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    One Life To Live CAST - Ray Montez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ray Montez Played by A Martinez on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    A Martinez

    Birthday: September 27, 1948
    Birthplace: Glendale, California
    Marital Status: Married to Leslie Bryans
    Real Name: A Martinez
    Height: 5' 10"
    Web site:


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    Another Shot At Love?

    Tuesday, April 28 2009

    Downstairs in the dining room, Tea briefly stops by Viki’s table to tell her about turning Todd down then heads to a private table – after seeing that Todd has walked in. Next, Dorian and Ray appear at Viki’s table, to which Dorian gets catty by showing off her date. “I wouldn’t turn my back on her if I were you,” Charlie warns Ray before they are shown to their table. However, before Ray can get an explanation out of Dorian, about what Charlie meant, Dorian spots RJ and reunites with her old friend. Todd shoots down everyone’s hopes for a relaxing night when he becomes obnoxious while making martinis at the bar.

    Seated at their table, Ray asks Dorian about Charlie’s remark, to which she explains, “Sometimes, I do bad things.” However, Ray doesn’t see that as a turnoff!

    Reassessing The Future...

    Thursday, April 23 2009

    When David appears outside the mansion, Dorian rushes into his arms, but David wants to know what the deal was with her and Ray's kiss. Before Ray leaves them alone, he comments on David's commercial, then, once alone, David demands to know if there's something going on with Dorian and Don Juan! Dorian comments that Ray is available, and David isn't, and David lashes out at her for not respecting his dream! "You are the poster boy for a hemorrhoid remedy!" Dorian screams, but David wants to know, "Do you want to stay married to me, or not?"

    Inside, sitting on the stairs, Langston gushes to Starr over Markko and the prom, while Lola listens from upstairs. After Starr makes a quick retreat, not wanting to talk about prom, Lola appears and warns Langston that Markko is going to jail - for helping Cole pass the drug test! As Lola and Langston argue, Ray appears and demands to know what's going on.

    Lola tries to talk her way out of the situation, but Ray drags her outside and rants about her actions, saying that's not the way he raised her. Though Lola reminds Ray that he didn't raise her, Ray demands that they let go of the past. As Langston appears, on her way out, Lola puts on a show and apologizes. After Langston storms off, Lola tells her father that she wants to make things up to Langston and Markko. Proud of her decision, Ray goes back inside then Lola says to herself, "You have no idea what I'm capable of."

    With Ray listening, David realizes that Dorian has feelings for Ray, and they both agree that they've grown apart. After they sadly admit that their timing is always off, Dorian weeps about having to face the end of their relationship, so David makes it easy for her by saying, "I'm dumping you." David and Dorian walk out into the foyer and hug. As Ray tries to excuse himself, David stops him, tells him to take care of Dorian - or he'll break his legs - then David leaves. Ray doesn't waste time asking Dorian out to dinner, and she accepts.

    A Devastating Reunion In The Morgue...

    Wednesday, April 22 2009

    Over at Dorian's, Ray confesses that he's interested in Dorian, causing Dorian to be furious that he's hidden these deep feelings! "Wouldn't it have been simpler to tell me the truth?" she asks, but Ray only apologizes and says he wanted to set an example and help his daughter do the right thing. Over talk of David, Dorian admits that she sent the photo of her and Ray kissing to him, and says that David didn't care, leading Ray to wonder why she sent it to begin with. Suddenly, David appears and says, "I'd like to hear the answer to that myself."

    Cole's Secret Is Out!

    Tuesday, April 21 2009

    When Dorian arrives home, she demands to know why the cops are there, to which Ray, Lola, Langston and Markko inform her that Talia was stabbed there last night. Stunned, Dorian briefly snaps about all that's gone on since Ray's moved into the mansion then picks up on Langston's tension, who snaps, "My cousin tried to steal my boyfriend, that's what wrong." As Lola lies, Markko tells Ray - and everyone - the truth about how Lola didn't just apologize, but she continued to hit on him! Before Ray can address his daughter, Lola vows to make Markko and Langston pay for turning her father against her!

    Alone, although Ray explains to Dorian that he told Lola that what she was doing was wrong, he admits he can't ask his daughter to ignore her heart's desire - if he can't do the same with Dorian!

    A Hostage Situation!

    Friday, April 10 2009

    After Dorian accidentally sends David the photo, Ray appears and apologizes for kissing her, a married woman. Though Ray turns to leave, Dorian asks him to stay - but David calls. Once Ray is gone, Dorian answers the phone, claims she sent David the picture as a joke then gives a fake scenario as to how the kiss happened. "Darlin, I am a one man woman!" Dorian vows. Over talk of their long distance relationship, Dorian talks about her commitment to their marriage then offers to move to LA!

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