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    One Life To Live CAST - Ray Montez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ray Montez Played by A Martinez on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    A Martinez

    Birthday: September 27, 1948
    Birthplace: Glendale, California
    Marital Status: Married to Leslie Bryans
    Real Name: A Martinez
    Height: 5' 10"
    Web site:


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    A Hostage Situation!

    Friday, April 10 2009

    Out in the foyer, Lola rushes through the door and into Ray's arms, claiming that she tried to end things with Markko, but Langston called her names and may never forgive her! When Ray pulls his daughter close, Lola gets a strange look in her eyes!

    Not Your Normal Parent Teacher Conference!

    Thursday, April 09 2009

    Getting ready to order at the diner, Ray notices how Lola's acting around Markko then asks if something's going on with her and her cousin's boyfriend - and Lola admits that things have happened, and she'd like them to happen again! Ray can tell how uncomfortable Lola makes Markko then says, "Don't you see how wrong this is?" However, Lola reminds her father of what he's doing with Dorian! Ray turns talk back to Lola, demands that she make a clean break from Markko, now, then leaves.

    Still at the mansion, looking at the cell phone picture, Dorian accidentally sends David the picture while trying to delete it! As Ray walks into the living room, Dorian screams, "What have I done?"

    Rachel Returns!

    Wednesday, April 08 2009

    In the living room at the mansion, when Dorian and Ray break from their kiss, Jack is there with his cell phone camera and yells, "Busted!" Taking a page from Todd's book, Jack blackmails Dorian and says he'll give her the phone if she gets John to back off - so his real father can be his dad! "Deal or no deal, Aunt Dorian," Jack says then warns Dorian to meet his demands, or he'll send David the photo of her kissing her hot tamale! Ray tempts Jack to send the picture but warns if he does, he'll make an enemy of him - an ex-con! Listening to Ray's prison stories about a man who once tried to blackmail him, Jack begins shaking in his boots then hands Ray the phone - but warns that John will never be his dad! After Jack apologizes to Dorian, he leaves, and Ray hands Dorian the phone then tries to comfort her - because she is not getting the support from the man she loves.

    Dorian Gets A Dose Of Hemorrhoid Treatment!

    Tuesday, April 07 2009

    As Dorian turns on the television, with Ray watching her, she boasts about her Hollywood husband. After a bit of tension-filled arguing, Dorian persuades Ray to stay and watch the commercial with her - but she's shocked to see the commercial… David promoting hemorrhoid cream! As Dorian watches David taking a seat, in agony, and talking about how hemorrhoids ruin the lives of many, Ray can't help but smirk! "One swipe with a wipe and you'll be sitting on top of the world!" David says from onscreen. After the commercial, when David calls back, Dorian acts as though she's proud of him, for Ray's benefit, then asks David to come home to celebrate! However, David says he has a contract and ends the call with Dorian to take a call from his agent!

    Wondering if Ray is enjoying her misery, Ray says he's sorry that she feels bad, claims he was going to apologize to her at Capricorn - until he saw her kissing 'that other guy' - then claims he wants to make her feel better… Ray kisses Dorian - and she kisses him back!

    Unseen Eyes...

    Thursday, April 02 2009

    As Todd approaches Tea, Ray comes to her rescue and Todd heads back to the bar, to which the bartender asks him to pay up his tab - the one his old friend ran up! However, when Todd and the bartender look to the seat where Zach was sitting, the seat is empty.

    Hank Returns To Llanview!

    Wednesday, April 01 2009

    Back out in the foyer, Dorian acts as though she doesn't care when Ray announces that he's going on a date - with Tea! Helping Ray with his cufflinks, Dorian wonders if Tea is the right choice for Ray, but Ray lays on the compliments for Tea thick then leaves Dorian stewing in her jealousy!

    When Ray arrives at Capricorn, he has to wonder if Tea asking him out has anything to do with trying to forget someone else. Suddenly, Todd arrives, and Tea can't wait to tell Todd that Ray is her date. Todd tells Ray to 'run' then heads to the bar. Just as Ray suggests that he and Tea give Todd something to think about, Dorian crashes their date! Once Ray makes it clear that Dorian isn't wanted there, Dorian runs to the bar, leaving Tea to give Ray a warning about Dorian - that she plays for keeps and fights to win!

    When Jackie approaches Dorian at the bar, she asks him to kiss her - and he does, just as Ray is heading to talk to her!

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