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    One Life To Live CAST - Stacy Morasco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stacy Morasco Played by Crystal Hunt on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Hunt

    Birthday: February 5 1985
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida
    Real Name: Crystal Hunt
    Height: 5' 4½"
    Web site:


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    Lionel Richie Rocks Ultraviolet!

    Tuesday, September 29 2009

    Over at Ultraviolet, after overhearing Kim tell Stacy that Schuyler is now working at Rodi's, Rex approaches the table and argues with Kim and Stacy as they rub in the fact that Gigi is okay with Schuyler working so closely to her!

    Gigi arrives, and Kim and Stacy watch as Rex talks to Gigi about getting Schuyler a job at Rodi's. Kim tells Stacy to enjoy the show then rushes off to ask Schuyler out on a date! Though Gigi wonders who Rex heard the news from, Rex asks, "I'm wondering why I didn't hear it from you?" Gigi explains that she was going to tell him, but just found out within the hour, then informs that Schuyler will be staying in Llanview - and that she told Schuyler that he would be fine with it. "Was I wrong?" Gigi asks, to which Rex claims he would have offered Schuyler a job at his bar then assures Gigi that he trusts her.

    At Ultraviolet, Rex introduces Lionel Richie, featuring Jeremih, as the musical sensation sings his new song "Just Go."

    No! No!

    Monday, September 28 2009

    After Rex calls Gigi from Ultra Violet, to see if she's coming for the Lionel Ritchie concert, he overhears Kim trying to get Rex's baby mama into the concert! Rex lets the girls in, to which Stacy questions him about why he looked so miserable in the park with Gigi - and still does. Rex assures Stacy that he and Gigi are fine then reluctantly agrees to pay for Kim's drink tab - and Stacy's juice one!

    Stacy joins Kim at her table, who thinks Rex is lying about everything being okay with Gigi then suggests they find their weak spot - and dig in until it bleeds! Kim brings up Schuyler, and how much he's into Gigi - and Rex's jealousy over their friendship, then seems to think they can push Schuyler and Gigi together. Kim rushes out, saying she'll be back soon.

    Back at Ultra Violet, as Rex rants at Stacy, about Kim, Stacy makes him feel guilty for not being around for his child, but Rex assures Stacy that he'll be there for her - and that Gigi is okay with it. As Rex is taking a call, Kim returns and he overhears her tell Stacy that Gigi got Schuyler a job at Rodi's!

    The Verdict Is In!

    Tuesday, September 22 2009

    Stacy reads a pregnancy book at the coffeehouse, gets freaked out and cries to Kim, "I don't want to be a mother." Stacy reminds Kim that she's not pregnant with Rex's child, and that Rex is going to spend his life with Gigi and says, "I really don't care if anyone ever loves me again." Kim promises to be there for whatever Stacy needs, and the girls head home, to which Stacy agrees to leave town with Kim and start over somewhere new.

    Little do they know, Kim and Stacy are across the park, spying on Rex and Gigi, thinking that there's trouble in paradise. They watch as Gigi kisses Rex goodbye, and Stacy refuses to let Gigi win, even though Kim begs her to forget about Rex. Stacy vows to stay in Llanview and fight for Rex! "He needs his baby," Stacy says. "And he needs me. I can make him love me." Kim agrees to help Stacy make it happen!

    Reliving Her Worst Nightmare...

    Monday, September 14 2009

    At the doctor's, Rex asks the doctor how long before they can have a paternity test - and wonders when the end of Stacy's first trimester is, making Stacy and Kim very nervous! Stacy interrupts and makes Rex feel guilty about the safety of their child, but Rex tries to talk things over with the doctor - who is called away on an emergency. Rex vows to be at Stacy's next appointment then Kim drags Stacy away quickly!

    Later, Schuyler runs into Stacy and Kim, who are still at the hospital, and asks Stacy if they had sex the night she came to his apartment - because he can't remember! Stacy explains how miserable they were that night but says that they never had sex. Kim and Stacy leave, and Schuyler doesn't appear convinced, as Kim tells Stacy that no one is going to suspect that the baby isn't Rex's!

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