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    One Life To Live CAST - Lola Montez

    Full detailed profile on Lola Montez Played by Camila Banus on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Camila Banus
    Lola Montez

    Actor: Camila Banus

    Who played Lola Montez over the years

    Camila Banus (October 3, 2008 - May 15, 2009)

    Useful information on Lola Montez

    * Was told her mother was murdered by her father.
    * Has since been raised by Vanessa Montez.


    Current: Being a kid


    Lola Montez appeared on canvas in October 2003 when her stepmother, Vanessa Montez, introduced her to Cris Vega and pleaded with him to hide them in Llanview - away from Lola's father. Lola has lived with Vanessa since her father has been in a Colombian prison after the murder of her mother.

    After arriving in Llanview, Lola met her cousin Langston Wilde and feared being deported back to Colombia. However, after convincing Cris to marry Vanessa, in order to keep them in Llanview, and out of harms way from her father, Lola hoped to live a safe life with her new cousin in Llanview.

    Her father, Ray Montez, arrived in Llanview, and it wasn't until after Vanessa was sent away for shooting Ray that Lola admitted she was the one who killed her mother! Ray took Lola to a clinic, to get her the mental help she needed, and the two left Llanview for good.






    Ray Montez (father)
    Mother (deceased)
    Vanessa Montz (stepmother)
    Broderick Wilde (uncle - deceased)
    Linda Montez Wilde (aunt - deceased)
    Langston Wilde (cousin)




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    Friday, May 15 2009: The Past Comes Creeping Back...

    Still in Dorian’s bedroom, Lola laughs about Langston and Markko then says, “They wanted a night to remember… Langston and Markko and baby makes three!” After Ray demands the truth from Lola, and asks what drugs she’s taken, Lola reminds her father that he knows nothing about the truth then eludes Dorian’s pressure to tell them what she did to Langston and Markko. “Do condoms work when you poke holes into them?” Lola smirks.

    Back at the mansion, Dorian assures Ray that she got to Langston in time. Ray warns Lola that they are going to talk later, when she’s not high, about why she does the things she does to people, but Lola wants to play confessional now and admits that she’s done something awful to hurt him. Suddenly, Lola thinks Dorian is her mother and screams, “Mama, you’re supposed to be dead! I killed you!” Lola explains how she found her mother in bed with another man then cries about how she didn’t know what to do – and how she could have saved her father – then cries, “I killed Mama and made you pay.” Ray is devastated but holds Lola and promises, “Everything is going to be all right.”

    Thursday, May 14 2009: Not Your Normal Frat Party!

    At prom, Starr thanks Cole for bringing her tonight then they look at Markko and Langston. Over talk of their first time, Cole and Starr agree that things were different back then – but now they can’t get the exhumation out of their heads. Suddenly, Langston and Markko appear. Though Markko wants to leave, Langston acts nervous – and Lola joins them accusing her of being scared! Lola is high as a kite, and the kids try to help her, but Lola refuses their help and warns Langston not to get knocked up! Starr urges Langston not to worry about Lola – or about being with Markko – then gives her a pep talk for the night ahead. Langston and Markko leave, Lola laughs from the bleachers and Cole and Starr share one last dance, where they talk about what it would have been like for Hope at their age. “Cole,” Starr says, “Do you think maybe we could…” to which Cole replies, “Yeah, we can.”

    Later, as Ray and Dorian are making love, Lola barges through the door, high, screaming about how everyone is having sex tonight! Once dressed, Ray tends to Lola, as Dorian goes to call Langston – but Lola stops her and laughs. “You don’t want to do that because right now Langston is having sex with Markko! He didn’t want me, so I fixed him!” Dorian demands, “What have you done to Langston and Markko?”

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