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    One Life To Live CAST - Ray Montez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ray Montez Played by A Martinez on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    A Martinez

    Birthday: September 27, 1948
    Birthplace: Glendale, California
    Marital Status: Married to Leslie Bryans
    Real Name: A Martinez
    Height: 5' 10"
    Web site:


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    The Truth Is Just Around The Corner...

    Thursday, September 18 2008

    Back at the mansion, although Ray claims he only wants to know his niece, Dorian refuses to appease his need, leading Ray to say, "What I want, I'll get from Langston!" Over talk of how much Dorian loves Langston, Dorian admits to never knowing Ray's sister then explains how she discovered that Langston was living alone. Although grateful, Ray announces that he now wants to take over the raising of his niece! Dorian screams and warns Ray that he doesn't know the law - and doesn't know her - then snaps, "Believe me, you don't want to!" Dorian continues screaming, asking Ray, "Where were you when she was a lonely child - where were you!" In tears, Dorian promises that he won't take Langston's happiness away from her, to which Ray says, "You'll be hearing from me."

    Back To School Blues...

    Wednesday, September 17 2008

    At the Buchanan mansion, Ray tells Clint about his visit to see Langston and comments that Dorian appears to be trouble. Clint agrees and says, "Today's the day we'll be going in for the kill." Clint warns for Ray not to underestimate Dorian then says, "You know what to do with Langston, right?" When Bo appears, Clint quickly excuses Ray…

    Knowing they are going to be late, Starr heads in to get Langston, but they are halted from leaving when Ray appears to see her! Langston and Ray immediately hug then Ray gives her a good luck necklace for the first day of school - one that belonged to her mother. Although Langston is touched, Blair and Dorian don't buy any of it!

    After the kids leave for school, Dorian asks Blair for a moment alone with Ray - then says, "Cut the crap and tell me exactly what it is that you want from me - and from my daughter!"

    Jared Had A Partner In Crime!

    Tuesday, September 16 2008

    In Dorian's living room, after Ray announces that he's Langston's uncle, he comments on how much Langston looks like his sister - her mother - then takes her in his arms! Suddenly, Dorian screams for their bodyguard, and while Markko tries to hold Ray back, Langston yells, "Let him go!" Although Dorian screams for Markko to hold on to him, Addie approaches Ray, brushes up on her Spanish skills then replies to Dorian's shock of Addie knowing the second language by saying, "It was on my list." However, when Shaun barges in, Blair asks him to wait then everyone watches as Ray shows Langston a picture of her mother - and him! Langston admits to having seen the photo before and says how upset her mother got when she found her looking at it.

    "Where were you," Dorian asks, "when her mother died?" to which Ray talks about how he didn't want his sister to marry an American - and how they never reconnected after all those years. "I didn't even know I had a niece until recently." Ray says he read an interview where Dorian talked about Langston - and details of her parentage - and how he made a vow to find Langston. Dorian claims that Ray only wants money, but Ray replies, "I don't want money. I wanted to see her face. You will blame me for wanting to know my niece?" Ray starts to apologize to Langston for not being there for her then Langston asks everyone to sit while she converses with Ray through questions about her mother, to which Ray answers with flying colors! Ray puts a smile on Langston's face, who says to Dorian, "He knows so much about my mother… Can he stay here with us?" Ray interrupts that he already made arrangements elsewhere then tells Dorian, "It warms my heart to see how much you love me niece." Dorian then dismisses Ray, who promises, "I will see you soon, Langston."

    A Visit To The Colombian Prison!

    Monday, September 15 2008

    At the Buchanan mansion, Jared and Ray arrive to meet Clint, to which Ray asks for instructions then demands some money! Clint refuses to give Ray more than his freedom then says, "Do we understand each other?" After Ray agrees, he listens as Clint promises that his plan won't have him strapped down with a kid then likens the pot by offering him a bonus once Ray has done his dirty work! Clint shows Ray a picture of Langston, and the woman who wants to adopt her, then instructs Nigel to get Ray cleaned up!

    Once alone, Jared worries that Natalie is still angry with him, as she's not answering her cell. Although Jared knows she'll be even unhappier to hear that Ray is a murderer, Clint admits that he didn't think Jared could pull it off, leaving Jared to hope it'll all be worth it in the end. While Ray is getting ready, Nigel briefly asks Clint if he should secure the silver, to which Jared reminds, "Clint, I hope you know you asked me to spring a 'lifer'." Suddenly, Ray appears all cleaned up, and Clint doesn't see a need to wait any longer! Clint asks Nigel to show Ray to his limo then says, "Jared, you did good. You're one step closer to making up for what you did to this family." However, Jared can't get Natalie out of his head and leaves for Llanfair.

    Just as Dorian stands for a speech, introducing everyone at the party to her daughter, Langston, Starr's baby kicks - and everyone takes turns feeling 'Marcie's baby' kick. Later, while Dorian makes a toast to the Cramer family, the doorbell rings, and Ray appears announcing that he's family too. "I'm Ray Montez, and I am the uncle of Langston!"

    Goodbye Cristian Vega!

    Thursday, September 11 2008

    In Columbia, although Ray demands money from Jared, as an extra perk for claiming Langston, Jared refuses - and Ray is forced to accept his deal. Ray then asks for a change of clothes.

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