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    One Life To Live CAST - Stacy Morasco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stacy Morasco Played by Crystal Hunt on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Hunt

    Birthday: February 5 1985
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida
    Real Name: Crystal Hunt
    Height: 5' 4½"
    Web site:


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    Doomed In Paris?

    Friday, February 12 2010

    Rex makes his way to Viki's cabin, sees Stacy and asks, "What're you doing here?" Stacy explains she had her baby, as Rex goes over her lies, refusing to believe she had the baby. After Stacy shows him proof, she explains that Gigi delivered and took the baby to get help - then Rex rushes out to find her! Stacy cries, and begs God to help Rex find them - in order to save Sierra Rose. Kim arrives and runs into Stacy's arms, as she says, "I had the baby."

    Sierra Rose Is Born...

    Thursday, February 11 2010

    In Viki's cabin, Stacy can't believe that Gigi is going to have to deliver her baby, saying, "I don't want to be trapped here with you!" Gigi would rather be looking for Schuyler but neither can deny Stacy's labor pains. As the sisters argue, Stacy screams - and Gigi coaches her as she cries, "I wish Rex was here." Gigi says there's no time for Rex then rushes to get prepared, while Stacy talks to her baby. Shortly after, Gigi is guiding Stacy through the labor, who says, "I don't know anything about kids… she's going to hate me." Gigi comforts Stacy with reassuring words, even though she makes it clear she's doing it for the baby, then after a few more contractions, and a few flashbacks about Stacy's past with Gigi and Rex, Gigi says, "Open your eyes… say hi to your little girl." With the baby in her arms, Stacy thanks Gigi profusely, who admits the baby got them to stop fighting. Over talk of their childhood, and their dolls, Sierra and Rose, Gigi wishes they could have stayed that happy. "Maybe we can." Stacy says. "Sierra Rose, that's going to be her name." Though Stacy wonders if they could get their relationship back, Gigi says, "I don't know, Stacy… Maybe we could stop hurting each other." Gigi agrees if Stacy stops lying, they can be sisters again, which leads Stacy to admit, "There's something I need to tell you about Sierra Rose and her father." Suddenly, Gigi notices something's wrong with the baby!

    Lies Are Exposed!

    Wednesday, February 10 2010

    Over at Viki's cabin, Gigi accuses Stacy of Rex not being her baby's father, but Stacy denies it and says, "Who else's would it be?" As Gigi rants about why Stacy would fake labor, Stacy starts screaming in pain. Gigi thinks she's faking it again but, after checking her over, finally admits, "It must be Rex's baby because you're definitely in labor." Gigi does her best to comfort Stacy through the labor then heads outside to try to find a cell signal. When Gigi returns, she breaks the news that Stacy is going to have to have her baby at the cabin. Stacy wonders who's going to deliver the baby, and Gigi replies, "I guess I am."

    Do I Know You?

    Tuesday, February 09 2010

    Gigi trudges through the snow, yelling out for Schuyler, and finds Stacy buried. Gigi manages to bring Stacy around, and once she sits up, Stacy explains how she was kidnapped by Mitch. Gigi helps Stacy up and tells her they have to find Schuyler, who was on his way to tell Gigi something. The women briefly watch the snow pummeling down the mountain then head back to Viki's cabin…

    Gigi and Stacy make it to Viki's cabin, where Gigi listens to the events that led up to Stacy being on Llantano Mountain. Gigi makes it clear that she knew Stacy wasn't in labor, back in Llanview, then demands to know what Schuyler wanted to tell her about the baby! Stacy plays the martyr and starts ranting about the lengths she had to go to in order to save her child. Stacy almost slips about telling Mitch the truth, that Rex isn't her baby's father, but catches herself, as Gigi wonders, "You actually faked your water breaking… Tell me, what else are you faking?" Gigi thinks Stacy's lie is much bigger and asks, "You aren't having Rex's baby, are you?"

    I Love You Too...

    Monday, February 08 2010

    Out in the snow storm, Stacy begins going into labor and talks to her baby, reassuring her that Schuyler loves Gigi too much to tell Rex the truth. Suddenly, Stacy falls face down in the snow in pain! As the snow buries her, Stacy hears Rex calling her name and whispers, "Rex?" However, Rex walks by her, missing her by mere feet, as Stacy's eyes close, as she gives in to the cold.

    Change Of Plans...

    Friday, February 05 2010

    In the old observatory, as Jessica asks Mitch if Stacy's baby is hers, Stacy cries, "You have to believe me, it's not Rex's baby!" Mitch believes her but freaks out, starts trashing the place and desperately starts talking to his Lord - then turns his anger on Stacy. Mitch starts choking Stacy, but Jessica says, "Father, stop." Mitch knows Jessica is right, he shouldn't kill Stacy, then vows to let God judge Stacy. Mitch grabs Stacy and says, "If you survive the storm, it will be God's will."

    After Mitch has thrown Stacy outside into the storm, Stacy promises her baby that she will make sure they're okay, as long as Schuyler hasn't told Rex the truth, then walks away from the observatory. As she screams for Rex, for anyone to help her, Stacy cries in pain and gasps, "Oh my God! This isn't happening." It appears Stacy is in labor!

    Crash On Llantano Mountain!

    Thursday, February 04 2010

    In the snow storm, on Llantano Mountain, as Nurse Charles manages to miss the oncoming vehicles, Dorian and Charlie swerve to prevent hitting another vehicle. When they get out, they see the broken guardrail and Charlie says, "I think they went over the side." Charlie and Dorian argue about rescuing the people in the SUV until Dorian reminds Charlie that they need to find Mitch - and kill him! Suddenly, Charlie hears what sounds like another crash then Dorian hears a horn. The two begin walking through the snow, as Dorian cries about her frozen feet, until they see a light. Dorian thinks they've located Mitch's hideout!

    As Nurse Charles drives away, Stacy begs her to turn around and check on the other drivers involved in the crash, but the nurse says the messenger is waiting - and so is the baby's mother! "I'm the baby's mother, you witch!" Stacy snaps.

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