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    One Life To Live CAST - Moe Stubbs - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Moe Stubbs Played by John Rue on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Rue

    Real Name: John Rue


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    On The Verge Of Something...

    Tuesday, June 09 2009

    When Dorian goes to get ready, Moe promises Noelle a night full of romance.

    My Baby's Dead!

    Thursday, June 04 2009

    In the kitchen, Moe and Noelle try to distract everyone with a nice meal, but Starr and Cole – and Markko and Langton – can’t think of anything but Hope’s return. After Noelle makes a comment about Starr being a good mom, even during pregnancy, for agreeing to give her baby to Marcie, Matthew enters and is caught up on everything to do with Hope. Matthew wants to help, calls Bo and informs a happy Starr and Cole that Hope is fine. Not long after, Starr gets word from Natalie that they are bringing Hope home!

    She's Hot For Teacher!

    Friday, April 03 2009

    When Moe and John cannot find Jack, Starr confesses that he likes to hide and says they should wait it out. While waiting, John and Starr talk about Cole - and how he caused Schuyler to lose his job! "How do you know so much about your teacher's personal life?" John asks. After Starr makes up an excuse about how Dr. Joplin innocently connected them, she instructs Moe on more places to check for Jack then runs off.


    Monday, March 23 2009

    Over at the mansion, when Todd appears, Jack screams, "You better be here to be my dad or get the hell out!" As Todd is explaining that the charges have been dropped, Shaun appears and says, "If you want to get to your kids, you go through me first." After Moe appears to back Shaun up, Ray shortly follows. Todd tells Jack not to worry - that he will soon be taking care of all of his kids! Jack assures them all that he believes his dad then asks to talk to him - alone.

    Just then, Dorian arrives and begins ranting at Todd for what he's trying to pull, but Jack screams that he wants to be with his father, as does Sam! Todd promises Jack that he'll be back then leaves the house - and leaves Jack telling Dorian how much he hates her! Feeling frustrated, Dorian vents to Ray, who claims he has an idea! Dorian then calls Tea and says, "Blair needs your help, Todd Manning is trying to take her kids away. She needs someone who can beat Todd at his own game."

    Accusations Are Made!

    Wednesday, March 11 2009

    When Lola, Langston and Markko arrive at the mansion, Moe and Noelle tell them about Blair's stabbing - right upstairs in her bedroom!

    Back the mansion, Dorian barges in and demands that Ray be arrested for stabbing Blair! However, Moe and Noelle give Ray an alibi - and say that Ray was teaching Moe how to make tamales, causing Dorian to glare at Ray! Ray approaches Dorian, says, "I didn’t kill my wife," then feels her pain and prays that Blair will get better. After everyone leaves, Noelle and Moe worry about how someone was stabbed in their home.

    Caught Kissing The Teacher!

    Thursday, March 05 2009

    Downstairs, Dorian wonders what's keeping Ray at the mansion, now that the girls have left for the dance then warns, "Get the hell out of my house!" However, Moe appears, reminds Dorian that it's his house - and that she's trespassing! Dorian quickly thanks Moe for housesitting and claims she lied - to convince David! However, Moe shows Dorian the papers she signed, and Ray interrupts, commenting how legal they look. As Dorian rants, calls Moe a 'hick', fires him and tears up the papers, Ray and Moe bond - and Moe invites Ray - and Dorian - to stay at the mansion!

    I Don't Even Know Where To Start!

    Wednesday, February 25 2009

    At Moe's mansion, Moe tries to stop Langston from leaving, for fear that Ray will get to her - at Dorian's instruction. Just as Moe is questioning Langston about her issues with Starr, Starr appears. Moe quickly pushes the girls together and encourages them to share their news with each other, causing Starr and Langston to exchange news of Marty being in jail and Ray being back in town. Through it all, Starr and Langston rehash their issues, forgive each other then Langston talks about feeling as though she's ruining Markko's dream of going to UCLA. Starr and Langston wish things could go back to how it was being 'the fantastic four' - Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko.

    The Go Red Ball Begins!

    Thursday, February 12 2009

    At the mansion, as Blair tells Noelle and Moe that John is not her man, and fills them in about John and Marty, she says, "I'm over John McBain." Suddenly, John appears and says, "Looks like I have a problem then!"

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