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    One Life To Live CAST - Bree Brennan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bree Brennan Played by Stephanie Schmahl on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Schmahl

    Birthday: January 12 2004
    Birthplace: Westchester County, NY
    Real Name: Stephanie Schmahl
    Height: 39"


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    Tomas, What Are You Doing Here?

    Monday, February 07 2011

    Jessica joins Charlie and Viki as they agree to disagree about Echo. Charlie leaves to get ready. Jessica thanks Viki for urging her to get the DNA test. She would've never gotten through today had there been a possibility that Ford was Ryder's father. Jessica can't believe she's actually going to have a wedding with no drama and hugs Bree when she appears in her flower girl dress.

    Viki, Jessica and Bree head upstairs to join Gigi and Natalie. Viki cries tears of joy over her daughters having everything they deserve. Gigi grabs a camera and takes a picture to freeze the happy moment. While Viki helps Natalie get ready, Jessica makes Bree happy when she explains Brody's going to be adopting her. Gigi leaves to catch a ride with Charlie, while Viki stays back to ride with Natalie, Jessica and Bree.

    Nora screams as Clint returns Bo's punch in the church. Bo and Clint continue to scuffle. Nora sees Joey, who's talking to Kelly about last night, and calls for help. Joey breaks them up and forces Bo and Clint to shake hands for Natalie and Jessica's sake. Bo privately warns Clint he's tempted to reveal what a bitter shell of a man Clint's become. Joey pulls Kelly aside and wants to talk about last night. Kelly insists she needs to let him go. Aubrey and Cutter arrive and join them. Clint glares their way then pulls Joey aside. Holding the flash drive, Clint tells Joey, "You deserve so much better." Across the room, Nora assures Bo that Asa loved him. Vimal and Rama watch everyone from a hidden corner then get nervous when Brody and Rex spot them. Rex and Brody shrug them off and reminisce about their past surrounding Shane. Brody apologizes for keeping Shane from Rex and for pretending to be his father. Rex suggests putting the past behind them. Brody goes on the hunt for John, as Rama orders Vimal to expose Clint today. Vimal worries because he committed the crime and reminds Rama he could've changed the wrong daughter's paternity test. John appears and locates Brody. He admits Marty escaped St. Ann's to tell him something about Brody and Natalie. Just as Brody assures John he doesn't know what Marty was talking about, the priest appears to announce the brides have arrived. When Rama and Vimal enter the church, Clint approaches and asks, "What the hell are you doing here?" Viki arrives and leads Clint to Natalie and Jessica. The ceremony begins. Clint walks both girls down the aisle. John and Brody happily take Natalie and Jessica's hands. The priest wonders if anyone knows why the couples shouldn't be married and says, "Speak now or forever hold your peace." Vimal and Rama exchange a look!

    Asa One And Two.

    Wednesday, January 26 2011

    Jessica and Brody bring their baby up to their bedroom at Llanfair. Jessica is surprised to find Viki inside and her room transformed into a nursery. Viki holds the baby and wonders what they named him. Jessica and Brody are still undecided. Viki gives them an envelope from Clint, a trust for the baby. Later, Bree meets her new brother and says, "He doesn't look like Brody." Viki gives Bree a stuffed animal from her little brother. Bree thinks they should name the baby Grandpa because he looks like an old man! After Viki takes Bree away, Jessica suggests to Brody that maybe they should let Bree name the baby. "Asa," Jessica replies.

    The Real Murderer Is My Husband Todd Manning.

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    Out in Angels Square, Bo asks Inez if they really had sex. He doesn't remember drinking more than one beer or having sex with her. "Are you accusing me of making this up?" Inez asks. Bo isn't but asks her to think back. Maybe she drank too much too. Over talk of his marriage, Inez admits she had a run-in with Nora. Bo brings up their kids then the time his friend was drugged. He doesn't know what reason Inez would have to drug him. She agrees, "No reason at all."

    Wake Up Starr!

    Tuesday, June 29 2010

    Brody holds Bree in Jessica's bedroom. She wants Brody to be her daddy but Jessica reminds her Nash is her daddy. Brody kisses Bree goodnight then Jessica goes to tuck her in. When she returns Jessica wonders how Brody feels about what Bree said. Brody wants to be a family with her and Bree someday. Jessica wants the same. After Brody takes a call from work Jessica gets jumpy when he brings up Ford. Bree wakes up and joins them in bed.

    I Want My $50,000!

    Monday, June 28 2010

    Natalie barges into Jessica's bedroom and finds Brody in her bed. She reiterates that it's best they kept their secret. Jessica appears with a snack and wonders why Natalie looks nervous. Jessica jokes about something going on between Natalie and her man. After Natalie leaves Jessica gives Brody some chips for energy for round two! They have sex again then Jessica brings up how amazing Brody was to wait for her for months. Brody reminds Jessica that before she lost her memories they were planning their future. Bree barges in and wants to know if they're having a sleepover! Brody has to work and can't sleep over tonight. "I want you to stay every night," Bree screeches. "I want you to be my daddy!"

    You Belong With Me...

    Monday, May 24 2010

    Later, Brody brings Jessica to Llanfair. Clint and Viki are ecstatic that she remembers. Bree appears and Jessica scoops her in a tight hug. Viki wonders if they have Brody to thank for Jessica's memories returning. Jessica answers and explains how she found Brody's medals. Jessica wants to wake Natalie up and apologize for being the worst sister ever but she's not home. Brody thinks back to having sex with Natalie. Later, Viki and Clint watch as Jessica, Brody and Bree reconnect. Viki privately wonders if Clint thinks it's odd that Brody's medals triggered Jessica's memories to return. Clint is just happy to have his daughter back.

    A Surprising Discovery!

    Tuesday, March 09 2010

    With Allison watching her from outside of Llanfair, Natalie daydreams about kissing John then hugs Bree, who enters the living room with Viki, Once Bree's occupied, Viki questions Natalie about her far-off mood, but Natalie brushes her off to get something for Bree - while Allison snaps a photo of Jessica's daughter on her cell. Viki gets a call from Cris and asks Natalie to watch Bree, as Roxy arrives and asks Natalie, "What's up with you and Johnny McBain?" Roxy begs Natalie to leave John alone, because he's with Marty now, and says, "You don't want to be a home-wrecker." Natalie laughs, since Roxy's acting as though Marty and John are married - or have kids, but demands to know what she's on about. Roxy tries to leave, with talk of split-ends and half-priced manicures, but Natalie stops her. Natalie sends Bree off, and Roxy makes a comment about Natalie being good with kids, saying, "Too bad you're not the one with the baby."

    It's 2010?

    Monday, February 22 2010

    When Bo and Nora bring Shane and Bree home to the carriage house, Bree wants to see her mommy. Nora leaves with Bree, but Bo stays with Shane, who can't wait to see Rex, Gigi and his baby sister.

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