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    One Life To Live CAST - Wes Granger - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Wes Granger Played by Justin Paul Kahn on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justin Paul Kahn

    Birthplace: Kendall Park, New Jersey
    Real Name: Justin Paul Kahn
    Height: 6'


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    Todd's Back In Court!

    Thursday, January 29 2009

    Back at Rodi's, Wes looks at a copy of The Sun, sees Janet, crumbles up the newspaper then says, "That 'witch'!"

    Friction At Rodi's!

    Wednesday, January 28 2009

    Cole goes to Rodie's thinking about what John told him about his mom shacking up with a stranger. Just as he takes his pills out, John appears and asks, "What're you doing here?" Cole hides the pills then talks about the stress in his life - and about the biker dude, Wes, who his mother is shacking up with. When John leaves to take a call from Michael, Cole hears Gigi calling to Wes - and Cole rushes to the bar and snaps, "So you're the guy who's been using my mom?" Though Wes tries to explain his position in Marty's life, Cole, in a rage, grabs Wes by the shirt and screams, "You don't know anything about my mom!" After Wes gets Cole under control, Cole promises, "I'll be cool," but punches Wes the second he releases him! When John returns, Gigi tells him what happened, and John asks Wes, "Are you okay?" to which Wes replies, "I bet you wish you had landed that punch."

    I'm Sick Of It!

    Thursday, January 22 2009

    Over at Wes's, Marty briefly talks about the need to remember who she is then notices how upset Wes is and says, "Talk to me." Wes tells Marty about the secret he's kept from Brody all these years then blames himself for where Brody's mind is today. However, Marty reminds Wes of what he did for Brody, and for her, then calls Wes a hero - because his first instinct was to save a man during the war. Once Wes is asleep, Marty covers him up.

    The Truth Comes Out!

    Monday, January 19 2009

    In Brody's room at St. Ann's, after Wes admits that the boy Brody shot wasn't armed, Brody grabs Wes and demands, "You have to tell me what happened!" Wes explains how Brody was just protecting himself - until he saw that the person he shot was just a kid! "I took you outside, tried to calm you down… I've never seen you like that." After Brody asks, "How'd you make it okay?" Wes confesses that he went back in looking for the boy's gun - but found a flashlight! "You were already so messed up, I didn't know what you'd do," Wes says. "I took one of the insurgent's guns and put it in the boy's hands." Wes explains bringing Brody back to the boy's body, and showing him that he had a gun, and how he thought that was the best thing for him. "I guess I was wrong," Wes admits. Though Wes doesn't expect forgiveness, he reminds Brody that he's a good man - a good soldier - and that the accident could've happened to anyone. As Wes walks away, Brody says, "Thanks for telling me the truth."

    When Wes arrives at Rodi's, he admits to Marty that although he's not okay, he's not the one he's worried about!

    Reliving Chloe's Birth...

    Friday, January 16 2009

    When Marty and Wes show up at Rodi's, John wants to know what she wants, but Marty simply orders a scotch - neat! John refuses to serve her then Marty pulls Wes over to the pool table.

    Talking by the pool table, Wes tells Marty about his friend - and how he's finding it hard to 'fill him in'. After Marty advises him that holding back any truth will not do his friend any good, Wes goes to call Brody.

    Outside Rodi's, Gigi runs into Wes and tells him about her visit with Brody - and about how he's still seeing the little boy, who's holding a gun one time and not holding a gun in another vision! Wes sighs…

    Wes goes to see Brody and explains that he lied to him - the boy in Iraq was unarmed!

    Dorian's Meal Ticket Finds Her!

    Thursday, January 15 2009

    At a booth at the diner, over coffee, Marty and Wes briefly talk about John then Wes gets a call from Brody, who asks him to come to St. Ann's. Wes tells Marty to call if she needs anything, kisses her cheek then rushes off.

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