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    One Life To Live CAST - Wes Granger - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes Granger Played by Justin Paul Kahn on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justin Paul Kahn

    Birthplace: Kendall Park, New Jersey
    Real Name: Justin Paul Kahn
    Height: 6'


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    Sarah Leaves Cris - And Llanview - Behind!

    Wednesday, January 07 2009

    Back at his motel room, Wes stares at a Navy Seal picture of him and Brody and says to himself, "Let it go, man, let it go."

    Three's A Crowd!

    Tuesday, November 25 2008

    Nora brings Brody to St. Ann's and helps get him checked-in. After Brody thanks Nora for helping him, Gigi, Rex and Wes arrive to spend some time with Brody. While Nora, Gigi and Wes go check on some things, Brody and Rex bond over their connection then Gigi and Rex surprise Brody with a visit from Shane! While Rex and Gigi look on, Brody and Shane play checkers and chat about school. Brody appears fine with the conversation until he sees the image of the little boy he killed standing behind Shane! Wes seems to detect a change in Brody and comes to his aid. After Shane rejoins Rex and Gigi, Brody admits his visions to his friend, to which Wes completely understands. "I need help," Brody says, and Wes assures him that his stay at St. Ann's will provide that help. Brody thanks everyone for coming and heads to his room - but not before Shane salutes him.

    The Guy Needs Help, Not Punishment!

    Monday, November 24 2008

    Gigi arrives at the VA Hospital to give Brody a heads up - about Rex! "Rex doesn't want to put you away. He wants to make sure that you don't end up in prison." Though Brody is appreciative, he's not happy that Wes approached them looking for favors, but Gigi makes it clear that they know he was someone else when he shot Rex - and that he needs help. Gigi then gives Brody back the money that Brody gave her for Shane's college - the money Dorian paid him to show up in Llanview! Reluctantly, Brody accepts it with the hopes of getting his life back.

    Inner Power Struggle!

    Wednesday, November 19 2008

    Over at Rex's loft, Wes explains how Brody needs their help - and how he wasn't in his right mind when he shot Rex. Wes explains Brody's situation then asks if Rex would consider dropping the charges. Rex reminds him that the DA's office will be pressing charges with or without him, but he thinks of Shane and agrees - Shane's been hurt enough. Rex promises that he'll do what he can to help, leaving Wes to say, "I owe you for this. I owe you both."

    Tess Wanted Natalie and Jared To Suffer...

    Tuesday, November 18 2008

    Wes goes to the VA hospital to visit Brody, who is in better spirits. Brody talks about how Gigi, Shane and Rex came to visit him then worries about the charges against him. "I shot an unarmed man. I'm going to prison for a long time," Brody says. "And that's how it should be." Though Wes reminds Brody that he wasn't himself, Brody takes full blame for his actions and says, "The best thing for Gigi and Shane is for me to disappear."

    Later, Wes goes to Rex's loft, claims that Brody doesn't know anything about his visit and says, "I'm here on his behalf. He needs help."

    Rex Wakes Up!

    Thursday, October 23 2008

    In the VA hospital, Brody gets a visit from his fellow Navy Seal, Wes, and is brought back to the 'real world'. After talk about that day in Iraq, Brody realizes that he shot Rex on Llantano Mountain! Brody remembers hurting Marcie and Shane and begs Wes to find out if they are okay - as well as what will happen to him if Rex doesn't make it! Wes tries to make Brody realize that it wasn't his fault that he killed that boy in Iraq - and it's not his fault about Rex. Brody promises that he didn't know it was Rex on that mountain then says, "Shane deserves a better dad than me." Later, although Wes finds out that Marcie and Shane are fine, he's forced to inform Brody that Rex may not make it. Brody falls back on his bed and thinks of all the good times with Shane.

    Freeze! That's An Order, Lieutenant!

    Friday, September 26 2008

    Still in Bo's office, on speakerphone with Wes, Bo, Gigi and Rex are shocked to hear that Brody killed a boy during the war! Wes talks about the hell they endured during the war and how he and Brody were on edge constantly. "The kid couldn't have been more than ten," Wes says. With Gigi crying hysterically, and Rex demanding to know how Brody could kill a boy, Bo sympathizes with what Wes and Brody went through then listens on… "We were ready to die, but all we had to do is get through seven more days… Day one, two three, four five, then night fell on the fifth day… Brody was never the same." Just then, a cop appears and announces, "We think we found Lovett." Bo quickly thanks Wes then agrees to allow Rex and Gigi to follow them to Llantano Mountain!

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