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    One Life To Live CAST - Alex Olanov - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alex Olanov Played by Tonja Walker on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tonja Walker

    Birthday: September 19 1960
    Birthplace: Huntington, West Virginia
    Marital Status: Married to Ed Davidson
    Real Name: Tonja Walker



    Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down.

    Tuesday, November 22 2011

    In Rio, Aubrey tries distracting Dr. Fascinella's receptionist, claiming she wants to surprise her boyfriend with some new boobs. The woman catches Rex trying to break into the exam room and runs to find security. Just as Rex is about to break down the door, wanting to see who Cutter's hiding inside, Cutter appears with a woman in a wheelchair. Her face is wrapped in bandages. Rex and Aubrey fill Cutter in on their theories on how he snagged a Gigi lookalike. Aubrey unwraps the woman's bandages. Rex is stunned to see Alex. 'Stacy' listens from the other room, as Cutter admits Alex is his phantom Gigi. Alex read about Cutter and Aubrey's initial scam, tracked him down and teamed up with Cutter. She wanted her share of the Buchanan money. Aubrey doesn't think Rex would've mistaken Alex for Gigi. Rex remembers hearing about Dr. Fascinella making someone look like Pine Valley's Erica Kane. The doctor's ahead of his time. It's possible he thought Alex was Gigi. 'Stacy' hears how upset Rex is, talking about how he's chased Gigi long enough. Security appears and drags Aubrey and Rex away. Alex was glad to help Cutter. She hopes they see each other again one day. Out in the hallway, Rex tells Aubrey he's convinced that the Gigi lookalike wasn't Alex and is still in the building.

    No One's Going To Take My Son.

    Monday, November 21 2011

    Rex and Aubrey enter Dr. Fascinella's office in Rio. They show the receptionist a photo of Cutter and Gigi. The woman refuses to break anyone's confidence. When Rex and Aubrey hear they're in a plastic surgeon's office, Rex thinks Cutter's accomplice was made to look like Gigi. Aubrey wonders if Cutter brought her back there to change her face back. Rex realizes he wasn't losing his mind, even if the woman he was seeing wasn't Gigi. He's glad Aubrey is there. In another room, 'Stacy' screams for Cutter to stop strangling Alex. Cutter thinks Alex deserves to die but lets her go for 'Stacy's' sake. Alex thanks 'Stacy', who says, "I did it for him." Alex doesn't understand Cutter's animosity and promises to make things up to him. Cutter doubts it. When they open the door to return to the waiting area, they see Rex and Aubrey. They close the door. Alex admits she knows and dislikes Rex. Cutter orders Alex to help him and 'Stacy' get out of there without Rex seeing them.

    At Warehouse 22 By The Docks.

    Friday, November 18 2011

    In Dr. Fascinella's office in Rio, 'Stacy' is stunned to hear Alex is Cutter's mother. Alex starts for the door. Cutter stops her and says, "You're not going anywhere." Alex wonders who he is. "I'm your son," Cutter replies. Alex doesn't think she could have a son as old as Cutter and calls him 'hot stuff'. Cutter brings up Aubrey and how Alex robbed their father. She denies it but reacts when Cutter talks about his father's suicide. She apologizes and says, "It's been a longtime." Cutter berates Alex for leaving them all. Alex knows she wasn't much of a mother and claims she's been through hell too. She thinks Cutter and Aubrey were better off without her. He wants to hear Alex's story and suggests they go somewhere private. They go into a private room. Cutter puts his hands around Alex's neck and starts strangling her. Rex and Aubrey arrive outside Dr. Fascinella's office, desperate to find out why Cutter would bring his accomplice there.

    That Woman Is My Mom.

    Thursday, November 17 2011

    'Stacy' and Cutter arrive at Dr. Fascinella’s office in Rio. "I'm going to get my old face back," 'Stacy' says. Cutter reminds her she was there once before. Does the place look familiar? It doesn't. A receptionist appears. 'Stacy' gives her name. The woman pulls up her file and remarks on the amazing transformation the doctor did. While they wait, Alex appears. She insists on seeing the doctor and tells Cutter and 'Stacy', "Look what that butcher did to my face." 'Stacy' can't see anything, but Alex thinks her boyfriend notices. He's speechless and is staring. As Alex rants at a nurse, and reveals her full name, Cutter confides to 'Stacy' and realizes Alex is his mom.

    Pa, Is It Really You?

