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    One Life To Live CAST - Justin Lowell

    Full detailed profile on Justin Lowell Played by Jack Rovello on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jack Rovello
    Justin Lowell

    Actor: Jack Rovello

    Who played Justin Lowell over the years

    Jack Rovello (January 23, 2009 - November 2, 2010)

    Useful information on Justin Lowell

    * Attends Llanview High.
    * Rival to Matthew Buchanan.
    * Bought drugs from Cole Thornhart.


    Current: Student
    Past: Student


    Justin appeared on scene on January 23, 2009 as a Llanview High student. A rival of Matthew Buchanan's, Justin played a trick on Matthew at a school dance and made him think Becca liked him, which resulted in Matthew storming off - and into a car with a drugged up Cole Thornhart.

    After Matthew became paralyzed, as a result of the car accident, Justin briefly tried to befriend Matthew, scared that he would be prosecuted for his involvement, but quickly went back to his cruel torment of the boy.

    It was later revealed that Justin was in fact the son of dirty Mayor Lowell.






    Mayor Lowell (father)




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    Tuesday, November 02 2010: What Are You Doing Oogling My Son?

    At Starr and Cole's, John asks James if he has any idea where Cole is. "No Sir," James replies. John accuses him of lying and orders, "And don't call me Sir." A cop looks through Cole's things. John realizes that Cole's been back to the apartment since Eli's shooting.

    Wednesday, September 02 2009: The Eyes And Ears Of Llanview...

    Back in Llanview, Nora and John are in the courtroom, wondering why the mayor is taking this route instead of sending Justin to a drug class. When Dorian arrives, the mayor says he wants this to go away - and Justin hopes it does then rats out Cole as his buyer! The mayor doesn't want to take that route and suggests they use John's involvement to bring McBain down! Court gets started, and Justin pleads not-guilty, leading the judge to set a court date, and the mayor to claim that John set his son up! Nora objects, but the judge tells them all to save it for the trial! Dorian worries about Starr's reaction to this news, regarding Cole, then warns the mayor of his image by going after John. Dorian heads home just as Matthew, Destiny, Greg and David arrive, with the kids secretly wondering what Justin is doing there, sitting outside of the courtroom.

    When Tea appears, she leads the group in and shuts the door on David! David sneaks in and tries to get a story from Greg then heads to Destiny and Matthew for one as well. As David questions Destiny's feelings for Matthew, Nora appears and throws David out. Across the room, Elijah hands Tea an envelope, and Tea is shocked to see that Ross finally gave her a divorce! Elijah agrees, especially since Ross knows what he's losing then smirks as he watches Tea put Todd's engagement ring on her necklace.

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