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    One Life To Live CAST - Bree Brennan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bree Brennan Played by Stephanie Schmahl on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Schmahl

    Birthday: January 12 2004
    Birthplace: Westchester County, NY
    Real Name: Stephanie Schmahl
    Height: 39"


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    It's Peaceful Here.

    Wednesday, November 23 2011

    Jessica waits with Bree and Ryder at Ford's while he takes a shower. Bree questions why Jessica was kissing Bobby. Ford reappears and gets permission from Bree to keep seeing her mom. Bree wonders if Jessica is still mad at Aunt Natalie. Matthew listens from somewhere and recalls his cousins' issues.

    At Llanfair, while preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Viki and Shane talk about Gigi. Watching over them, Matthew wishes he could've helped Shane when he was bullied. Roxy and Nigel appear. Clint shows up next. Matthew expresses his thanks for how Clint tried to cover for him and wonders how Roxy's going to get out of slipping that Rex is still in Rio. Roxy manages to elude Shane's questions then admits to Nigel that Rex thought he saw Gigi. "I think Rex is going all ghost on us," Roxy says. From where Matthew is, he sees things quite differently. Viki interrupts John and Natalie, just as they're discussing what's happened. Clint and Viki coo over Liam. Jessica, Ford and the kids appear. Viki clears the room and leaves Natalie and Jessica alone. Matthew muses from afar that Aunt Viki should be hired as a negotiator. Natalie apologizes to Jessica for not believing her. Can she forgive her? Jessica admits Brody was a big reason why she didn't come forward sooner. They talk about Brody. Later, Jessica expresses to Ford how worried she is for Brody. They met at St. Ann's. He's all alone. Ford suggests she go visit him. In another room, Natalie admits to Viki that things are still up in the air with Jessica and John. Viki reminds her of everything they have to be grateful for. Clint joins Shane on the staircase and wonders what's bothering him. Shane knows Roxy lied to him about his dad. He thinks his dad is chasing his mom's ghost. Clint admits, "We Buchanans are stubborn." Matthew interjects from beyond, "You can say that again." Clint knows Shane and Rex are trying to find their way through their grief. Clint admits he's seen Shane's drawings and apologizes for not doing right by Shane and Rex. Viki listens as Clint promises to do better and be worthy of Rex, Shane and Gigi's heart. Matthew telepathically urges Shane to trust Clint. Nearby, Roxy joins John and Liam. How did Natalie react when John told her he loved her? John admits he didn't tell Natalie. Roxy orders John to go tell Natalie now! John snaps, "It's not that simple." Viki calls everyone for dinner. She welcomes Ford to the gathering, John to the family and thanks Nigel for risking his safety for Liam. Shane and Roxy are welcomed next. Viki misses Victor, Tina, Cord, her children who aren't there and wonders why Todd is late. After a remembrance for Gigi, everyone toasts to a Happy Thanksgiving. While Clint and Viki break the wishbone, John approaches Natalie. He has something to say.

    The Dead Girl.

    Monday, October 31 2011

    Ford, Jessica and Bree arrive at Llanfair after trick-or-treating. Bree asks Jessica to go to Aunt Natalie's party. While Viki talks to Jessica about Natalie, Clint shuns Ford, who tries making conversation. The men start arguing until Ford warns that he's not going anywhere. Clint better get used to it or prepare for another heart-attack. He sees Viki and Jessica listening in and agrees to tolerate Ford. They shake hands. Bree leans on the desk. The letter from Kim to Clint falls into her Halloween bag. Bree heads out with Jessica and Ford. Viki's happy by Clint's change of heart. They look at Viki's old wedding dress Tina left behind and remember their special day. Later, Clint can't find the letter that was addressed to him.

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Rex asks Cutter and Kim's friend, who are in disguise, "Who's hiding under those masks?" Roxy tugs on Rex's sleeve, who invites them inside. Nearby, Natalie warns Aubrey to keep her claws out of Rex. Across the room, Tina looks at Gigi's photo on the mantle and says, "The dead girl." Cord hushes her, saying she's Rex's deceased fiancée. Tina explains how she came to Llanfair and insists on telling Rex that she's alive! Tina rushes to Rex, and explains she has something to say, but hears Rex is going to be Brody's best man. Tina warns that Cord's going to stand up for Brody. Roxy tells Tina to shut it, and the women argue. Privately, Kim's friend admits to Cutter she got the feeling, when seeing Rex, that he was important. While Cutter goes to get them drinks, she sees a Halloween card, opens it and hears Gigi's message to Shane. "That's my mom," Shane says, joining her. When Shane introduces himself, and asks for her name, she rushes off. Cutter tries going after her, but Aubrey has a hold of a piece of his mummy costume. It begins unraveling around his chest. "Wait," Aubrey snaps. "I know those nipples!" She counts his abs and only knows one man with seven of them. She runs after Cutter. Rex joins Shane and asks who he was talking to. Shane didn't get a chance to find out. Rex rushes after Aubrey. Natalie and Brody find Ford, Jessica and Bree at the door. While the adults have a civil conversation, Bree finds the letter in her bag and thinks someone's tricking her. On their way out, Bree throws the letter on the ground.

