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    One Life To Live CAST - Moe Stubbs - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Moe Stubbs Played by John Rue on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Rue

    Real Name: John Rue


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    An Invitation To A Disaster Party?

    Thursday, July 02 2009

    When Shaun approaches Moe, outside of Tea's bedroom, with the invitation from Dorian, Moe shows him his then Shaun wonders if he plans to go…

    Todd wakes up in bed with Tea and can't believe he slept that late. Over talk of Starr's wedding, Todd rants about Cole being a drug addict then asks Tea to help him deal with the day by going to the wedding with him. As Todd is finishing getting dressed, Moe and Shaun enter with Tea's breakfast. "Oh," Moe says. "Mr. Manning."

    Later, after Todd has left, Moe and Shaun are warning Tea about Todd when Dorian barges into Tea's bedroom with flowers - and an apology to Moe and Shaun, begging them not to make Langston suffer for Dorian's wrongdoings! However, Moe and Shaun again refuse her invitation, and Dorian leaves with one last plea for them to do this for Langston - and Tea reinforces Dorian's plea! Tea then asks Shaun for a ride…

    Everything Stems From Room 302!

    Tuesday, June 30 2009

    Over at the loft, Stacy pays for a takeout order for Rex, another dinner to claim as her own cooking, then beams, while thinking back to having sex with Rex. Just then, Shane and Moe barge in, making Stacy furious, especially when they see the romantic dinner setting for two and decide to wait for Rex to get home! Recognizing the takeout food, Moe accuses Stacy of trying to replace a home cooked meal like she trying to replace Gigi's place in Rex's heart! When there are no signs of Rex showing up, Moe and Shane leave, and Stacy calls the takeout service to order every dessert they have - to sweeten Rex up!

    Throwing Caution To The Wind!

    Thursday, June 25 2009

    A nurse arrives at Todd's, as well as a lawyer, Moe and Shaun - all for Tea! Tea laughs, as Todd introduces all of the people who are going to help her. When asked what else she would like, Tea tells Todd, "Take your staff and shove it." Todd won't take no for an answer and claims he likes having Tea around, even if he won't be there. Todd explains he's moving, as not to uproot Starr and her baby, but Tea brings up his consent for Starr and Cole to get married - causing Todd to snap and admit that he has no plans of letting 'that drug addict' near his daughter! Tea realizes that Todd is hoping Blair won't consent then she'll look like the bad guy and warns Todd that this could backfire on him. When Shaun appears, Tea announces that she'll keep him around, as well as the others, and will allow Todd to get his way - this time. Before Todd leaves for the mansion, he gives Tea a hot kiss, wanting her to remember that he's the love of her life! Once Todd is gone, Tea pulls out a tape recorder and plays back her conversation with Todd, where he admitted his motives for giving Starr his consent!

    A Desperate Plea...

    Tuesday, June 23 2009

    Viki and Charlie are at a table, talking about their wedding and honeymoon, when Moe approaches with his congrats - and with the news that Dorian fired him! As Moe trashes Dorian - and everything she's done - Markko's father listens from the counter then approaches their table to hear all sorts of Dorian's past crimes.

    Back Where She Belongs...

    Monday, June 15 2009

    Out on the patio, Dorian breaks her glass then demands that the maid clean it! As she pops a few aspirins, or some other pills, Markko's parents arrive – and Dorian thinks they are 'the help'! Once Langston makes introductions, she brings up the Vegas, and says how she practically raised Carlotta's sons, then is stunned to hear that Markko's real name is Geraldo Rivera. Repeating his name, with a snicker, Dorian insists on a toast then drinks a bit more than she should – especially when the Riveras say how happy they were when Ray Montez decided to allow Langston to stay in Llanview! No matter how much Langston begs Dorian to be quiet, Dorian blurts out all of Ray's family secrets – and the fact that he left her for his murderous daughter! Langston finally calms Dorian down, who then apologizes to 'Geraldo' – and for everything that Lola tried to do to him! Markko's parents want to know more and get an earful when Dorian says, "Lola poked holes in the condoms that I gave Langton, but don't worry, 'Geraldo' brought his own!" After Markko's mother runs out, his father grabs Markko and they leave as well!

    Once they are gone, Langston lashes out at Dorian for ruining Markko's party then claims that she's trying to make everyone miserable – just because she is! When Moe and Noelle try to calm Dorian, she announces that her lawyers found a loophole – and the house is Dorian's! Dorian fires Moe and Noelle – and Shaun, when he sticks up for them! Appalled, Langston pours the expensive champagne in the pool, thinks Dorian needs to cool off, then pushes her in the pool as well! Once Langston heads in the house, Dorian pulls herself, and the champagne bottle, out of the pool.

    Graduation: The Class Of 2009!

    Friday, June 12 2009

    When Dorian finds Moe and Noelle kissing on the patio, she screams, “Get a room!” Dorian begins ranting about the choice of wine, for the graduation party they are throwing for Markko, then screams for Shaun to take her to The Palace to get a classier drink! Though Moe reminds Dorian that the mansion is his, Dorian snaps, especially when Moe brings up her broken heart over Ray. When Shaun appears, Dorian instructs him to get the car then leaves Moe and Noelle with a warning not to maul each other out in the open – because there are children in the house!

    On The Verge Of Something...

    Tuesday, June 09 2009

    In the kitchen, Dorian orders Moe around then confides to him and Noelle that she only wants to make dinner the best for Ray – and Noelle and Moe promise that Dorian can count on them. Dorian thanks them for offering Ray a place to stay, as she would’ve never took notice of him otherwise, then Noelle gushes, “He could be the one.” Finally, Dorian admits that she deserves a good man in her life!

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