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    One Life To Live CAST - Moe Stubbs

    Full detailed profile on Moe Stubbs Played by John Rue on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Rue
    Moe Stubbs

    Actor: John Rue

    Who played Moe Stubbs over the years

    John Rue (October 22, 2007 - November 25 2009)

    Useful information on Moe Stubbs

    * Owns the Bonjour Cafe in Paris, Texas.
    * Gave Viki a job.
    * Engaged to Noelle Ortiz.
    * His cooking is admired by Dorian Lord.


    Current: Owner of The Bonjour Cafe.
    Past: Unknown


    Moe first appeared on the scene when Viki Davidson went on a soul searching mission to Paris, Texas. Giving Viki a job at his Bon Jour Cafe, Moe was known as a tough boss, but later became a good friend and softy to many!

    After many months of arguing with his waitress, Noelle Ortiz, about the annual bake-off, Moe finally admitted his feelings for her and proposed!

    Though Moe has roots in Texas, he and Noelle visited Llanview for Thanksgiving in 2008, and everyone hopes that he'll make a home there for good!


    Noelle Ortiz (married)


    Noelle Ortiz






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    Tuesday, December 20 2011: As Sweet And Tart As Gigi Was.

    Everyone prepares for the pie contest at the Bon Jour Cafe. Moe and Noelle reflect on admitting their feelings for each other and urge Viki to give Clint a chance. Viki would rather concentrate on winning the contest - for Gigi. Rex and Shane arrive and take a Team Gigi pin. Noelle tells Shane she's sure Gigi's watching over them today. Professor Del Fina arrives to judge the contest. Rex thinks he looks familiar. Noelle pulls him toward the pie. Del Fina asks which one of them is Gigi. Gigi's gone, but Noelle explains her pie is as sweet and tart as Gigi was. From outside the window, Gigi stares at those who loved her. Cutter appears and pulls Gigi away. Gigi doesn't want to upset those inside since they look so happy. After Del Fina takes a few pie samples, he deems the Gigi Morasco Pie the winner. Noelle gives Shane the award. Before Del Fina leaves, he gives Rex a book his father wrote and suggests that's why he appears familiar to Rex. Viki and Rex comment on how much the professor looks like Madame Delphina. Shane goes to the window but doesn't see anyone. He admits to Rex he had a weird feeling someone was out there.

    At the airport, Rex looks at the book Del Fina gave him. Every page reads 'Don't Give Up'. There aren't enough open seats on the flight to Llanview, so Rex agrees to stay behind. Gigi and Cutter arrive in another area. After Cutter leaves to pay up at the motel, Del Fina sits next to Gigi, who thinks he looks familiar. Like Rex, she's subconsciously recalling Del Fina's father as the man who help her and Rex travel back through time. They talk, to which Del Fina shares his motto, "Don't ever give up." Later, Cutter returns and finds Gigi gone.

    Wednesday, November 25 2009: A Lot To Be Thankful For...

    While at the diner, Gigi wonders when Rex is going to tell Shane that Mitch is his father - or tell Jessica that he's her sister. Rex agrees to do both soon, with Gigi's love and support. Moe and Noelle join them and wish there was something they could do for Viki and Charlie during this tragic time.

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