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    One Life To Live CAST - Janet Ketring

    Full detailed profile on Janet Ketring Played by Janet Zarish on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Janet Zarish
    Janet Ketring

    Actor: Janet Zarish

    Who played Janet Ketring over the years

    Janet Zarish AKA Lee Halpern, Lee Sanders and Carol Dennison (1986 - 1988; April 2, 2008 - February 3, 2009)

    Useful information on Janet Ketring

    * Worked for Todd Manning as Marty's nurse.
    * Worked for Lee Ramsey as Marty's nurse.
    * Has the aliases Lee Halpern, Lee Sanders and Carol Dennison.
    * Returned to Llanview years later without being recognized.
    * Agreed to help Todd and Dr. Joplin in the botched kidnapping plan of Starr's baby.
    * Left town in November 2008.
    * Was found murdered in Todd's house.


    Past: Employed by Todd Manning as Marty's nurse.
    Past: Employed by Lee Ramsey as Marty's nurse.


    Janet appeared in town in 2008 as the nurse to Marty Saybrooke. After the death of Lee Ramsey, Janet continued her duties through the employ of Todd Manning. John McBain and Todd Manning looked into Janet's past and found out that in her earlier years, she went by the aliases of Lee Halpern, Lee Sanders and Carol Dennison, where she had an affair with Max Holden, was a friend to Renee Buchanan, in fact was one of 'her girls', and an enemy of Tina Lord's! Janet was also married to the brother of Joe Riley - Viki's first husband!

    Still looking over Marty, Janet found out about Todd's true motives and struggled with whether or not to tell John - or Marty - the truth. After Todd blackmailed her, and threatened to reveal her past, Janet was at Todd's beck and call - and even agreed to help Dr. Joplin and Todd kidnap Starr's baby!

    However, after everyone was led to believe that Starr's baby had died, Janet left Llanview undetected in November 2008 and hasn't been heard from since!


    Tom Dennison (divorced)


    Max Holden




    Mari Lynn Dennison (daughter)


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    Tuesday, February 03 2009: Little Stoner Strikes Again!

    As Tea walks out of Todd's living room, crying that she killed Janet, Antonio and Talia go to make sure that Janet is dead, as Todd winks, nods and mouths comically at Tea, "Good." Though Antonio announces that Janet is dead, he looks at Tea and says, "But you didn't kill her." Tea cries that she did kill Janet then thinks back to finding Todd holding the knife, as Talia reminds her she'll be an accessory to the crime if she doesn't come clean! However, Tea cries elf-defense then blames Talia for not guarding the woman who tried to kill her! Tea explains that Janet had a knife and blamed her and Todd for the article in The Sun. "I managed to get the knife away from her but she was stabbed." Though Talia and Antonio don't believe her, they arrest Tea for murder!

    When the crime scene unit arrives, they snap photos of Janet's dead body.

    Monday, February 02 2009: Tea Covers For Todd!

    When Tea walks into Todd's and finds him holding a bloody knife next to Janet's dead body, she says, "Oh, my, God, Todd," to which casually Todd replies, "She's dead." Though Todd says he didn't kill her, "But I wish I had," Tea questions why he picked up the murder weapon - but Todd was just stunned to find her dead in his house! As Tea starts questioning Todd about the second he got home, they go over everyone who had a vendetta against Janet - and Todd even suggests Tea killed her! Though Tea laughs, she suddenly appears thoughtful then says, "You're right, I killed Lee Halpern." Knowing no one will believe that Todd didn't kill Janet, Todd begs Tea to help him get rid of the body then is furious when he catches Tea calling Antonio, letting him know that Janet is at Todd's! Though Todd tries to leave, Tea stops him and screams, "You're going to shut up and do exactly what I tell you to do!"

    Shortly after, Talia and Antonio arrive. As Todd answers the door, a bloodied Tea emerges from the living room, carrying a knife and confesses, "Lee Halpern is here, and I killed her."

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