," and kisses her - as everyone applauds Kyle and Fish, as they kiss!

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