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    One Life To Live CAST - Stacy Morasco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stacy Morasco Played by Crystal Hunt on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Hunt

    Birthday: February 5 1985
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida
    Real Name: Crystal Hunt
    Height: 5' 4½"
    Web site:


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    I Want My Damn Heart Back.

    Monday, January 09 2012

    In a darkened room, Clint's spirit is stunned to see the real Stacy Morasco, who demands her heart back. She rants about Clint being a bad person to Shane and Bo. Stacy warns Clint needs to clean up the mess he's made of his life and points to a door, engulfed in flames. Clint refuses to believe Stacy when she claims Viki's dead and recalls what Allison said. He pushes Stacy away then rushes through a set of doors. He sees Viki about to walk through another door with Megan and calls out, "Viki, don't do it!" Viki tells Megan she's not ready then rushes into Clint's arms saying, "I can't let go." John and Natalie arrive at Llanfair and hover over Clint and Viki's bodies. Natalie cries when she can't find Viki's pulse. The EMTs arrive and announce that Viki's not breathing. Suddenly, Viki and Clint open their eyes and stare at each other.

    Back in the church, Mitch's spirit stands, prepared to serve his God for all eternity. Stacy and Eddie arrive and take Mitch away. Stacy reveals that Jessica was never his daughter. Mitch screams, "No!"

    Some Jackass Set My Office On Fire.

    Thursday, December 01 2011

    'Stacy' wakes up in her room in Rio from a nightmare. Cutter rushes to her. 'Stacy' leans her head on his shoulder. In her dream she was locked in a basement and couldn't breathe. It wasn't a dream. Cutter thinks 'Stacy' is starting to get her memory back. He talks about the incident in the basement. 'Stacy' must've been following Gigi in order to take her place. 'Stacy' can't believe she tried to do that to her sister and wants to get her old face back. Cutter's glad they ran into Alex or else Rex could've seen 'Stacy'. She feels bad for Cutter, for Alex abandoning him. Cutter claims she shouldn't. He doesn't have a heart. 'Stacy' knows he does because Aubrey broke it. If Cutter manages to change, he'll credit 'Stacy' for it. Cutter kisses 'Stacy'.

    I Can't Lose Gigi Again!

    Wednesday, November 16 2011

    Rex and 'Stacy' lock eyes at the airport. "It's you," Rex gasps. 'Stacy' rushes off to board the plane, leaving Rex banging on the locked door. Rex orders a woman to unlock the door. He has to get on the plane and screams, "I can't lose Gigi again!" In another area, Brody appears and inquires about changing his honeymoon tickets from Greece to Australia. There's a layover at LAX. A fellow LPD officer overhears and approaches them. He thought Brody and Natalie were going on a honeymoon to Greece. Brody claims there's been a change of plans and that Natalie's in the bathroom. A security call comes in, involving Rex. Brody's forced to help his fellow officer and hands Liam over to an airport worker. Brody prevents Rex from being arrested. Rex begs Brody to help him get on the plane. Gigi's on it! Brody warns Rex to take it easy or the other cop will arrest him. After Brody leaves, Rex sighs. He lost Gigi again. Rex apologizes to the airport worker and talks about the fiancée he lost. He finds out that the plane 'Stacy' boarded was headed to Rio and buys a ticket on the next flight that leaves in the morning. A worker sees Brody and an Amber Alert involving him. Brody sees it too and rushes off.

    The Dead Girl.

    Monday, October 31 2011

    Cutter finds Kim's friend in the stables. She feels horrible for Shane. Cutter puts her mask back on. Aubrey appears, sees Cutter and vows to make him and his friend pay. Rex appears and wonders if Cutter brought his friend to try to convince him that she's Gigi. He orders her to take the mask off. Cutter stops Rex from pulling it off and rushes out with Kim's friend. Later, Tina and Cord enter alone. He wonders if she's using Natalie and Brody's wedding to get them back together. Tina kisses Cord. He pulls back and says, "This is trouble." She convinces him otherwise. They kiss again.

    A Surprising Discovery!

