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    One Life To Live CAST - Ray Montez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ray Montez Played by A Martinez on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    A Martinez

    Birthday: September 27, 1948
    Birthplace: Glendale, California
    Marital Status: Married to Leslie Bryans
    Real Name: A Martinez
    Height: 5' 10"
    Web site:


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    I Should Have Aimed At His Head!

    Monday, October 27 2008

    Talia and Antonio go in to see Ray, who is awake. After Antonio informs that Ray will be heading back to prison, Ray begs to see Lola - then claims that she needs his protection because Vanessa lied about him murdering his wife! "Vanessa set me up," Ray states.

    Questioning Ensues...

    Monday, October 20 2008

    At the Llanview airport, after Vanessa grabs the hit man's gun and shoots Ray down, Antonio arrests Vanessa while Talia and John get everyone under control. When Dorian walks over to where Ray has dropped and asks, "Is he dead," Talia informs that his pulse is weak - and that if the ambulance doesn't get there soon she'll be arrested for murder! Once Blair makes sure the kids are okay, John starts questioning Vanessa about coming to Llanview - and Blair approaches Dorian, demanding, "What did you do, Dorian?" Dorian claims ignorance to the situation but doesn't hide her happiness that Langston won't be leaving Llanview any time soon. After Vanessa is taken to the station, Cris, Sarah and Lola follow close behind.

    Chaos At The Llanview Airport!

    Friday, October 17 2008

    Across the room, Ray calls Clint and worries that he is 'really' going to have to take Langston back home with him, to which Clint assures him that Dorian will back down. When Dorian arrives, Ray suggests they go to the gate, but Dorian says, "Wait, not yet." Ray allows Langston and her family a few minutes. As Starr rants at Dorian for not doing anything to stop this, Dorian promises, "I'm already doing everything I possibly can!" While Starr and Langston say goodbye, and think back to when they first met, Clint arrives - and faces Dorian! When Clint tells the kids that he presented Dorian with a way to get Langston back - and how she turned it down - Markko and Starr scream for Dorian to give Clint what he wants! Surprisingly, Langston doesn't blame Dorian and knows once blackmail starts it never stops. "Don't stoop to their level," Langston tells Dorian. Though Ray goes to leave, Clint stops him, promises that things will work out and insists that he stick to the plan!

    Alone, Markko and Langston think back to when they first met then fall helplessly into each other's arms saying, "I love you." When Dorian goes off to buy Langston some magazines, the cashier asks, "Are you sure this is what you what?" Dorian reads her nametag, 'Mel', remembers her from the hospital - when it appeared that Mel was trying to channel her - then notices that she's holding a gun magazine! The woman warns Dorian that she can stop this - that it's not too late! Dorian finally realizes what she's started and calls Jackie and instructs him to call it off! However, Jackie reminds her that it's too late - and there's no going back. "I can't," Jackie says. "You're gonna get what you paid for."

    Back at the airport, Antonio, Talia, Sarah, Cris, Vanessa and Lola are leaving when Ray spots them! As Ray starts ranting to Vanessa and Lola about the time he spent in prison, Dorian spots an airport official and screams, "He's got a gun!" Just as the man goes to shoot Ray, John appears and shoots the man down! However, when the man's gun drops and slides across the floor, Vanessa picks it up and shoots Ray herself!

    Pow! Right In The Kisser!

    Thursday, October 16 2008

    Outside of the Buchanan mansion, a man watches Ray as he bangs on the door! Just as the man makes his move, with a piece of cable in his hands, Ray shoves him into the mansion, drops him onto the floor and demands, "Who sent you?" With a knife now to the man's neck, and Nigel standing over him, Nigel says, "Sir, he's with the cable company." The man insists he had a work order. After Ray leaves to find Clint, the man calls Jackie and says, "There was a problem…" Jackie demands that the man not allow their 'package' to fly away!

    Clint and Nora are still in the living room, arguing over Clint's shady ways. Though Clint doesn't deny them, he reminds Nora of hers as well - and how she dealt with Todd Manning years ago by turning on her own client! Clint tries to prove that Nora took matters into her own hands back then, like he's doing now, but Nora doesn't see the similarities! Clint again assures Nora that Langston won't suffer, but Dorian will!

    Suddenly, Ray appears and informs Clint and Nora that he and Langston 'will' be leaving for Colombia tonight! In a roundabout way, Clint assures Ray that their work is almost done then Ray leaves to retrieve his things from the guestroom. Carrying on with their argument, Clint and Nora finally give in to their sexual tension and engage in a kiss! Clint then promises Nora that this whole thing with Ray will be over today. Out in the foyer, Nigel informs the 'cable guy' that no one called for his services, to which he apologizes for having the wrong address then makes a hasty retreat.

    Once alone, Langston cries, "Markko, I don't want to say this but… We have to breakup." However, Markko refuses to let her go and promises that everything will work out. Both profess their undying love to one another - then the doorbell rings! It's Ray - and Dorian appears shocked to see him and immediately goes to call Jackie, who says, "It's taken care of, just keep your eyes open. Nothing's going to happen to your family - just be ready."

    Cris Makes A Call To Llanview!

    Wednesday, October 15 2008

    After Ray arrives at the Buchanan mansion wanting to know if Clint made the deal with Dorian, he screams about being locked up - and calls Nora a 'red-headed witch'! Though Ray wants to be paid immediately, so he can return to Colombia, Clint informs him that Dorian didn't go for the deal - and that Ray will now have to take Langston back to Colombia with him! Just as Clint explains that Dorian will never allow Langston to get on a plane to Colombia - and that she'll hand over B.E. - Nora appears!

    Suddenly, Ray appears at Dorian's door and informs that he and Langston will be leaving for Colombia tonight! Though Langston tries to plead with Ray, he leaves them to say their goodbyes - and Dorian promptly calls Jackie, in private, and gives him the go-ahead, tonight!

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