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    One Life To Live CAST - Kyle Lewis

    Full detailed profile on Kyle Lewis Played by Brett Claywell on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brett Claywell (The Bank)
    Kyle Lewis

    Actor: Brett Claywell

    Who played Kyle Lewis over the years

    Brett Claywell (February 24, 2009 - April 16, 2010)

    Useful information on Kyle Lewis

    * Delivered the results of David's DNA.
    * Old frat brother of Fish's.
    * Helped Roxy with Shane's bone marrow transplant.
    * Found out Natale and Jared's secret about Chloe.


    Current: Llanview Lab Technician
    Past: College Student


    Kyle appeared on scene in January 2009, as the newest Llanview lab technician. His first mission was to run tests for Bo and Clint Buchanan in order to prove David Vicker's paternity, which he did.

    After helping Roxanne Balsom get the bone marrow from Rex's mysterious father, for Shane, Kyle went on to uncover another Llanview secret - that Chloe was really Starr and Cole's baby!

    Though Kyle is content to blackmail his way through Llanview, new drama came when he ran into his old frat buddy, Oliver Fish. Kyle had a secret about Oliver, and shared his concerns with Cris Vega about Oliver dating Layla.

    Later, the truth about Kyle and Fish's college affair came out, and after months of denial from Fish, and a few bumps along the way caused by Nick, Fish and Kyle gave in to their feelings and rang in 2010 as a couple again.

    Kyle got dragged into the whole Stacy/Mitch fiasco and realized that Sierra Rose could be Fish's daughter. He took it upon himself to have a DNA test done, which proved his theory. Fish ended up getting custody of Sierra and with Kyle's help the two are currently raising the girl in Llanview.




    Oliver Fish






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    Friday, April 16 2010: Payback For The Past?

    In another area of the hospital Rex informs Gigi he found Mitch's blood in the fridge at the loft and is having it tested. Kyle appears and they briefly talk about Sierra. Kyle then gives Rex the test results, "Mitch is definitely not your father." Even though they aren't related, Kyle explains it's statistically very common that Mitch's stem cells were a match for Shane. Rex still wonders who his parents are. When Kyle hears Rex and Gigi refer to Nurse Wojciehowicz he offers to page her. She works at the hospital! Soon after, Kyle introduces Rex and Gigi to Nurse Wojciehowicz.

    Monday, April 12 2010: I'm Here To Collect!

    Inside the courtroom, the custody case begins with Tea dropping Schuyler's claim to Sierra. Fish stands up and announces, "Sierra's my daughter." He hands over the DNA test but Eli makes it clear Gigi isn't dropping her suit. Fish admits he's gay, introduces Kyle and assures the judge they can give Sierra everything she needs. As Eli tries to make a case for why Gigi would be best to raise Sierra, Gigi stops him. She talks about her promise to Stacy and what it takes to raise a child. Gigi knows Fish will make a great dad and says to Fish, "Sierra belongs with you." Fish is granted full custody of Sierra! Fish lets Gigi hold Sierra and says he wants the baby to know her, Rex and Shane. Rex pulls Kyle aside to ask about the stem cells. Kyle insists he took them from Mitch then leaves with Fish and Sierra. Rex wonders to Gigi how Mitch could be a perfect match for Shane if they're not related. As Tea and Eli wrap up their case, Tea collapses!

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