    Tuesday, March 09 2010

    Kim stalls at the diner, as Clint urges her to sign the pre-nup. "There's no negotiating," Clint says before leaving Kim with a decision. Kim begins reading the document then Stacy appears - as Kim daydreams about the waiter being shirtless. Stacy reminds Kim to get it together, but Kim doesn't understand the legal garb of the pre-nup. When Elijah comes through the door, she convinces him to look it over - and he's shocked that she's marrying Clint Buchanan. Kim imagines Elijah only wearing a tie, as he talks about the money aspect of the pre-nup and the fact that if Kim's unfaithful, she'll get nothing - even the clothes Clint bought her! After Elijah leaves, Stacy reappears and asks if she likes Clint enough to give up men for the rest of her life? Though Kim says, "Forever is a longtime," Stacy's image finally gives up and claims if Kim doesn't want to raise Sierra someone else will.

    Sierra and Rose...

    Wednesday, March 03 2010

    At the loft, Stacy appears, causing Kim to gasp, "Oh my God, Stacy!" Kim apologizes for letting her down, but Stacy says, "You can make it up to me." Over talk of Sierra, and how Kim left her boots for Stacy, Stacy lifts her leg and thanks Kim - but reminds her that she promised her Sierra would never be alone! Kim talks about Sierra being in the hospital and how Schuyler blames her for Stacy's death. Stacy wants to focus on the fact that her baby needs a mother and cries, "I can't be Sierra Rose's mommy. I need you to do it for me." Kim warns that no one will simply turn the baby over to her, but Stacy demands that she think about it - there's something in this for her too, something at the Buchanan mansion that can help her. "If you love me…You'll keep your word," Stacy says, and Kim replies, "I'll do everything I can to keep my promise." Stacy smiles, says, "That's my girl," then disappears.

    I Didn't Know What Else To Do...

    Tuesday, February 16 2010

    On the frozen lake, Schuyler does CPR on Gigi and manages to revive her. With Fish holding the baby, Gigi looks at Rex and says, "Your daughter's name is Sierra Rose." Though they want to get Gigi to a hospital, Gigi thinks about Stacy - who suddenly appears! Everyone tries to halt Stacy from coming any closer, but she wants to get to her baby and continues - then falls through the ice! When she bobs up, Stacy begs for Gigi to take care of her baby, and Gigi promises to, as she rushes off with Schuyler to the hospital. Rex throws Stacy a rope, but she continues to bob up and down in the water. When he tries to get to her, Fish warns him that the ice is breaking beneath him. "There's something you need to know about the baby," Stacy cries. "I'm sorry, Rex, I'm sorry." Stacy disappears beneath the water's surface… Even though Fish objects, Rex jumps into the water after Stacy. However, when he can't find, or save, Stacy, Fish manages to get Rex out of the water, reminding him, "Your son needs you." The rescue crew arrives and puts a blanket on Rex, as he stares at the hole in the ice. Later, after they've left, Fish and Rex can't believe that Stacy is gone. Though Fish assures Rex he did everything he could to save Stacy, Rex worries about the baby, who now doesn't have a mother.

    Falling Through The Cracks...

    Monday, February 15 2010

    In Viki's cabin, Stacy explains to Kim how Mitch threw her out, how Gigi found her, delivered her baby and is now off with Sierra Rose, trying to find help. Stacy says the baby looks just like her daddy, and it's a miracle that she turned out to be Rex's. Kim is shocked to hear Stacy call Gigi amazing then says, "It's a good thing your wish never came true… that Gigi disappear, permanently." Stacy tries to get up, to try to go to the hospital, but Kim convinces her to lie back down while she goes to get Stacy another blanket, as Stacy says to herself, "I love you Rex… It's not over for us." When Kim returns with the blanket, she's shocked to find Stacy gone!

    Doomed In Paris?

    Friday, February 12 2010

    From within Viki's cabin, Gigi holds Sierra Rose and thinks something's wrong. The baby appears a bit paler, and Stacy can see that she's turning blue in spots. Though Stacy is scared, Gigi bundles the baby up and heads out, down the road, to search for someone to bring Sierra Rose to the hospital, promising to send someone for Stacy. "Don't worry about me," Stacy cries. "Just take her."

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