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    One Life To Live CAST - Stacy Morasco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stacy Morasco Played by Crystal Hunt on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Hunt

    Birthday: February 5 1985
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida
    Real Name: Crystal Hunt
    Height: 5' 4½"
    Web site:


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    The Fight To Stay Alive...

    Friday, September 11 2009

    In another part of the hospital, Stacy has to interrupt an argument between Kim and Rex then asks Rex to wait out in the waiting room while she sees the doctor.

    With Kim, in the examining room, Stacy worries to Kim that 'it's over', but Kim urges her not to give up and goes over their plan to act dumb when the doctor announces that she's not pregnant. After Kim goes out into the waiting room, to stall Rex, the doctor comes in and shocks Stacy by saying, "You're a few days pregnant." Stacy starts screaming with glee, saying, "It worked!"

    The doctor comes out into the waiting room, to get Kim, who heads in to hear the news - that Stacy's pregnant! Before they can further discuss their plan, Rex appears and wonders what they plan to keep him in the dark about! Stacy claims they were talking baby names then the doctor comes in to give Stacy some prenatal pills - but Rex has a few questions of his own for the doctor!

    Could A Negative Be Positive?

    Thursday, September 10 2009

    At the loft, Stacy rants to Kim about Rex finding out she's not pregnant, but Kim reminds her of sleeping with Fish - then hands Stacy a pregnancy test! Stacy takes the test, which comes out negative, then panics when Rex and Gigi begin knocking at the door! Kim holds Rex and Gigi off out in the hall, saying, "I'll let you know when Stacy's ready," then goes back to Stacy and promises everything will work out. Kim suggests when the doctor informs Rex that she's not pregnant to act as though she had no idea that she lost the baby!

    Shortly after, Gigi barges in, and Stacy warns that Gigi's not going with them! When Rex enters, he insists that Gigi come with them, but Gigi backs off and agrees to stay behind. After Rex, Stacy and Kim are gone, Gigi uses her spare key to get back into the loft and finds the empty pregnancy test box!

    Blair Finds Her Tahitian Treasure!

    Friday, August 28 2009

    Fish wakes up in Stacy's bed, and as Kim hands him some aspirin, and tries to throw him out, Stacy appears! As Stacy talks about their night together, Fish remembers getting into a fight with Kyle, about how their secret is out, still claiming he wasn't gay, with Stacy listening on from the bar at Rodi's, then going home with Stacy, who was very eager to comfort him! Stacy too thinks back to bringing Fish home, bragging with Kim about getting him in the sack - and ultimately making it happen! When Fish interrupts Stacy's thoughts, asking if they had sex, Stacy admits it - and Fish runs off to be sick then leaves, apologizing for using her, and hurting people, especially himself!

    Layla And Fish: Round One!

    Thursday, August 27 2009

    Rex and Gigi open the door to the carriage house to Stacy and Kim, and though Rex insists they talk tomorrow, Stacy says, "This is about the baby." As Gigi makes comments about Kim, Kim calls Gigi a 'witch' - and Rex has to hold Gigi back! Stacy demands they all quite fighting, so she can say what she came to say - before she loses her nerve! Just as Stacy starts to tell the truth, Shane arrives, lashes out at her for lying to him - and ruining his family - until Kim snaps, "Shut up you little brat!" As Gigi screams at Kim, Shane tells Stacy he wishes her baby was dead, and Stacy starts to spill out the truth - until Kim reminds them all that Stacy, and the baby, are there to stay, just like she is! Stacy claims that she came over to inform them that she found another doctor then she and Kim leave.

    Over at Rodi's, Kim tells Stacy that she couldn't let them get the best of her. Stacy thanks her but asks to be alone. Kim takes the key and heads back to the loft, warning Stacy to be home in an hour - or she's sending out a posse!

    Stacy orders a shot of tequila and downs it quick, not realizing that Fish is at the other end of the bar doing the same thing!

    Keaton's Working For...

    Wednesday, August 26 2009

    Stacy arrives at the loft, tells Kim that nothing happened with Schuyler then wants to give up. As they go over their options, Stacy reminds her she's running out of time then says, "There's only one thing left that I can do… tell Rex the truth." Stacy is tired of lying, and fears someone will find her out, then leaves to tell Rex and Gigi the truth - and Kim insists on going with her.

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