    Ford brings Bree and Jessica home. She thanks him for going to Natalie's party with her but doesn’t know what she's going to do about Liam's DNA test.

    Uncle Bobby.

    Tuesday, July 26 2011

    At Llanfair, Bree boasts to Viki that Uncle Bobby went to the zoo with them. Viki privately questions Jessica about her new bond with Ford. He was trying to make her feel better after the fight with Natalie. She wants Natalie out of Llanfair and suggested she leave. Brody agreed. Jessica would love to see John's reaction if Natalie moved in with Brody right down the hall from him. Jessica has no right to ask Natalie to leave. Viki wants them both there and hopes they'll one day close the rift between them. Jessica brings up Tina. Viki's getting along fine without her. Viki denies it and wishes things were different with Tina. Though it's hard, Jessica promises to try to tolerate Natalie. She sees the two different photos of Todd and wonders what's up. Viki talks about Sam's claims. Jessica admits there's been a change in Todd, but she's changed too. On the other hand, Jessica whispers to herself, Natalie's still the same opportunist she's always been. Later, Ford arrives with Ryder's favorite blanket. Jessica now realizes why he's been so fussy and asks Ford for some tips. Ford agrees but has to check his schedule. He leaves. Jessica smiles after him.

    Then We'll Be Even.

    Monday, July 11 2011

    On the patio at Llanfair, T.M. hides as Viki calls out, "I know someone's here. Who are you?" T.M. wants to trust Viki and starts to reveal himself, but Bree appears with news that Natalie and Jessica are fighting. Viki leaves with Bree. T.M. takes a call from Agent Baker, who asks after Agent Kent. T.M. admits he killed him. He tells Baker about all the people he's seen in Llanview and says that the man here isn't Todd Manning, he is. Baker implies that Todd Manning isn't a fake but isn't successful in luring T.M. to meet him in order for him to explain. Baker warns T.M. not to confront anyone in Llanview. Out front, Jessica admits Natalie and Brody being together hurts. However, she refuses to shed anymore tears over them. The sisters continue to argue, which leads Natalie to state, "We're in a relationship. Brody's the father of my child." When Natalie makes a comment about liking Jessica better as Tess, Jessica slugs her. Viki appears and scolds Jessica. Once she hears Bree overheard the fighting, Jessica rushes off. Viki reminds Natalie that Jessica doesn't mean the cruel things she says. Natalie's done with it and vows to be a family with Brody and Liam no matter what Jessica thinks. Later, as T.M. is about to enter Llanfair to talk to Viki, Todd appears and asks if she smashed the photo of him. T.M. listens as Viki replies, "You're my brother. I'll always love you."

    What The Hell Are You Doing In Bed With My Fiance?

    Friday, June 17 2011

    In the nursery, Aubrey's stunned to see Jessica's returned. Jessica reunites with Bree and Ryder and vows never to leave them again. "Are you sure?" Aubrey asks and refuses to leave Jessica alone with the kids.

    This Has Everything To Do With Them.

    Tuesday, February 08 2011

    The crowd in the church is asked to speak now or forever hold their peace. Rama urges Vimal to speak up, but he doesn't. As the ceremony continues, Rama stands up and says, "Wait!" Vimal begs her to sit down, but Rama replies, "Not after what they've done to you!" Aubrey tries to hush Rama, as everyone wonders why Vimal and Rama are even there. Clint introduces Vimal as a disgruntled employee and tries to rush him out. This has nothing to do with Natalie and Jessica's wedding. "It has everything to do with them," Rama clarifies. Vimal admits Clint had him break into the lab. John urges him on. Jessica protests. Rex tries to lead Vimal and Rama out, as Charlie wonders what the hell is going on. "Rex is not your son, Mr. Banks," Vimal says. "He's Clint Buchanan's." Natalie doesn't think it's true. Why would Clint not want anyone to know Rex was his son? "Clint didn't want that to be true," Vimal says. "He forced me to change the results." Gigi comforts a speechless Rex. Jessica becomes emotional, so Aubrey takes Bree out of the room. Cutter follows them. Charlie brings up Rex's second DNA test. Rex admits he lied. He never had a second test done. Rex wanted Charlie to be his father and wanted nothing to do with Clint. The family looks to Clint for answers.

    Outside the church, Aubrey worries about their leverage being blown to hell. Cutter tells her not to worry. He has a Plan B. Joey appears. Aubrey holds him close. Cutter heads back inside.

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