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    One Life To Live CAST - Kyle Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kyle Lewis Played by Brett Claywell on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brett Claywell (The Bank)

    Birthday: April 11 1978
    Birthplace: Greensboro, North Carolina
    Real Name: Brett Claywell
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Getting To The Bottom Of The Truth...

    Friday, February 19 2010

    Gigi runs into Rex outside the baby's room, and with Fish, Kyle and Schuyler listening, Gigi explains Sierra Rose's condition and says the doctors need Rex's permission for surgery. "I'm sorry," Rex says. "I can't give permission." Gigi can't understand why Rex is arguing this, but Schuyler blurts out, "Rex isn't the baby's father… I am."

    Who Are You?

    Thursday, February 18 2010

    Outside the neonatal unit, Gigi tells Schuyler that nothing will stop her from taking care of Sierra Rose until Stacy can do it herself. As they go in to see the baby, Kyle watches from a window. Gigi begs Sierra Rose to hang on, promising her that her mom and dad will give her a beautiful life - if they can't, Aunt Gigi will. Gigi admits she's so happy that she has her sister back - the one she's known and loved.

    Schuyler goes out into the hallway and cries to Kyle, "It's my baby girl in there." He fills Kyle in on what happened to Stacy and how Fish is still at the lake overseeing the diving crew. Schuyler admits that he told Rex the truth, and Kyle warns that he told Roxy too - and that Schuyler better tell Gigi the truth before someone else does. As Schuyler goes to look for a doctor, Kyle stares at the baby through the window, knowing she's Fish's. Fish appears and rushes into Kyle's arms, explaining that Stacy is dead. From around the corner, Schuyler overhears then looks toward the baby's room. Once he gets confirmation from Fish, he rushes in to tell Gigi… A doctor appears and informs Kyle and Fish that he has bad news about the baby.

    On The Hunt For Adriana!

    Wednesday, February 17 2010

    John and Marty help Natalie into the hospital emergency room. As Kyle takes Natalie away, she begs John to get out of there - before he's seen - but John refuses to leave, until he knows she's okay. With Natalie in the exam room, Mitch is brought by - and Mitch warns John, "They can lock me up, but I'll be with you… forever, my friend." Marty briefly calls Cole then starts to walk away, but John stops her. Viki and Clint rush by, and into the exam room, leaving John and Marty to follow…

    Inside the exam room, Clint and Viki hug Natalie, as Kyle assures them that she's going to be fine - since John took good care of her. Clint and Viki explain that Jessica was shot, by Charlie, but when John expresses how glad he is that Natalie is okay, Marty rushes off in anger to check on Jessica. Natalie insists that Clint and Viki go check on Jessica, and John agrees to stay with Natalie, who urges John to fix things with Marty. Again, Natalie says she and John just had ' a moment' and warns that he has a good thing with Marty - and that he shouldn't screw it up.

    Do I Know You?

    Tuesday, February 09 2010

    Back at Llanview Hospital, Kyle comforts Roxy, who's still upset about Stacy's baby not being her grandchild. Kyle reminds Roxy that she can't let on that he told her, in order to protect his career, and Roxy promises she won't… But she has to vent to someone - and takes off. Kyle leaves a message for Fish, warning him that he told Roxy the truth.

    Change Of Plans...

    Friday, February 05 2010

    Kyle runs into Kim at the hospital, who admits that Stacy has been kidnapped.

    Back at the hospital, Roxy arrives with balloons for her new grandchild, but Kyle informs her that Stacy wasn't in labor - but Mitch kidnapped her. "No, no, no!" Roxy screams, but Kyle assures her that Rex and Fish are headed up to Llantano Mountain to find her. Roxy tells Kyle that Stacy, the baby, Fish and Rex could all die because of her then admits, "I've been lying for so long." As Roxy is about to admit how she allowed herself to have Mitch father Rex, Kyle wants to ease her guilt - and confesses that Stacy's baby isn't Rex's! Roxy cries saying, "I was going to give that baby everything I wasn't able to do for Shane. I love that baby." Roxy realizes Stacy lied to break Gigi and Rex up then says, "The witch is dead."

    Schuyler Lands The Drugs!

    Wednesday, January 27 2010

    Rex arrives home at the loft and tells Stacy there's no word on Jessica. As he panics about the baby's safety, Rex realizes Fish will protect the baby as if it were his own. Rex heads out to talk to Fish… Kyle and Fish are outside Rex's loft, and though Fish doesn't think he's the father of Stacy's baby, Kyle isn't so sure. As the two argue, Rex and Stacy appear. Rex sends Kyle on his way, reminds Fish not to let Stacy out of his sight then leaves.

    Back at the hospital, Schuyler eyes Marty as she signs some medical requisition forms, but just as he's about to steal one of them, Kyle appears and asks if he's sure Stacy's baby is his? Schuyler wonders why Kyle cares, but before Kyle can explain, he gets called away - and Schuyler manages to steal a requisition form. Gigi surprises Schuyler and explains that she was at Viki's and talked to Rex, who informed her that he's appointed Jessica to be his baby's guardian, in his will. Gigi wonders what has Schuyler so upset, but Schuyler covers and listens as Gigi admits that she's not as mad about the baby anymore - because it was the reason they found their way to each other. After she leaves, Schuyler takes out the requisition form, just as the medical tech reappears and wonders if it's for her! Schuyler hands it over, and though the nurse says she can't read the signature, Schuyler gives her a random doctor's name then the nurse hands over the labor-inducing drugs!

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