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    One Life To Live CAST - Ray Montez

    Full detailed profile on Ray Montez Played by A Martinez on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    A Martinez
    Ray Montez

    Actor: A Martinez

    Who played Ray Montez over the years

    A Martinez (September 10, 2008 - June 10, 2009)

    Useful information on Ray Montez

    * Langston Wilde's long lost uncle.
    * Spent time in a Colombian prison.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Prisoner


    Ray is the long lost uncle of Langston Wilde. He was first approached by Jared Banks in a Colombian prison - and shown a picture of his niece.

    After coming to town, Ray was faced with his ex-wife Vanessa and daughter Lola and uncovered the fact that Vanessa brainwashed Lola into having him sent to prison. Once Vanessa was extradited, Ray and Lola worked on their relationship - and Ray became very fond of Dorian Lord, who later reciprocated his feelings.

    However, after the truth came out that Lola had killed her mother, she was sent to St. Ann's then Ray had her transferred to a special care facility and left Llanview for good - breaking Dorian's heart.


    Vanessa Montz (divorced)
    (Lola's mother - deceased)


    Vanessa Montz
    Dorian Lord


    Linda Montez Wilde (sister - deceased)
    Langston Wilde (niece)


    Lola Montez (daughter)


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    Wednesday, June 10 2009: Ray Says Goodbye...

    Ray appears on the mansion patio and upsets Dorian by saying he can’t stay! Ray talks about Lola, and says how disturbed she is, leading Dorian to think that he’s heading back to St. Ann’s, but Ray confesses that Lola is being transferred to another facility far away from Llanview – and he’s going with her. Ray professes his feelings for Dorian, says he’s going to miss her like crazy, then blames himself for not seeing Lola go downhill, while pursuing her. Before Ray goes to pack Lola’s things, he says they had something very special, even though it was only for a moment, and hopes that Dorian will always remember it. Though Ray tries to kiss Dorian goodbye, she pulls away and watching him go…

    Friday, May 15 2009: The Past Comes Creeping Back...

    Still in Dorian’s bedroom, Lola laughs about Langston and Markko then says, “They wanted a night to remember… Langston and Markko and baby makes three!” After Ray demands the truth from Lola, and asks what drugs she’s taken, Lola reminds her father that he knows nothing about the truth then eludes Dorian’s pressure to tell them what she did to Langston and Markko. “Do condoms work when you poke holes into them?” Lola smirks.

    Back at the mansion, Dorian assures Ray that she got to Langston in time. Ray warns Lola that they are going to talk later, when she’s not high, about why she does the things she does to people, but Lola wants to play confessional now and admits that she’s done something awful to hurt him. Suddenly, Lola thinks Dorian is her mother and screams, “Mama, you’re supposed to be dead! I killed you!” Lola explains how she found her mother in bed with another man then cries about how she didn’t know what to do – and how she could have saved her father – then cries, “I killed Mama and made you pay.” Ray is devastated but holds Lola and promises, “Everything is going to be all right.”

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