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    One Life To Live CAST - Stacy Morasco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stacy Morasco Played by Crystal Hunt on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Hunt

    Birthday: February 5 1985
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida
    Real Name: Crystal Hunt
    Height: 5' 4½"
    Web site:


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    An Enlightening Encounter...

    Thursday, January 28 2010

    Inside Rex's loft, Kim wonders where Schuyler is, as Stacy worries that Mitch is spying on her. Stacy continues to badger Kim about becoming her baby's guardian until Kim finally gives in. Suddenly, Fish shows Schuyler in, and after they are alone, Kim and Stacy assure Schuyler that Fish will stay quiet. Though Schuyler shows them the drug, he talks about his mother dying over blackmail, then worries about their lies - and the effects they'll have on their child. Stacy vows to prove how much she loves their baby and shows Schuyler the will, which proves she's making sure the baby will be taken care of. If Stacy wants the baby to be delivered tomorrow, Schuyler demands that he be named its guardian. After they agree, Schuyler instructs her to pretend she's going into labor tomorrow then call him. He'll check her out thoroughly, to be sure the baby is ready, then administer the drug. Stacy hands over the guardianship papers… Privately, Stacy makes Kim promise to let her baby know that no matter how it started out, with Stacy trapping Fish to get pregnant, she cries, "Make sure she knows I love her."

    Schuyler Lands The Drugs!

    Wednesday, January 27 2010

    Rex arrives home at the loft and tells Stacy there's no word on Jessica. As he panics about the baby's safety, Rex realizes Fish will protect the baby as if it were his own. Rex heads out to talk to Fish… Kyle and Fish are outside Rex's loft, and though Fish doesn't think he's the father of Stacy's baby, Kyle isn't so sure. As the two argue, Rex and Stacy appear. Rex sends Kyle on his way, reminds Fish not to let Stacy out of his sight then leaves.

    Stacy and Fish head back inside the loft, where Stacy again assures Fish that her baby is Rex's. When Kim arrives, Stacy sends Fish back out into the hall. Kim briefly talks about Schuyler then worries about Clint, to which Stacy realizes that Kim has real feelings for Clint! Kim changes the subject, saying she hopes Schuyler pulls through for them.

    Interruptions All Around...

    Tuesday, January 26 2010

    Over at the loft, Stacy lights some candles, as she fumes about Schuyler hanging up on her. Rex arrives home, and they share a meal over talk of baby names. Rex refuses to call their child Kim, and Stacy turns down Bo Jr. saying the poor kid will never make it out of kindergarten with the name BJ Balsom. All the baby talk reminds Rex that Gigi had to plan Shane's arrival all alone, but Stacy promises him they'll welcome their child together then asks Rex to spend the night in his bed - with her! Rex refuses, but just as Stacy almost convinces him to join her, to be closer to his baby, Bo arrives to say, "Jessica's missing."

    As Tea is trying to calm Bree by leading her away to draw a picture for Jessica, Clint and Nora arrive at Llanfair - and Clint rushes into Viki's arms, while Nora stays back and greets Rex, Stacy and Shane, promising Shane that they're going to have a lot of fun down in Texas, at the Buchanan Ranch. Viki worries about Jessica having a relapse, and fears Mitch will get to Bree, which prompts Bo to suggest that he and Nora take Bree with them to Texas. Gigi arrives, and as Rex and Gigi are explaining what’s going on to Shane, Viki and Clint agree to let Bo and Nora take Bree as well. Shane wants Rex and Gigi to go, but Rex can't leave Stacy, who can't fly because of the baby. Though Shane promises Clint that he'll watch over Bree, he warns them all that they won't be able to hide - as long as Mitch Laurence is still out there. Everyone says their goodbyes, as Shane puts his hand on Stacy's belly, hugs Rex and Gigi then leaves with Bo, Nora and Bree.

    Internet Search Results!

    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    Stacy and Kim are in the Buchanan Mansion living room when Stacy says, "I'm going to die." Though Kim thinks she's talking about the drug they're going to use, Stacy clarifies, shows Kim the will Rex is having her draw up then Stacy says she'd like her baby to be raised by Kim, if she should die. Kim would do anything for her, but draws the line at diapers and suggests Stacy leave her baby with Gigi, but Stacy reminds her that she'll soon have Clint's money and can hire a nanny! Kim brings up Schuyler, but just as Stacy reminds her that Schuyler isn't her baby's father, Fish and Kyle arrive and demand to know if she's carrying Fish's baby! Kim and Stacy both deny that Fish is the father then try to throw them out, but Kyle warns that they'll go to Rex and Schuyler about this - then Stacy will really be in a mess. As they go to leave, Kim warns if they spill one word, she'll make sure everyone knows how Kyle got his information - by breaking the patient/doctor confidentially code of ethics! His medical career will be over. Kyle and Fish briefly lash out at Stacy, until Kim threatens to call security, then they leave - and Kim promises Stacy that everything will be okay.

    Tea And Dani Return...

    Tuesday, January 19 2010

    Rex and Stacy arrive, and though Rex leaves Stacy at the door, he joins Eli at the diner's counter and talks about his other child. Stacy joins them and hears that Rex wants to establish guardianship of their child - in case something happens to them - and Stacy agrees to it, anything to protect their baby from Mitch. Though Rex would want his sisters to raise their child, Stacy refuses and says, "There's no way my kid is going to anyone in your stuck-up family." Rex agrees to wait until after the baby is born to decide - after a paternity test.

    Rex and Stacy head over to the Buchanan Mansion and ask Nigel if Kim, who's in the living room with Schuyler, is there. Kim ushers Schuyler out the back, and invites Rex and Stacy in. After Rex is sure that Stacy is safe, he heads to Ultraviolet - and Kim fills Stacy in on her meeting with Schuyler!

    Dorian Seeks Out A Hitman!

    Monday, January 18 2010

    When Rex and Stacy arrive back at the loft, she thinks back to Kyle walking in on her and Schuyler then admits to Rex, "I'm scared." Rex promises her that Mitch will not hurt her, and after she hears that Fish will be her new bodyguard, Stacy asks Rex to go get takeout for them. He agrees, makes a call to Fish then heads off to take a shower.

    When Fish arrives at the loft, he promises Rex that he'll guard Stacy, and his baby, as if it were his own child. Rex leaves to get takeout, and after Kim arrives, Stacy asks Fish to give them some privacy. He does, and though Kim boasts about how great things are going with Clint, Stacy snaps about her issues - and wonders how she's going to explain such a late due date! Kim goes online, determined to figure out a way to induce Stacy's labor, and after she reads off a few old wives' tales, Kim hits the jackpot, finds a drug, oxytocin, to induce her labor then reminds Stacy that they know someone who can get it for them - Schuyler! Kim prints out some information, assures Stacy that the drug is safe then both agree the plan is perfect.

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