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    One Life To Live CAST - Stacy Morasco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stacy Morasco Played by Crystal Hunt on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Hunt

    Birthday: February 5 1985
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida
    Real Name: Crystal Hunt
    Height: 5' 4½"
    Web site:


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    Dorian Seeks Out A Hitman!

    Monday, January 18 2010

    Rex goes home, and over dinner with Stacy, he shows her a bib he bought for the baby.

    Gagged And Interrogated!

    Friday, January 15 2010

    When Kyle walks into Stacy's examine room, at the hospital, Stacy and Schuyler wonder what he overhead. Kyle admits what he heard and refuses to jeopardize the life he's built by keeping the secret, saying he's not 'that schemer' anymore. However, Schuyler reminds him that they are in med school - he can't compromise a patient's privacy, leading Kyle to finally say, "Whatever you guys are into, I don't want any part of it!" Once Kyle leaves, Stacy worries he won't stay quiet, so Schuyler rushes out after him.

    As Schuyler goes back to Stacy, Kyle gets nervous when he sees Rex follow him! Rex barges into the exam room, says it's bad enough he stole Gigi and demands to know why Schuyler is there to see Stacy - and his baby! Schuyler reminds Rex that he's working then Rex heads out to get the car, saying, "I hired a cop to watch you when I can't," before he goes.

    Ugly David!

    Thursday, January 14 2010

    Rex and Stacy are waiting to see the doctor, when the doctor, and her current patient emerge from the exam room. When the woman asks Stacy when she's due, the doctor appears stumped when Stacy announces her February 14 due date! The expectant mother is amazed how small Stacy is and wants to know her secret. Stacy gives the woman a nasty comeback, about not eating like a horse, then the doctor brings Stacy in for her exam - and Stacy manages to get Rex to go run some errands. Immediately, the doctor wonders if Rex isn't her baby's father, since she's obviously hiding the fact that she's not as far along as she's claimed. Stacy denies it, and though the doctor couldn't tell Rex the truth if she wanted to, she warns Stacy that her lies will come out in the end.

    Outside Stacy's hospital exam room, Kyle talks to her doctor about assisting with a procedure, and once the coast is clear, Schuyler rushes into the room and demands to know when Stacy was going to tell him about the danger his baby is in! As Stacy is warning Schuyler to stay out of her business, Schuyler asks, "How am I supposed to do that when the baby you're carrying isn't Rex's, it's mine?" Kyle walks in and hears it all!

    Mitch's Sickest Deal Yet!

    Wednesday, January 13 2010

    When Rex goes to the loft, Stacy tells him that Kim moved out - she got an offer she couldn't refuse. Just then, Jessica arrives and hears what Mitch tried to do to Stacy - and how Mitch thinks Stacy's baby is the chosen one. Jessica worries about Shane and Bree, but Rex and Stacy claim that Mitch wants to start from scratch - with Stacy's baby. When Jessica asks when she's due, Stacy thinks back to having to change the date, to make Rex believe he's the father, then answers, "February 14," leaving Jessica to comment on how lucky Stacy is - because she's so small for how far along she is. As Stacy pretends to go to the bathroom, she listens as Jessica blames Stacy for breaking him and Gigi up. Rex thinks Stacy's really trying, but Jessica warns him to watch out for her. Stacy is pleased to hear Rex defend her, saying that she's going to be a good mom.

    Ross Arrives Home...

    Monday, January 11 2010

    Kim goes inside and listens to Stacy's ordeal with Mitch, and his nurse, and how Rex rescued her. Over talk of how Rex is moving back in with her, Stacy wonders when Kim, who is moving right along with her plan to snag Clint, will be moving out.

    Clint arrives back at the loft and asks Kim to lunch, to take notes about his divorce, but, with Stacy watching from the shadows, Kim says she has to find a place to live today - and Clint invites her to move into the mansion with him! Though Kim turns down his offer, claiming she's concerned for how it would look for him during his divorce, Clint convinces her to move in then accepts Kim's hug, who says, "I guess you've got yourself a houseguest!" Stacy smiles from across the room.

    Mel Hayes Returns...

    Friday, January 08 2010

    Mitch blocks the doorway, which prevents Stacy from escaping the loft, and stares at Stacy's belly, telling her, "You are the vessel, you are carrying my future. Let me help you." Stacy refuses to go with Mitch, who agrees to let the choice be up to her - follow him or be taken! Mitch explains how he got out of jail then stops Stacy from calling the cops, saying, "Lowell dropped the charges because I own him. You are mine until my grandson is born then I'll have no more use for you." Mitch is sure the baby will be a boy then grabs Stacy and tries to usher her out, saying, "This kid is mine!" but Stacy replies, "He's not your grandchild!" As Stacy starts to explain her miscarriage, the nurse wakens, and Mitch demands that she get up and help him!

    As Mitch and his nurse grab Stacy, who's screaming for help, Rex barges through the door and yells, "What the hell is going on!" Stacy runs into Rex's arms, who warns he's calling the police - to report that Mitch has escaped! Mitch laughs, and tells Rex that Bo isn't the commissioner anymore, but Rex calls the station for himself, finds out the truth then listens as Stacy tells him what happened. Mitch claims he and his nurse only came to make sure Stacy was taking care of herself, but as Rex warns for Mitch to stay away - or else, Mitch says, "You're not going to kill me, Rex. I'm your father." Once they are gone, Rex promises Stacy that Mitch won't get their baby - because he's going to move back in and make sure Mitch doesn't hurt her again!

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