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    One Life To Live CAST - Bree Brennan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bree Brennan (Past) Played by Brooke and Kiley Liddell on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brooke or Kiley Liddell

    Real Name: Brooke and Kiley Liddell


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    Three's A Crowd!

    Tuesday, November 25 2008

    Viki and Clint arrive at the hospital to take Jessica to St. Ann's. When Natalie and Jared show up, wanting to help, Jessica doesn't turn them away - and everyone watches as Viki unties Jessica's hands, in order for her to sign her commitment papers. Though Jessica signs, and is ready to head out, Viki reminds her, "You need to say goodbye to your daughters first." Later, holding Bree, Jessica tries to remain strong then cries, "I don't know how I'm going to leave you." As everyone watches, Jessica apologizes to Bree for not being there but promises that once she returns, she's going to be her mommy again.

    Now holding her baby, Jessica sobs, "You're so beautiful. I wish your daddy could've seen you. He would've loved you so much." …Never are they aware that Tina is watching them all from the doorway… Jessica then names her baby, Chloe, says a final goodbye to her girls then falls apart in Natalie's comforting arms.

    Plans Are Put Into Motion...

    Friday, November 07 2008

    Finally, Charlie, Viki, Bree and Tina are in the basement. Though Charlie and Viki have no idea where to look, Tina cautiously points out scuffmarks by the wall, to which Charlie sees it's movable!

    Listen To Your Mother!

    Wednesday, November 05 2008

    Clint arrives at Llanfair and finds Viki holding a fussy Bree. Worried about both Natalie and Jessica, Clint asks, "Oh, Viki, where are our daughters?" After Viki gets Bree to sleep, Clint gets a call from Bo saying that Rocco, the mechanic, confirmed their suspicions that Tess was trying to kill Natalie and Jared - and almost killed Viki! Viki is devastated and blames herself for allowing 'Niki' to harm Jessica. Clint and Viki vow to get their girls back - and not to punish Natalie anymore for her involvement with Jared. "We have to find Tess," Viki says. "Before she does something she can't take back." After Viki gets a call that Starr is in labor, Clint urges her to head to the hospital and promises Viki that the girls are going to be found!

    Time For Me To Do The Blasting!

    Thursday, October 30 2008

    When Viki bursts into the bedroom at Todd's, with Todd close behind, she says, "Oh My God!" Viki sees Bree in the crib, and Todd notices Marty hiding around the corner. Though Todd claims that Jessica must have left Bree there, Viki demands that Todd tell her the truth! Before Viki goes to get Bree some milk, she warns Todd to think hard about anything strange in relation to Jessica! Viki heads downstairs…

    The Neverending Search…

    Wednesday, October 29 2008

    Upstairs in the bedroom with Bree, who's sleeping, Janet listens to John's message then is joined by Marty, who asks if she's all right. After Janet assures Marty that she's fine, Marty looks at Bree and confesses that she's had images of a little boy. Janet pushes Marty into thinking that maybe her visions are an important part of her past, but Marty is afraid to remember and wants nothing more than to be with Todd and the new baby. Marty talks about how unhappy Todd told her she was, and how John McBain tried to hurt her, then assures Janet that she's very happy now. Changing the subject to Janet, Marty asks about her past, to which Janet admits she had to leave her daughter behind. "I couldn't be the mother she deserved," Janet says then claims that Marty may be luckier than she is - with no baggage or ghosts from the past haunting her. Janet hopes that one day Todd will tell her about her past - the good and the bad! Later, alone, Janet erases John's message, knowing that Marty is truly happy, then states to herself, "And cops lie…"

    As Marty tries to calm a crying Bree upstairs, Viki hears Bree's cries through the monitor downstairs while alone, waiting for a glass of water from Todd! "Bree?" Viki says. "Where are you?" When Todd returns with a glass of water, he hears Bree through the monitor and rushes upstairs after Viki - who is now standing outside of the bedroom door!

    Fire Down Below!

    Tuesday, October 28 2008

    In his living room, Todd plays with Bree and talks about becoming a grandfather - and about the wacko lady who's hiding Bree's mommy! When Tess appears asking for another favor, for Todd to get her and Bree passports, Todd wonders if she plans to leave Natalie and Jared dead somewhere! Tess ignores his question, makes sure Todd plans to do his part then says she has to tie a few things up before she leaves.

    Alone, and feeling guilty, Todd vows that he'll help Natalie once he's far enough away with his own family. Once Todd gets Bree to bed upstairs, he hears his doorbell and finds Viki on the other side - looking anything but happy to see him!

    In High Demand: The Crown Jewels!

    Friday, October 24 2008

    Later, Tess arrives back at Todd's and shows Bree the jewels, claiming she now has a way to take care of them. Tess then goes to her bag, pulls out some dynamite and says, "And I have a way to take care of Natalie and Jared - tomorrow!"

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