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    One Life To Live CAST - Kyle Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kyle Lewis Played by Brett Claywell on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brett Claywell (The Bank)

    Birthday: April 11 1978
    Birthplace: Greensboro, North Carolina
    Real Name: Brett Claywell
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    In Fish's apartment, Fish is stunned to realize that he could be the father of Stacy's baby, and Kyle scolds Fish for not using protection. They go over the timeline again, and Fish says, "The time is right, but that doesn't mean it's mine," but Kyle reminds him not to panic and promises they'll deal with whatever happens together.

    Stacy and Kim are in the Buchanan Mansion living room when Stacy says, "I'm going to die." Though Kim thinks she's talking about the drug they're going to use, Stacy clarifies, shows Kim the will Rex is having her draw up then Stacy says she'd like her baby to be raised by Kim, if she should die. Kim would do anything for her, but draws the line at diapers and suggests Stacy leave her baby with Gigi, but Stacy reminds her that she'll soon have Clint's money and can hire a nanny! Kim brings up Schuyler, but just as Stacy reminds her that Schuyler isn't her baby's father, Fish and Kyle arrive and demand to know if she's carrying Fish's baby! Kim and Stacy both deny that Fish is the father then try to throw them out, but Kyle warns that they'll go to Rex and Schuyler about this - then Stacy will really be in a mess. As they go to leave, Kim warns if they spill one word, she'll make sure everyone knows how Kyle got his information - by breaking the patient/doctor confidentially code of ethics! His medical career will be over. Kyle and Fish briefly lash out at Stacy, until Kim threatens to call security, then they leave - and Kim promises Stacy that everything will be okay.

    Outside the mansion, Kyle wants to go to Rex and Schuyler, but Fish convinces him to stay quiet - until after the baby is born, when they can get a DNA test. For now, Fish plans to protect Kyle's career, Stacy and the baby who could be his!

    Tea And Dani Return...

    Tuesday, January 19 2010

    After Rex and Stacy leave Fish's apartment, having confirmed their arrangement with Fish, Kyle expresses how he feels bad for Rex, and bashes Stacy, then is shocked to hear Fish defend her - and admit he slept with Stacy! Kyle demands Fish tell him everything, who admits he slept with Stacy twice, then Kyle realizes that Fish could be Stacy's baby's father - and fills Fish in on everything that's been going on with Stacy and Schuyler. After listening to how Stacy had a miscarriage, and tried to get pregnant by Kyle and Schuyler, Fish says, "Oh, my, God…" Fish realizes that he could be the father.

    Dorian Seeks Out A Hitman!

    Monday, January 18 2010

    Still at the apartment, after Fish tells Kyle he's going to be Stacy's bodyguard, Fish knows there's something distracting Kyle. Kyle admits it's true but says he can't talk about it - due to doctor/patient confidentiality. Just then, Fish gets a call from Rex, asking him to come over and sit with Stacy.

    Over at Rodi's, Schuyler holds Gigi close, causing her to wonder, "What's wrong?" Schuyler talks about his day at the hospital but says he can't discuss what happened - due to doctor/patient confidentiality. Just then, Roxy appears, throws a cold drink on them and demands to know how Gigi could hurt Rex like this! As Roxy continues throwing anything she can get her hands on, Kyle arrives, asks her to have a drink with him and sends Roxy to a table - then warns Schuyler that he didn't call off Roxy for his sake!

    When Kyle joins Roxy at a table, he feels guilty as Roxy rants about Rex and Gigi's issues stemming from Stacy's baby. Later, Kyle again confronts Schuyler about the secret he and Stacy are keeping.

    Back at his apartment, Kyle meets up with Fish and expresses how happy he is to see him safe - since he's a cop. Fish talks about Stacy - and about how easy it is to feel protective over children.

    Gagged And Interrogated!

    Friday, January 15 2010

    When Kyle walks into Stacy's examine room, at the hospital, Stacy and Schuyler wonder what he overhead. Kyle admits what he heard and refuses to jeopardize the life he's built by keeping the secret, saying he's not 'that schemer' anymore. However, Schuyler reminds him that they are in med school - he can't compromise a patient's privacy, leading Kyle to finally say, "Whatever you guys are into, I don't want any part of it!" Once Kyle leaves, Stacy worries he won't stay quiet, so Schuyler rushes out after him.

    In the hallway, Schuyler admits that Stacy lost Rex's baby and drugged him to get pregnant - in order not to lose her connection to Rex. Kyle remembers that Stacy came on to him too and says, "Good thing I'm gay and turned her down flat." Suddenly, Kyle gets a call from Fish, who wants to run something by him, and Kyle agrees to stop over after work - then promises Schuyler that he won't tell anyone his and Stacy's secret.

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