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    One Life To Live CAST - Wes Granger

    Full detailed profile on Wes Granger Played by Justin Paul Kahn on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justin Paul Kahn
    Wes Granger

    Actor: Justin Paul Kahn

    Who played Wes Granger over the years

    Justin Paul Kahn (September 25, 2008 - February 18, 2009)

    Useful information on Wes Granger

    * Deceased - murdered.
    * Served in Iraq with Brody Lovett.
    * Picked Marty up on his motorcycle.
    * Kept a secret about Brody.
    * Let Marty live with him.


    Past: Bartender at Rodi's
    Past: Navy Seal


    Wes appeared in Llanview in September 2008 to help his fellow Navy Seal, Brody Lovett, by pleading his case to Gigi and Rex - and begging them to drop the charges on Brody.

    Finding that Llanview suited him, Wes decided to stick around to help Brody through his theory and hooked up with Marty Saybrook after she had convinced Todd to jump off The Palace roof! However, during this time, Wes was murdered by a serial killer, in his own bed, while sleeping next to Marty.










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    Tuesday, February 17 2009: Get The Hell Out Of My House!

    After hearing Marty's scream, John breaks into Wes's room and finds him dead - with Wes's blood on Marty's hands! John wonders what happened, but Marty can't remember last night - because she was drunk and passed out! Marty thinks back to last night and remembers their fight… how Wes accused her of using him and how he questioned Marty about how she could possibly know that he didn't kill Janet! "I remember wondering if maybe he really did kill her," Marty confesses. "What if I went crazy and killed Wes?" John knows she's not capable of murder, but Marty reminds John that she pulled a gun on him once - and got Todd to jump off a roof!

    As John instructs Marty not to touch anything, Marty begs John to please help her - and neither is aware that Blair is looking in at the crime scene from the door! Blair quickly gets out her cell, calls the cops and says, "I want to report a murder," startling Marty and John!

    Monday, February 16 2009: Entering Into The Morning After...

    With Tea punching Marty, and Blair jumping into the mix with catty remarks, Wes puts Todd to the floor and asks, "Are you done?" After Todd surrenders, Wes walks away - but Todd gets up and smashes Wes over the head with a beer bottle! However, Wes pushes Todd against the bar and pulls a knife on him - all the while calling him a rapist. Suddenly, Antonio and Talia appear and scream, "Put the knife down!" While Todd, Wes, Tea and Marty place blame on each other, Layla begs Antonio to let them all go - to save face for donations for the Ball. Reluctantly, Antonio instructs them all to go home, but John takes Wes's utility knife and asks why he'd favor this one - instead of the one he used to kill Janet! Though Tea comes forward again and confesses to killing Janet, Wes lashes out at John about his jealousy of him and Marty then leaves. As Marty follows Wes, John begs her to, "Let it go," but Marty rushes off after him anyway - and Blair glares at John!

    As Layla tries to get the Ball back in order, Blair taunts John with talk of Marty, and Tea tries to clean up Todd's bruises - but Antonio whisks Tea onto the dance floor and tries to get her to confess that she didn't kill Janet! After Todd saves Tea from Antonio, Tea reminds Todd that Wes is a trained killer - and probably the one who killed Janet! Across the room, Fish asks Talia if she thinks he has a shot with Layla, while, back at the bar, John tries to salvage the night and asks Blair to go with him to Rodi's - but Blair says he'll only be thinking of Marty and turns him down!

    Back at Wes's room, Wes admits he went looking for Janet the night of her murder and accuses Marty of believing John's accusations! However, when Marty assures Wes that she knows he didn't kill Janet, Wes replies, "And how could you know a thing like that?"

    Still at Wes's, Marty wakes up, hung over, with blood on her hands - and a bloody Wes next to her!

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