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    One Life To Live CAST - Rachel Gannon

    Full detailed profile on Rachel Gannon Played by Daphnee Duplaix on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daphnee Duplaix
    Rachel Gannon

    Actor: Daphnee Duplaix

    Who played Rachel Gannon over the years

    Daphnee Duplaix (April 7 2009 - March 23, 2010)
    Ellen Bethea (1992 to 1995; 2000 to 2001; 2002; May 2005)
    Mari Morrow (April 1995 to January 1996)
    Sandra P. Grant (April 1996 to August 1998)

    Useful information on Rachel Gannon

    * Reformed drug addict.
    * Nicknamed Ricky by her father.
    * Spent time as a prostitute named Roxy.
    * Lived at St. Ann's after a drug overdose.
    * Killed Georgie Phillips.


    Past: Counselor at the Llanview Rehab Center
    Past: Social Worker at a Chicago Treatment Center
    Past: Partner of a music company
    Past: Prostitute
    Past: College Student


    After moving from Chicago, Rachel joined her divorced parents, Nora and Hank, in Llanview in 1992 and immediately enrolled at Llanview University. While helping her friend Kevin Buchanan fight for his son, Kevin and Rachel became an item. Though Rachel stood by Kevin during the Marty Saybrooke rape case, the couple fizzled out, leaving Rachel to date Dr. Ben Price, to which she helped him uncover the cause of the flu that swept through Llanview.

    Rachel warmed to her Uncle RJ, who came to town in later years, but was briefly disappointed when he tried to destroy her father's reputation. This adult rivalry went on for many years, and Rachel always tried to be the voice of reason. Feeling the pressure of college, expected to become as successful as her father, Rachel became hooked on drugs. Though Rachel was sent to rehab at St. Ann's, she later escaped, ran with the wrong crowd in New York City and found herself deeper into drugs, as well as prostitution!

    Through the help of many, Rachel was brought home and overcame her addition. Her family had a scare when Nora admitted to having an affair with Hank's brother RJ, but after her paternity was revealed to be Hank's daughter, and through much healing, Rachel went into business with her Uncle RJ at Club Indigo.

    Rachel found herself in quite the bind after befriending a Llanview newcomer Georgie Phillips, whose sole purpose was to seduce Rachel's stepfather Bo and make life hell for her mother Nora. After Georgie turned up dead, many were accused of her murder until the memories of Rachel killing her came to! Though Nora and Rachel briefly ran from the law, to avoid jail time, Rachael came forward and confessed and did six months in Statesville.

    After her release, Rachel moved back to Chicago and threw herself into Social Work. She's visited Llanview a time of two over the years and made another return to help her mother and Matthew during his paralysis.

    Rachel began dating Shaun and couldn't stand his arrogant brother, Greg, Matthew's doctor, when he came to town. As the tensions grew between the two, little by little a spark ignited - one neither could deny. However, her closeness to Schuyler Joplin, who Greg knew broke hospital regulations, and Rachel's unwillingness to tell Greg what she knew about it ultimately ended their relationship.

    Shortly after, Rachel left Llanview to go be with her friend in Chicago.




    Dr. Greg Evans
    Shaun Evans
    Kevin Buchanan
    Ben Price


    Nora Hanen (mother)
    Hank Gannon (father)
    Matthew Buchanan (half-brother)
    RJ Gannon (uncle)
    Susannah Hanen (aunt)
    Lenny Hanen (grandfather)
    Selma Hanen (grandmother)
    Keri Reynolds Vega (cousin - deceased)
    Jamie Vega (cousin)




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    Tuesday, March 23 2010: Foxy Roxy Stowaways!

    Schuyler wakes up in his apartment, finds Sierra gone and remembers what Allison did to him. When he goes to call the police, he finds a note on the phone reading: I wouldn't do that if I were you. He finds a video from Allison, who has Sierra, warning to wait for instructions. Someone comes through the door, and Schuyler almost takes Rachel's head off. He apologizes, and Rachel talks about a trip to Chicago - she has to pack - but wonders what's gotten into him. "I'm trying to protect my daughter," Schuyler says then backtracks and claims Sierra is sleeping in the bedroom. Once alone, the phone rings, and Schuyler starts yelling, thinking it's Allison, but it's Tea, wondering where he is. Schuyler can't say but warns he won't be in court.

    Over at the apartment, Rachel says goodbye to Schuyler then leaves for Chicago, leaving Schuyler screaming at his phone - for Allison to call. Tea arrives, and Schuyler reluctantly tells her Sierra has been kidnapped.

    Monday, March 15 2010: Allison Reveals A New Plan...

    Over at Schuyler's apartment, Rex rants that he's already taken so much from Gigi and asks that Schuyler give Sierra back to her. Though Schuyler loves Gigi, he refuses to give up his daughter - but Rex isn't asking, he's telling him to! "I'm not giving her back," Schuyler screams. "You and Gigi have no claim on her." After Schuyler says Gigi will come back to him, after she finds out Rex wasn't able 'to deliver', Rex lunges to punch him - but Schuyler punches Rex first! Rachel rushes from the bedroom to break them up and reminds them both to grow up - there's a baby in the other room! "You guys want to be parents," Rachel scolds. "Stop acting like children!" Rex vows he and Gigi will get Sierra back - then Schuyler will never see him again. "I'm going to do what you did to me… I'm going to take it all… your kid, Gigi, even your career. You'll have nothing." Rex warns then leaves. Schuyler picks up Sierra and promises to never let her go - no matter what they say.

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