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    One Life To Live CAST - Janet Ketring - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Janet Ketring Played by Janet Zarish on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Janet Zarish

    Birthday: April 21 1954
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Janet Zarish


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    Not Quite Busted!

    Monday, January 26 2009

    Outside, Janet apologizes to Talia and Antonio and begs them to protect her from Todd, but Antonio and Talia remind Janet of her crimes - and wonder how she could have agreed to help Todd steal his daughter's child!

    A Deal Is Hatched!

    Friday, January 23 2009

    At the police station, in front of Antonio and Talia, Bo and Nora question Janet and warn that she'll be going to prison for a long time - unless she can give them Todd Manning! Janet begins telling Nora and Bo the whole story about the kidnapping plans - then hands over the hospital credentials she was given to help execute them! Though Janet thinks she'll be getting a deal, Nora instructs Talia and Antonio to book her! After giving her a scare, Bo wonders what Janet is willing to do to make it all go away.

    When Todd emerges from the shower, he's stunned to see Janet standing in the bedroom! Todd is furious that Janet has returned to town and shocked when she threatens to go to the DA - unless he buys her statement first! As Janet starts repeating all of Todd's crimes, he doesn't admit to anything - and doesn't believe that Janet's just after more money! Suddenly, Todd rips open Janet's shirt and sees the wire!

    The Plain White T's Rock Ultra Violet!

    Wednesday, January 21 2009

    After Renee brings Janet back up to the main house, she demands to know the truth - if she planned to help Todd kidnap Starr's child! Just as Janet says she doesn't want to get Renee involved, Bo arrives! After Janet hides, Bo asks after Matthew, and Renee explains that he left with Cole - and said that Bo said it was okay for him to go out for tonight! When Bo leaves, Renee tells Janet to come forward and testify against Todd - for Starr's dead baby's sake!

    When Nora arrives home, she worries about her case against Todd, saying that all she has is Starr's testimony - but Janet appears from the shadows and says, "No, you don't… You have me!"

    On The Hunt For Janet!

    Monday, January 12 2009

    In the foyer of the mansion, Renee is shocked to see Janet - who asks for her help! Renee is happy to see her old friend Janet! "I need you to hide me," Janet cries. Suddenly, Janet hears someone coming - it's Nora - and she hides! After Nora leaves, Janet comes out of hiding and confesses all to Renee! After Janet tells Renee that she's not in trouble with the law right now, Renee goes to call Bo for help - but Janet stops her! Janet admits that she did overhear 'some' of Todd's illegal intentions, and that she's afraid the police will charge her, but Renee refuses to break the law by hiding her - until Janet starts crying, begging and pleading, leaving Renee to finally allow her to stay in the guesthouse for now.

    Introducing Mr. J!

    Friday, January 09 2009

    Back out in the foyer, the doorbell rings then the door slowly opens. After someone pulls Renee outside, they reveal themselves to be Janet - who asks for Renee's help!

    She's Gone...

    Tuesday, November 11 2008

    At the hospital, Janet cries, as Dr. Joplin informs her that Starr's baby is gone - but claims that she was fine when she left her in Janet's care! Janet promises that the baby was fine, and that Todd was nowhere near the baby while Dr. Joplin went to tell Starr the news. Finally admitting that none of this was Janet's fault, Dr. Joplin blames the baby's death on 'payback' for her agreeing to go along with Todd's plan. Janet is ordered to leave, and the doctor is faced with having to tell Starr the truth.

    Faced With A Ghost... And A Gun!

    Monday, November 10 2008

    Looking down at Starr's baby, in Dr. Joplin's office, Janet talks to her lovingly about what's yet to come and how she misses her own daughter. From outside the door, Bess listens as Janet cries, "You're going to be a lucky little girl," then Bess whispers to herself, "Girl… perfect." Bess hides in the shadows, as Todd and Dr. Joplin appear in the hallway. While the doctor is checking the baby, Bess listens as Todd explains to Janet that the deal is off. Though Janet worries how Marty will handle the news, Todd promises that he and Marty are still going to have their life together. Just then, the doctor emerges from her office, confirms that Starr's baby is perfectly healthy then leaves to inform Starr, Blair and Marcie.

    Later, back outside of the doctor's office, Janet asks Todd if he wants to see his grandson, but Todd says, "As much as I'd like her to be, she's not mine." Todd knows, because he has a new life with Marty, he can now accept that. Todd releases Janet of all of her duties, smiles and says, "I guess this is what it means to be normal, to know nothing is going to blow up in my face," then leaves.

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