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    One Life To Live CAST - Bree Brennan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bree Brennan Played by Stephanie Schmahl on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Schmahl

    Birthday: January 12 2004
    Birthplace: Westchester County, NY
    Real Name: Stephanie Schmahl
    Height: 39"


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    It's 2010?

    Monday, February 22 2010

    Back out in the hallway, Marty tries to reassure Brody and Natalie, as Nora arrives with Bree. As Marty explains Jessica's prognosis to Nora, Bree yells, "I want to see my mommy!"

    Marty peeks in and asks Jessica if she's up to seeing Nora and Bree. Jessica hopes seeing Bree will jog her memory and urges Marty to send them in. When Nora brings Bree in, she jumps up on her mommy's bed and gives Jessica a photo of her, Jessica and Brody ice skating. Jessica acts as though she knows her and asks Bree to wear a certain dress she likes for when Jessica comes home. Jessica promises she'll be better soon then allows Nora to take Bree for hot chocolate. Clint thinks Jessica remembered Bree, because of the dress she asked her to wear, but Jessica shows them the photo Viki gave her, admitting she didn't remember Bree at all. Jessica cries, "I'm scared… I'm really scared."

    Getting To The Bottom Of The Truth...

    Friday, February 19 2010

    On their flight back to Llanview, Bo takes a call from John, updating him on Stacy's death and the fact that Dorian fired Lowell. Once he hangs up, Shane asks if his Aunt Stacy had the baby yet. Nora takes Bree aside, who can't wait to see her mommy. Bo sits across from Shane and breaks the news that the baby is fine, but Stacy died. Shane listens to the details, remembering how his Aunt Stacy hated the cold, then claims he has no right to be upset - since he hated her and wanted her to die. Bo reminds him how he patted Stacy's belly before they left for Texas, and understands how he felt about Stacy, then Shane sadly admits, "I didn't really want her to die." As Shane cries for Stacy, he and Bo exchange cell numbers, to which Bo expresses wanting to check in with Shane from time to time. Shane likes the idea of Bo being there for him.

    Interruptions All Around...

    Tuesday, January 26 2010

    As Tea is trying to calm Bree by leading her away to draw a picture for Jessica, Clint and Nora arrive at Llanfair - and Clint rushes into Viki's arms, while Nora stays back and greets Rex, Stacy and Shane, promising Shane that they're going to have a lot of fun down in Texas, at the Buchanan Ranch. Viki worries about Jessica having a relapse, and fears Mitch will get to Bree, which prompts Bo to suggest that he and Nora take Bree with them to Texas. Gigi arrives, and as Rex and Gigi are explaining what’s going on to Shane, Viki and Clint agree to let Bo and Nora take Bree as well. Shane wants Rex and Gigi to go, but Rex can't leave Stacy, who can't fly because of the baby. Though Shane promises Clint that he'll watch over Bree, he warns them all that they won't be able to hide - as long as Mitch Laurence is still out there. Everyone says their goodbyes, as Shane puts his hand on Stacy's belly, hugs Rex and Gigi then leaves with Bo, Nora and Bree.

    Holiday Cheer In Llanview!

    Wednesday, December 23 2009

    At Llanfair, Jessica watches as Brody reads to Bree then accepts a gift from Brody - a mother's necklace, with Bree's birthstone, saying there's room on it in case she wants to add to it someday. After Bree puts her gift from Brody under the tree, and says, "Thank you," Brody waves goodbye and heads to work. Bree can't wait for Brody to return tomorrow, and Jessica agrees saying, "He's one of the good guys." Viki arrives home, asks Jessica if she's seen Charlie, which she hasn't, then suggests that Jessica and Bree go visit Clint, who is in need of someone to brighten his holiday.

    Jessica and Bree go to the Buchanan mansion to visit Clint, who is overjoyed to see them!

    A Lot To Be Thankful For...

    Wednesday, November 25 2009

    Out on the patio, Brody brings Bree a stuffed turkey then holds Jessica close, as Natalie watches, thinking that she no longer has someone to hold her. When Bree spots Natalie, she hands her some flowers, from Jared, and they talk about how much Jared liked those flowers - and how much he loved Bree.

    Later, back at Llanfair, when Bree goes to Viki and says, "Gobble, gobble," Viki is upset that she forgot it was Thanksgiving - but is touched when Moe, Noelle, Rex, Shane, Gigi, Dorian, Starr, Cole and Hope arrive to help her family celebrate. Rex joins Natalie to make sure she's okay, while Gigi admits to Noelle that Schuyler managed to stop Stacy from blabbing to Rex about her spending the night at Schuyler's. After Shane gives Charlie his condolences, Rex tells Charlie that he was proud to be his son, for a little while, and Jared was too. Clint arrives next, who joins the family, while Dorian breaks the news to Viki about becoming mayor. Though their conversation is a bit catty, Viki admits that Dorian can be a good mayor - if she does it the right way! With everyone gathered, Viki reads a special poem about appreciating family - and all of the little things that one does to make them happy. When everyone leaves, Charlie stares at a drink but ultimately pours it out.

    She's My Daughter, Daniella...

    Friday, October 23 2009

    While Jessica is feeding Bree in the kitchen at Llanfair, Brody appears, dressed in his Llanview PD uniform, and assures her that he and John are working hard to find Jared. Seeing Bree with the elephant that the stalker gave her, Jessica admits to Brody that it freaks her out a bit to see it then Jessica takes Bree upstairs for her bath. Shortly after, Jessica rejoins Brody, alone, and they talk more about the case - and how Jared hired Landers to make it look as though Nash had come back to life. "What if he's gone for good?" Jessica asks, but they are interrupted when Brody gets a call from his sister, Nadine, who says, "I'm in trouble, I need help." Though she won't tell Brody what kind of trouble she's in, Nadine begs him to come to Detroit to help her - then hangs up! Brody tells Jessica that his sister was never there for him, but Jessica reminds him that she's his sister and says, "We'll be fine, go." Brody reluctantly agrees, promises to be back as soon as he can and asks for Jessica and the girls to stay close to the house!

    The Green Eyed Monster!

    Thursday, October 01 2009

    Shortly after, Jared goes downstairs, asks Natalie if she was in the bedroom, who says no, then is informed that John has more questions. When John arrives, he shows Jessica a photo of the man caught outside, and Jessica asks if he's the stalker. John turns to Jared and says, "You tell me." When no one recognizes the man, Jessica gives John permission to question Bree, who calls out, "Daddy," when John shows her the photo! After Bree verifies that the man in the photo said he was her daddy, and gave her the stuffed elephant, Jessica takes Bree upstairs to show her photos of Nash - while Natalie lashes out at John for thinking Jared was the stalker! Once John leaves, Jared promises Natalie that he's never seen the man in the photo before in his life.

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