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    One Life To Live CAST - Moe Stubbs - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Moe Stubbs Played by John Rue on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Rue

    Real Name: John Rue


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    Someone's Been Smoking Pot!

    Tuesday, February 10 2009

    As Viki heads to Dorian's, she runs into Rex, who's on his way out, then enters the mansion - shocked to hear that Dorian gave Moe and Noelle her house! Though Noelle worries that Dorian's gesture isn't ironclad, Moe brings up the contract then the couple tells Viki that they got hitched!

    Still at the mansion with Moe and Noelle, as Viki rants, hoping that Dorian doesn't hurt David, Dorian appears, looking like Little Red Riding Hood - trying to hide her orange robe! Though Dorian is furious to hear Viki talking about her, she snaps back into new-Dorian mode and asks if Viki needs anything else in regards to the Go Red Ball. Noelle then agrees to let Dorian borrow something to wear to the Ball then Dorian announces, "I think it's going to be a night to remember." Once Dorian and Noelle head upstairs, Moe says, "I think she's up to something," and Viki agrees!

    Playtime In Llantano River!

    Monday, February 09 2009

    Rex and Gigi bust into a chapel, and Rex screams, "Stop the wedding!" However, it's not Dorian and David behind the door - but Noelle and Moe with a James Brown impersonator officiating! Though Rex thinks that Moe and Noelle are just helping Dorian get them off her and David's trail, Noelle tells them about Dorian giving Moe their house - and Rex gets discourage when he finds out his credit card tip was Moe using Dorian's card! After Rex apologizes to Gigi for blowing their chance at $100,000, Gigi convinces him to stay and help her stand up for Moe and Noelle. After a soulful wedding, Moe and Noelle are pronounced man and wife!

    Starr Arrested For Perjury?

    Wednesday, February 04 2009

    Over at Dorian's, Dorian makes a call to the Zen Center asking them to give David a message, claiming if he says 'yes' they will have everything they could ever want! Once she hangs up, Dorian heads into the living room, sees Noelle wearing her clothes and jewels, Moe dressed to the tee, and their new manservant - and tries not to cringe and begins meditating! Moe brings up Dorian's presence in the house, suggests that the whole Cramer fold move out then hands her a paper - signing all of her possessions over to him, legally! Dorian reads the paper, including how Moe wants to rename the mansion, then snaps, calling him the most ungrateful man she's ever known!

    Suddenly, David appears, which forces Dorian to change her tune - and to sign the papers for Moe!

    Not Quite Busted!

    Monday, January 26 2009

    Still at the mansion, Moe can't believe when Dorian gives him the mansion - and all its contents! When Moe says, "I can't accept," Dorian begs him to take it - but David stops her and explains, "You'll have to find another way to shed your wealth." David thinks Dorian wants to give it to Moe, so she can get everything back, then asks that she give her belongs to charity! "Moe," Dorian screams. "I want you to take all of my stuff. I beg of you!"

    When Noelle arrives at the mansion, she listens in shock as David, Dorian and Moe explain that Dorian just relinquished everything she owes - to them! While Moe is hugging Noelle, David admits he now believes Dorian then instructs her to show Noelle to her closet - and her diamonds! Across the room, Noelle warns Moe that Dorian will want something in return then relays what Delphina said - about money causing them unhappiness! When Dorian presents Noelle with a diamond necklace, Moe puts it around Noelle's neck, as David watches with happiness - and as Dorian cringes!

    A Deal Is Hatched!

    Friday, January 23 2009

    Before leaving for school, Starr and Langston hear chanting coming from the living room - and see that the place is set up in true Buddhist fashion! As the girls question if they are Buddhist now, Dorian hopes they'll follow in her path - and explains her change since David came back into her life! "I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to the betterment of humankind." With Moe cooking, everyone hears the doorbell - and is shocked to see all of the homeless people Dorian has invited into the house! After Dorian sends Starr and Langston off with some 'strange bagged lunches', she sneers for Moe to check the silver, leaving Addie saying, "I knew it!" However, Addie says, "Who am I to judge," then leaves Dorian to begin her chanting again amongst the group.

    Suddenly, David arrives and puts a halt to Dorian's madness! As Dorian introduces David, he reminds her of how she's showing off her material things then says the day of observance she's celebrating isn't even until Monday! David tells Dorian she must get rid of everything if she wants to follow him on his path! "Sign it all away," David demands, leaving Dorian relinquishing all of her belongings to Moe! "I hereby give all of my worldly goods to Moe Stubbs!" Dorian reluctantly says.

    A Message From The Grave!

    Monday, December 29 2008

    In the diner, Charlie, Viki, Moe and Noelle are shocked to see David - dressed as a monk! They listen as David talks about being transformed… how he was on a plane that almost crashed and how a calm man who was sitting next to him helped him. David remembers being brought back home with the man - to a monastery, where he learned everything about becoming a monk! "I gave up everything I had, and now I have everything I want," David says. When Viki wants to know what he's doing back in Llanview, David claims he needs to atone to all of his sins - then confesses that he knew about Dorian drugging Charlie! As David calmly apologizes, Viki and Charlie storm out, leaving David feeling unburdened - and asking Noelle for a Vegan menu!

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