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    One Life To Live CAST - Moe Stubbs - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Moe Stubbs Played by John Rue on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Rue

    Real Name: John Rue


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    A Blast From Todd's Past!

    Thursday, December 18 2008

    Over at Dorian's, after she tells Moe that she needs to figure out gifts for the two boys, Starr and Cole appear to announce that they're going to Todd's hearing! Dorian gives Cole the name of a doctor for Marty then they all talk about Tea's part in Todd's case. Starr plans to let Todd know that he can never hurt her - or their family again.

    After the kids leave, Dorian asks if Moe would like to go shopping with her, but Moe replies, "I've already got what I want." Moe explains how the material things in life aren't always the most important then listens as Dorian talks about someone who was very special in her life - Mel, a man she loved more than life itself.

    Reminiscing Back In Time...

    Thursday, December 11 2008

    Inside at the mansion, though Moe made Jack a special breakfast, he throws the plate across the room and calls it a pile of crap! Addie quickly apologizes and reprimands Jack, who swears in anger then storms off! When Blair arrives home to hear what Jack did, she blames herself for not being there for him, but Addie pleads Jack's case and claims he's hurting too. After Starr leaves to check on Jack, Blair cries, "I could just kill Todd for what he's done to this family." Jack appears and continues with his anger toward life, demanding answers about what Todd did, leaving Blair to try explaining the situation - but Jack storms away again! "I don't have the heart to tell my son that his daddy brainwashed and raped a helpless woman," Blair tells Addie. "But it ends now… Jack?" Blair rushes off to find her son.

    Tools For Revenge!

    Monday, December 08 2008

    In the new café, Jared comments on how slick Charlie is for recreating the place he met Viki at. Though Charlie admits to loving Viki, he knows she'll have to come back to him on her own. When Moe and Noelle appear, they briefly say hello then Moe pushes Noelle toward Carlotta to inquiry about a job. As Moe boasts about his new job, everyone tries to show their happiness - even at the mention of Dorian's name! After Jared leaves, Carlotta hires Noelle then Moe rushes off to Dorian's.

    Later, Moe arrives at the mansion, and Dorian welcomes him as her new chef!

    Téa Returns To Llanview!

    Friday, December 05 2008

    When Moe bursts into Foxy Roxy's and announces to Noelle that they aren't going back to Texas, because he's going to be Dorian Lord's personal chef, Noelle listens as Roxy talks Dorian up as a real social status queen! However, after Noelle hears about some of Dorian's past dealings, she can't believe Moe would give up the Bonjour for Dorian Lord! Moe voices his dreams of wanting to cook gourmet food and wanting to take care of her - and their future kids - but Noelle asks, "What I am supposed to do while you're cooking for Miss Dorian?" Moe confesses, "She likes pie too!" Moe paints a picture of them starting a franchise, Bonjour Enterprises, but says it'll take time - then suggests that Noelle go to work at the Llanview diner. Finally, Noelle agrees and says, "Looks like we're moving!"

    Blown Away By Guilt!

    Thursday, December 04 2008

    Inside the kitchen, Dorian and Moe reconnect, as she asks his opinion of her truffle custard. After the taste test, Dorian invites Moe to dinner, but he has to fly back home. Putting down Moe's stick-in-the-woods town in Texas, Dorian tells him he's too good to be stuck in the kitchen at the Bonjour Café! Shortly after, when Dorian emerges from the kitchen, she hears Marty snapping about Blair's jealously over finding John with her and defends her niece by saying, "Blair does have a right to know what's going on with you two!"

    Later, after Rex, Gigi and Shane leave to go get their picture taken, Moe arrives, gasps at Noelle's new hairdo, saying it looks as though she got into a fight with an eggbeater, then announces that they aren't going back to Texas!

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