    Thursday, March 17 2011

    Rex ties Alex up in her room. She's stunned to hear Rex is Clint's son. Rex accuses Alex and Clint of torturing David. Alex claims David's been living it up at St. Blaze's this whole time. David and Bo appear. David thanks Rex and apologizes for always trying to compete with him for Pa's attention. After Rex admits Clint was right, he kept David's whereabouts from Bo, David starts strangling him. Bo lets it go on for a bit then pulls David off. Rex deserves David's backlash, but Bo urges David to save his rage for Clint. Bo vows to get David back to Llanview.

    Greetings From St. Blaze's.

    Tuesday, March 15 2011

    Bo and Rex arrive outside of a St. Blaze's hotel room. Rex doubts Clint sent David to paradise. Bo warns Rex that looks can be deceiving. He explains how dangerous Alex is and wants Rex to be his lookout. Inside, Alex takes a call from Clint. He doesn't want to regret enlisting Alex's help and reminds her to deal with Bo like they agreed. Clint threatens to have Nigel take away St. Blaze's if she doesn't cooperate. Alex opens her door to Bo and gives Clint a clue as to who her visitor is before hanging up. She hugs Bo and invites him in. Bo accuses her of being involved in David's vanishing. Alex denies it. Bo brings up how close they once were. Clint's using Alex, but Bo can offer her more. He kisses Alex and claims she's the only one who can give him what he wants. Alex leads Bo to her bed and takes off her shirt. Bo makes excuses not to make love to her. She pushes him onto the bed and begins ravishing Bo.

    Outside the room, Rex overhears a delivery man and a worker talking about Alex's gagged guest, the amount of packages she's ordered to keep him entertained and how soon he'll be put out of his misery. Later, Rex pays the deliveryman for his uniform and the package. He finds handcuffs, a taser gun and a rope inside and thinks they're going to hang David. Rex is stopped from entering the room he thinks David is in by security. Even though Rex claims Alex sent him to personally deliver the package, the man puts in a call to Alex. She doesn't answer. Rex asks the man to do a checklist of the package contents against the invoice before he leaves. Once they get to the taser gun, Rex tasers him. He sends Bo a text telling him to hurry up and run!

    Back in Alex's room, Bo breaks free from her and rushes off down the hallway. He finds Rex, who points to the room where David might be. Bo takes out his gun, kicks in the door and is stunned to see David in bed with two women. "Pa," David slurs. "That's my Pa."

    Over in Llanview, having overheard Clint threatening Alex, Nigel reminds him that St. Blaze's was his to give to Alex. Clint warns if he asks Nigel to take back St. Blaze's from Alex he expects him to do it. Nigel wonders if Clint's trying to protect himself, not his family as he's claimed. Anyone who deals with Alex is desperate. He brings up Joey's accusations about Clint being involved in Eddie's murder. Nigel warns if it's true, Asa would be ashamed of him. Nigel begs Clint to let go of his animosity toward Bo before it's too late. Nigel leaves the room. Clint stares at Asa's photo and remembers a past argument when Bo banished Clint from the family. Nigel reappears with his bags packed and says, "I came to say goodbye." Clint pleads with Nigel not to leave when he needs him the most. Nigel agrees to stay. Clint calls Alex to say there's been a change of plans. It's too late. Alex informs Clint the deed is already done.

    The Rush To Llantano River!

    Monday, January 05 2009

    Still in St. Blazes, Alex rethinks telling Dorian about David - until Dorian reminds her that she'll soon be the owner of the island, leading Alex to confess, "David Vickers is really David Buchanan. Asa's long lost son." After Alex tells Dorian the whole story, Dorian's in awe, but leery, leaving Alex to finish with the reason why Nigel gave her St. Blazes - to protect the Buchanan's!

    Welcome To St. Blazes!

    Friday, January 02 2009

    Celebrating New Year's in St. Blazes, Dorian is approached by Alex and asks, "What're you, the new towel girl?" to which Alex replies, "Funny, I own the place." As the two vixens share a drink, and a few jabs, talk of David comes up, and Alex laughs about how she was broke - and how David thought he was marrying her for her money, when indeed it was the other way around! Laughing, Dorian reminds Alex that David didn't have any money, and Alex quickly changes her tune - and claims she married him for the sex, like her sister Addie did! When Alex hears about Dorian's B.E. takeover, she remembers the drama of the Buchanans then says, "I was so eager to get away from that ranch, I think I hit a coyote!" Dorian snaps, "You idiot, you hit me! You left me like road kill" Dorian threatens to sue Alex, leading Alex to offer Dorian some juicy information in exchange for forgiveness! "David Vickers," Alex says. "Is not David Vickers."

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