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    One Life To Live CAST - Stacy Morasco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stacy Morasco Played by Crystal Hunt on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Hunt

    Birthday: February 5 1985
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida
    Real Name: Crystal Hunt
    Height: 5' 4½"
    Web site:


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    Her Quest To Keep Them Apart...

    Tuesday, November 17 2009

    When Roxy storms into Rodi's, Schuyler asks if she ratted Gigi out to Rex, for spending the night in his room, but Roxy assures him she didn't, especially with what Rex is going through now, as Stacy and Kim listen from the end of the bar. Later, Roxy admits to Schuyler how sick she feels for having to tell Rex what she did today then expresses her thanks for 'him' being dead. Roxy warns Schuyler not to mess with Gigi - because Rex is going to need her now more than ever.

    Kim and Stacy go to a table, and though Stacy wants to blow Gigi out of the water, to Rex, Kim warns that she has to play it right - or Rex will blame her. Over talk of Clint, Kim brings up Nora, Clint's wife, the one who doesn't have time for him. Kim shows Stacy her fake resume, minus any stripper mentions, and says she gained some references, through blackmailing the guys who she gave lap dances to, then tells her about her plans to apply at Buchanan Enterprises! Kim then promises she'll come up with a plan to help Stacy alert Rex to the fact that Gigi slept with Schuyler.

    John Arrives In Michigan!

    Thursday, November 05 2009

    Back at Rodi's, after Gigi tells Schuyler that she's not going to Michigan, and refuses to cry on his shoulder, Stacy appears and taunts her about needing to talk to Rex. Gigi sucks it up, asks if the baby's okay then cringes as Stacy shows her the sonogram picture! Schuyler looks over the photo then thinks back to Stacy drugging him - as Stacy assures Gigi, "The baby is Rex's! You need to learn how to share." Stacy asks Gigi to give Rex the photo then takes one more jab at her before leaving - reminding Gigi that Rex never saw a sonogram photo of Shane!

    Hi Ho Hi Ho Buchanan Hunting I Go!

    Wednesday, November 04 2009

    Kim finds Stacy in the park, gives her a fake sonogram photo to show Rex then whines about her mission to get Bo - saying Bo still has a thing for his ex. Kim explains how Bo is in London, with Nora, who left her husband, and Bo's billionaire brother behind, causing Stacy to suggest that Kim forget about Bo - and set her sights on Clint! After Stacy explains all of the reasons why Kim should go after Clint, Kim starts to mentally spend Clint's money before she's even snagged her new Buchanan man!

    He Had A Really Good Reason...

    Thursday, October 22 2009

    Kim and Stacy go to Rodi's and hand Schuyler concert tickets - for Gigi's favorite 90's band - and suggest he ask her to go then take her home and bag her! Schuyler reminds the girls that Gigi and Rex are together then walks away, as Stacy and Kim give up and head to a table… Later, Gigi arrives and talks to Schuyler about her and Rex - until she sees the concert tickets, the ones she tried so hard to get! Schuyler offers the tickets to Gigi and Rex, but Gigi says they can't make it - since her and Rex are going to couples counseling, with the hopes of strengthening their relationship. Schuyler is happy for her, but when Gigi gets a call from Rex saying he can't make couples therapy, because something huge came up for work and he needs to leave town tonight, she can't imagine what could be more important than fixing their relationship. Gigi rants to Schuyler, who tries to defend Rex, but ends up taking her mind off her problems by suggesting they go to the concert together! "Sold," Gigi says.

    At a table, Kim tells Stacy that she's almost broke, and needs a job, but Stacy reminds her that there's not a demand for strippers in Llanview. When Kim sees the headline about the murder at the Buchanan Lodge, she says, "That's what I'm talking about!" Kim looks through the Buchanan men, listed on page twelve, and 'scratches' Clint out as a candidate but eyes Kevin, who isn't too old and is hot! Hearing Kevin, and Joey, live in London, Kim puts an X through their picture, as she does through Jared's. Suddenly, Stacy grabs the paper from her and says, "I think I found you Mr. Right Buchanan!" Stacy suggests that Kim go after Bo! Kim likes the idea and puts a heart around Bo's photo, along with a dollar sign next to it!

    Jared Makes A Confession!

    Wednesday, October 14 2009

    Stacy arrives at Rodi's, and Kim catches her up about Schuyler and Gigi, causing Schuyler to figure out what they've been up to. "You set me up," Schuyler snaps, but the girls remind him that now he knows that Gigi is into him - and so does Rex! Schuyler warns Stacy to get over Rex then tells Kim, "Kim, Gigi warned me about you!" Schuyler admits that he has feelings for Gigi but refuses to go after her - because Gigi doesn't have feelings for him. As Stacy assures him that Gigi cares for him, Schuyler makes it clear that Rex will never care for her!

    Fish Snags Himself a Big Catch!

    Tuesday, October 13 2009

    Stacy shows up at the carriage house, whining about Rex canceling her on-demand channels, but when she brings up how he and Gigi stumbled upon Schuyler and Kim at the movies, Rex agrees to get her channels back and tries to throw her out - but Stacy pushes, says that Kim said he and Gigi appeared to be having problems then asks, "Are you?" Rex claims he and Gigi are fine, and that Gigi isn't jealous of Kim. "Who said anything about being jealous?" Stacy asks. Rex reminds Stacy that the only thing they have between them is the baby and urges her out the door - but not before Stacy can get one more jab in about Rex being secure in his relationship with Gigi!

    Another Man's Wife...

    Tuesday, October 06 2009

    Before Kim leaves the diner for her date with Schuyler, she assures Stacy that their plan is going to work. Once she leaves, Stacy rants at the waitress about her food - and Fish arrives, sees she's pregnant and thinks the baby is his! Stacy explains that she was with Rex before him, which seems to halt Fish's suspicions. They briefly talk about Fish being gay, and his dilemma with Kyle, then Fish gets a call from John and has to leave.

    Kim returns to the diner and tells Stacy that their plan worked like a charm - and that it's only a matter of time before Gigi gives in to Schuyler!

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