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    One Life To Live CAST - Bree Brennan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bree Brennan Played by Stephanie Schmahl on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Schmahl

    Birthday: January 12 2004
    Birthplace: Westchester County, NY
    Real Name: Stephanie Schmahl
    Height: 39"


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    Tea Takes A Sample But Doesn't Give Todd The Goods!

    Thursday, April 16 2009

    As Marcie, Michael, Viki, Charlie, Jared and Natalie arrive in the church, Jared assures Charlie that 'the secret' he was talking to him about is under control. Across the room, Viki asks Natalie what's been bothering her lately, and after she talks about her past rift with Jessica, talk of the girls comes up and Natalie says, "I will do anything to make sure Jess keeps those kids." Viki becomes suspicious, but Natalie talks her way out of the slip! Sitting down with Bree, Clint fumes about Nora's call.

    Just as Michael and Marcie are talking about how hard it is to be there, Jessica arrives, allows Marcie to hold Chloe, then the christening begins. Holding Chloe, Jared and Natalie vow to denounce Satan - and all of his evil works - then take on the role of Chloe's Godparents. Suddenly, Starr appears, apologizing for being late. After the ceremony, Jessica lets Starr hold Chloe, and Natalie and Jared watch on, as Starr wonders why Chloe feels so familiar to her! As the church is clearing out, Starr returns Chloe to Jessica's arms then sadly leaves the church in confusion, stopping briefly to tell Marcie and Michael how weird it is being back there since Hope's funeral.

    Dorian Gets A Dose Of Hemorrhoid Treatment!

    Tuesday, April 07 2009

    At the gym with Bree, Jessica is stunned to see Brody, who wants to talk to her about what's going on with Gigi. Brody explains that he wants to be with Jessica - and that he's crazy about her - but Jessica reminds him of being with Gigi. Though Brody wants to tell Jessica everything, he can't break his promise to Gigi, causing Jessica to leave, thinking it's best that nothing happened between them.

    Everyone arrives at the Buchanan mansion for the welcome home party Clint has prepared for Matthew. As Natalie looks around for any sign of Jessica, Jared wonders if she's changed her mind about keeping the secret. As Nigel announces Matthew's presence, everyone screams, "Welcome Home," but Matthew pulls back, apologizes to his Uncle Clint then says, "I just don't want to see anyone right now." After Matthew leaves the room, Natalie tries to comfort her father, as Jessica arrives with the children to hear about Matthew's homecoming. Over talk of Jessica's disappointment over Brody, she tells Natalie and Jared that she doesn't need a man - as long as she has her girls. Natalie and Jared pick this moment to announce that they'll be honored to be Chloe's Godparents!

    Sisters By Blood Only!

    Thursday, February 05 2009

    When Jessica comes upon Natalie taking caring of the girls, she instructs the nanny to feed Chloe in the sunroom then put Bree and the baby down for a nap.

    Star Witness: Dead!

    Friday, January 30 2009

    When Viki and Clint arrive home with Jessica, she goes to her baby, held by Jared, then asks where Bree is. "We're right here," Natalie says, entering the room. Bree is standoffish, and though Jessica tries to bond with Chloe, Natalie reminds Jessica of how she tried to kill her and Jared! As Charlie changes the subject, Jessica tries to approach Bree, but she holds on tight to Aunt Natalie's leg - and refuses to spend time with her mother!

    Christmas In Angels Square!

    Wednesday, December 17 2008

    Over at their booth, Natalie is caught by Jared going through his bag, in search of her Christmas gift! Though she doesn't find it, Jared assures her that he went all out!

    Back in Angels Square, after Gigi sends Shane to the diner, to ask Noelle to join them for the tree lighting, Marcie confides, "All I want for Christmas is to hold my baby." Suddenly, Natalie, Jared, Bree and Chloe appear, and Marcie stares at the baby with grief. After some small talk, Natalie hands the baby to Marcie and says, "This is Chloe Brennan." Later, watching Natalie take pictures of Bo holding Bree and Chloe, Jared looks at the engagement ring he bought for her.

    While everyone celebrates Christmas in Angels Square, Bo lights the tree, Sarah watches Langston and Markko hug Lola, Starr, Cole and Marcie stare at baby Chloe and Shane shows Rex and Gigi a newspaper ad for the Z-Box.

    Sex For Hire?

    Tuesday, December 16 2008

    At the coffeehouse, Natalie and Jared sit with Bree and Chloe, worried about what the girls will be missing this year… their parents. Looking at all of Jared's shopping bags, Natalie fishes for a hint as to what he got her, but he won't bite. Over talk of Jessica, Natalie hands Bree a photo album of her mommy, which Bree shares with little Chloe.

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