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    One Life To Live CAST - Kyle Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kyle Lewis Played by Brett Claywell on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brett Claywell (The Bank)

    Birthday: April 11 1978
    Birthplace: Greensboro, North Carolina
    Real Name: Brett Claywell
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Payback For The Past?

    Friday, April 16 2010

    In another area of the hospital Rex informs Gigi he found Mitch's blood in the fridge at the loft and is having it tested. Kyle appears and they briefly talk about Sierra. Kyle then gives Rex the test results, "Mitch is definitely not your father." Even though they aren't related, Kyle explains it's statistically very common that Mitch's stem cells were a match for Shane. Rex still wonders who his parents are. When Kyle hears Rex and Gigi refer to Nurse Wojciehowicz he offers to page her. She works at the hospital! Soon after, Kyle introduces Rex and Gigi to Nurse Wojciehowicz.

    I'm Here To Collect!

    Monday, April 12 2010

    Inside the courtroom, the custody case begins with Tea dropping Schuyler's claim to Sierra. Fish stands up and announces, "Sierra's my daughter." He hands over the DNA test but Eli makes it clear Gigi isn't dropping her suit. Fish admits he's gay, introduces Kyle and assures the judge they can give Sierra everything she needs. As Eli tries to make a case for why Gigi would be best to raise Sierra, Gigi stops him. She talks about her promise to Stacy and what it takes to raise a child. Gigi knows Fish will make a great dad and says to Fish, "Sierra belongs with you." Fish is granted full custody of Sierra! Fish lets Gigi hold Sierra and says he wants the baby to know her, Rex and Shane. Rex pulls Kyle aside to ask about the stem cells. Kyle insists he took them from Mitch then leaves with Fish and Sierra. Rex wonders to Gigi how Mitch could be a perfect match for Shane if they're not related. As Tea and Eli wrap up their case, Tea collapses!

    I Want To Say Goodbye To My Daughter.

    Friday, April 09 2010

    Outside the courtroom, Kyle assures Fish that they're going to be great parents. They'll work at it together. Gigi enters the courtroom and Schuyler tells the judge that his lawyer is mistaken. Everyone protests but Schuyler admits he lost everything he's worked for. "I knew what I was doing. I was wrong and deserve to be punished," he says. The judge reminds Schuyler of the charges he's facing then accepts his guilty plea. Though Tea wants to request bail Schuyler wants to go to Statesville. He couldn't go home knowing Bo's in the hospital. As he's taken away Schuyler tells Gigi she's going to be a great mother to Sierra. Kyle and Fish hear him through the opened door. Schuyler stares at Sierra and asks to say goodbye to his daughter. "Your Daddy's going to take such good care of you," Schuyler says then smiles at Fish. Once everyone heads into the courtroom for the custody hearing Schuyler is led away. Roxy walks with him. Suddenly, Rex comes around the corner and is face to face with Schuyler and Roxy. Schuyler tells Rex he never stood a chance with Gigi then is carted off.

    Rex joins everyone inside the closed courtroom, as Gigi and Fish prepare to fight for custody of Sierra Rose.

    You're As Clueless As Markko!

    Wednesday, April 07 2010

    Gigi arrives at Fish's apartment. After Fish assures her Sierra is okay Gigi fills Fish and Kyle in on Bo's shooting. Knowing Gigi's been through a lot too they allow her to hold Sierra. Gigi recalls Sierra's birth and wonders if Fish knew he was her father back then. He knew there was a chance and that Rex wasn't her father. They wonder if Gigi is going to fight them for custody. Sierra is a part of Gigi, no matter who her father is.

    Bo Is Shot!

    Tuesday, April 06 2010

    John arrives at the hospital just as Greg gives Sierra a good bill of health. Fish introduces John to his daughter. After John leaves to go see Marty, Fish admits he's nervous about being a father. "I'm here," Kyle promises. After they leave, Nora and Matthew arrive but Greg hasn't seen Bo. John comes around the corner to hear the news just as Bo is wheeled in. Rex and Gigi tell John what happened. "He took a bullet for me," Rex says. Over talk of Sierra, Rex urges Gigi to go see the baby.

    Cris returns home and Layla hands him the letter to Jessica, taped back together. They both apologize for their actions. Cris holds Layla close and vows to always be there for her. However, after Cris admits he drove Jessica home Layla gets upset again. Fish and Kyle arrive home with Sierra and explain how she came to be his daughter. Layla wants to throw a baby shower and invite Fish's parents. Fish isn't ready for that. Roxy arrives, scoops Sierra up and is devastated to hear Sierra isn't her granddaughter. Roxy rushes out and talk turns to the custody battle. Cris wonders if Fish is going to fight Gigi for Sierra. Fish isn't sure about anything and stares at his daughter. Cris and Layla leave to get some baby supplies, agreeing to put their problems aside. Just then, Gigi arrives.

    Paternity Revealed!

    Tuesday, March 30 2010

    At Kyle's, Fish admits he always felt the connection to Sierra, which became more paternal since she was kidnapped.

    Scrambling To Cover The Truth!

    Monday, March 29 2010

    Inside Kyle's room, Kyle begs Roxy to tell him why Mitch would want to keep the baby then informs Allison that there's a chance Schuyler isn't Sierra's father. As Roxy sits in a daze, Allison aims a gun at Kyle and demands to know who the father is. Suddenly, Fish bangs on the door and asks Kyle to open up, Marty needs him. When Kyle doesn't answer, Fish rushes off to get an extra key. Allison gets a call from Mitch, who demands she bring the baby, and after Allison hears what Schuyler did to Mitch she agrees, but says to Roxy and Kyle, "There's just one more thing." Later, Fish unlocks Kyle's door and finds Roxy and Kyle tied up. Once untied, Kyle tells Fish that Allison has Sierra, and they went out the window! Fish calls Bo with the details. Against Kyle's pleas, Roxy rushes out then Fish opens the DNA results and says, "I'm a match… Schuyler's not Sierra's father, I am."

    Heart Attack At Statesville...

    Friday, March 26 2010

    Schuyler arrives at Statesville to relieve Kyle from his shift. Once Kyle leaves, Schuyler goes to the drug cabinet…

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