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    One Life To Live CAST - Vanessa Montez Vega - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vanessa Montez Vega Played by Jacqueline Hendy on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacqueline Hendy

    Real Name: Jacqueline Hendy


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    Maybe We Should Hug!

    Thursday, February 26 2009

    Downstairs in the jail, as Vanessa is brought in, Ray lashes out at her - wishing her all the best in prison. After Vanessa is taken away, Ray looks at Marty, who admits that they're in the same boat - both are being framed for murder. While talking about their cases, Marty admits that Wes made her realize that she was hiding her feelings for someone! As Marty expresses the frustration in not remembering, Ray gives her some advice - and asks Marty what she feels in her heart - then tells her to fight this herself!

    When Vanessa is brought upstairs, Cris starts saying to Antonio, "I know I'm supposed to hate her, but…" Vanessa begins to apologize to Cris, but he informs her that he's filing for divorce. Vanessa agrees not to fight him on it. Just then, Ray is brought upstairs, and Vanessa says she'll always believe that he killed his wife - but Lola appears, demands she stop then tells her father how much she's missed him! Vanessa is taken away and extradited from the country!

    A Day For DNA!

    Tuesday, February 24 2009

    Still at the loft, after Vanessa confesses, "I did it," Cris is shocked by Vanessa's deception - and Tea apologizes to Cris for having had to marry her! Though Vanessa claims she didn't kill Lola's mother, she admits that she framed Ray for her murder - because Ray was a rich man, one she wanted to seduce! Vanessa begins screaming that she's sure Ray is guilty, and that she grew to know him as an angry, violent man, then explains how she planted the knife - and framed Ray! Cris is furious to learn that Vanessa has done this before - before Ray, now with him! "You've been using me all along!" Vanessa cries that that was the case - only in the beginning - but now she has fallen in love with Cris. As Tea gloats, Cris lashes out at her for selling him out - for Ray - then punches Ray to the ground! Cris then picks up the phone and calls Antonio.

    Vanessa Confesses!

    Monday, February 23 2009

    As Ray enters the loft bedroom, holding a knife, Vanessa listens in fear as Ray rants about everything she's done to him - and to his daughter! Wondering where Cris is, Vanessa pleads with Ray for his safety and professes her love for Cris. However, Ray vows to make Vanessa pay then demands that she get up!

    Suddenly, Cris appears behind Ray and claims Ray will have to go through him first! As the two men struggle, Ray loses hold of the knife, and it slides across the floor. Though Vanessa manages to get out of bed, and runs to stand behind Cris, Ray locates the knife and lifts it to stab Cris!

    However, Tea and Lola rush in with Lola begging her father not to do it! Cris screams for Tea to get Lola out of there - and to call Antonio - but Ray advises that not even his lawyer is going to take his daughter away! Cris is furious as Tea confesses that she works for Ray - and has been trying to free him for the past year! Lola interrupts the madness and tells her father that she believes him - and that all along it was Vanessa who committed the crime! As Tea screams all of the facts in Vanessa's face, Cris grabs Vanessa, pushes her against a wall and demands, "Is this true? Tell me the truth!" Crying, Vanessa says, "Okay, I did it."

    Knocked Out Cold!

    Friday, February 20 2009

    Over at the loft, Vanessa tries to chat with Lola about school and Cris, but just as Cris enters the room, Lola finally snaps and screams, "You don't want me to remember! Stay away from me. I know what you did!" Lola goes on to accuse Vanessa of shooting her father to keep him quiet - and to prevent him from telling everyone that Vanessa probably killed Lola's mother herself! Vanessa pleads with Lola that everything she's done was for her! Though Cris defends Vanessa, Lola continues to blame Vanessa for being parentless then storms off!

    Alone, Vanessa explains to Cris, "Her mind's been poisoned against me - by Tea Delgado." After crying her worries to Cris, Cris promises that nothing is going to happen to Vanessa now - not with him as her husband. Vanessa and Cris then head upstairs, never realizing that someone has slowly opened the loft door! Later, while Cris and Vanessa are making love, they ignore a call - and from downstairs, a man's hand silences Cris's phone!

    Still in bed, Vanessa hears slow footsteps and calls out, "Cris, is that you?" However, Ray appears from the shadows, holding a knife, and says, "Hello Vanessa."

    Grab Your Partner Round We Go!

    Friday, February 13 2009

    Spotting Tea, Vanessa wonders to Cris what she's doing there…

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